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The following blogs are blogs with top tens, twenties, and other denominations of numbers at their core. This is a hub for all of them, right here. This is also a hub for any blog with a number in its title for how many items it will talk about.

Ep. 1: 7 Franchises

Ep. 2: 3 Things About Dishonored

Ep. 3: 10 Things About TDKR

Ep. 4: Anatomy- A List of 10

Ep. 5: Top 5 Memorable CoD Villains

Ep. 6: ME2 v. ME3 Pt. 1

Ep. 7: 10 Downloads of 2012

Ep. 8: ME2 v. ME3 Pt. 2

Ep. 9: Top 25 Features

Ep. 10: Top 10 Enemy Units

Ep. 11: 3 Sequels that Nailed It

Ep. 12: 10 Defining Games

Ep. 13: 3 DLC Packs

Ep. 14: Top 10 Perfect 10’s

Ep. 15: 3 Games that had Potential

Ep. 16: 3 Places Fallout 4 Should Consider

Ep. 17: Top 10 Covers

Ep. 18: 19 Heroes

Ep. 19: 28 Days Later

Ep. 20: 5 Annoying Endings

Ep. 21: 10 Games I Love to Hate

Ep. 22: The Top 11 Bows of…


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