The following is some of the game-related writings that I have produced in the recent past, but not all of the ones I have made. Please excuse the fact that this is not everything, as I will have to dig back through tons of sites in order to find them all. Thanks. Also, note that some may contain mature materials so read at your own peril, you’ve been forewarned…

Things about E3…

Quick Reviews

3 Things about Skyrim…

Franchises that should take it easy…

The First Templar

Dragon’s Dogma


First Impressions: GRFS

Resident Evil 6 Beta

Played Back: Arcania

Heavy Hitters

Creativity Surge

Let’s Revisit…Portal 2

Co-Blog: Evo of Spidey

Dead Space 3 Preview Part 1

Improbable Games

Thoughts…On Gaming

A Trip to Paradise

Unconventional Warfare

Changing how you Play Halo

Jack’s Redemption

Franchises that Could Reinvigorate themselves with New Sequels

Comparing the Call of Duty Stories: Past and Present

Choose the Biggest Disappointment of 2012

The Top 5 Memorable Call of Duty Villains

Wake Up to the Smell of Thanksgiving Day…Coop

A Tale Riddled with Compromise: Why ME2 was Better than ME3 in Everything from Story to Weapons. Day 1/3

The Wrek’d VGAs of 2012

The 10 Greatest Downloads of 2012

Let’s Talk…GOME

Let’s Talk…Far Cry 3

Analyzing Upcoming Releases Pt. 1

The Phantom Pain being the Next Metal Gear Game

This Year in Review

A Recap on the Spectacular Performances of 2012

Moments: Sandbox- Deactivating the Autoturrets

Moments: F.E.A.R 2- Riding it all the Way to the Top

Moments: Mass Effect- Rescuing Liara T’soni

Out with the Old Breed

Why ME2 was Better than ME3 Day 2/3- Party Members

The Month’s Schedule of Wrek’d Blogging

My Ratings on the Perfect Games of 2012

Comparing this Year’s Standout Games

In With the New

Let’s Talk…Rage: The Scorchers DLC

The Top 25 Impressive Features in Gaming

Making the Switch from Game to Movie

Breaking Away

The World Halts for Nobody

The Top 10 Enemy Units in Gaming

How to Write a Proper Blog

Let’s Predict…

Comparing Crises…of Sorts

A Glance Back in Reviews…

Three Current-Gen Sequels that ‘Got it Right’

10 Games that Have Defined this Generation of Gaming

All Quiet on the Western Front

Wake-Up Call (NR)

Primeval Previews Ep. #1: Thought on Lightning Returns

3 DLC Packs I’ve Recently Replayed

The Top 10 ‘Perfect 10’s’ of GIO

The Difference Between AC and CoD

The Persian Perspective

Experiencing Arkham Insanity

5 Games that Don’t Absolutely Suck

3 Games that Had Potential…and Failed to Meet the Silver Standard

The First Annual JohnWrek Trivia Challenge

How Ghosts can Stay Fresh

Three Places Fallout 4 Could/Should Consider Visit(ing)

Building the Perfect Gaming Apocalypse

Writing a Definitive Gaming Story and Why it is Substantially Difficult

I’ve Got the Power!

A Second Thought: The Last of Us

Good Games Gone Bad

Why ‘The Division’ is one of my Most Anticipated Games

Why James Vega is my Favorite ME3 Character

The Worst Games of this Generation

My Mass Effect Trilogy Completionist Runthrough: 100% Paragon

Ambitious Title Ideas I’d Like to See

Just How Bad is Hard Anymore?

The Evolution of Character

Finding a Chink in the Armor

My Top 10 Game Informer Covers of All-Time

What Makes a Sequel (Successful)?

RealTalk- Pitching an Idea for Life (Day 1/30)

So Easy a Caveman can do It (Day 2/30)

When Duty Calls, Do we Answer? (Day 3/30)

Breaking the Cycle (Day 4/30)

Talking the Talk (Day 5/30)

Walking the Walk (Day 6/30)

Breaking the Addiction (Day 7/30)

Entering the Heart of Darkness (Day 8/30)

A Recap of Week One (And a Day) (Day 9/30)

Taking a Leaf from the Book (Day 10/30)

En Memorium (Day 11/30)

A Second Thought: Outlast (Day 12/30)

A Little Talk on Accessibility (Day 13/30)

Video Game Art (Day 14/30)

Halfway There: A Recap of Week Two (Day 15/30)

Highlighting the Folks (Day 16/30)

Grand Theft Auto V: First Impressions (Day 17/30)

A Brief Talk on Mobile Gaming (Day 18/30)

Nineteen Heroes of Note (Day 19/30)

Weekend Warrior: Wrek Edition (Day 20/30)

A Second Glance Back in Reviews… (Day 21/30)

Unfinished Business (Day 22/30)

Quick Thoughts: Issue #246 (Day 23/30)

Thinking of the Future (Day 24/30)

What Happens in Vegas… (Day 25/30)

…Stays in Vegas (Day 26/30)

Anticipation Builds (Day 27/30)

28 Days Later (Day 28/30)

Nearing the Finish (Day 29/30)

Salud (Day 30/30)

As Real as Can Be (Day 31/30)

The Five Most Annoying Endings of the Generation

Rise and Shine- A Shorty Story Part Two

Taking a Leap of Faith Pt. 1/6

Feeling a Bit more Frantic Pt. 2/6

10 Games I Love to Hate

Battlefield 4 Thoughts Blog

Time is Ticking Pt. 3/6

Of Might and Magic

Predictions Come True

The Countdown Continues Pt. 4/6

The Fatal Five Pt. 5/6

The First Finale Pt. 6/6

A Zone for Killing Pt. 1/2

Kill Confirmed Pt. 2/2

My Favorite Games of 2013 (Too)

The Top 11 Bows of Recent Video Game History

Top 10 Halo Missions

10 Moments You May Have Missed in 2013

Top 5 Poison Clouds in Gaming

Games that Deserve Thought for GOTY Votes

And Now For More Me

Ruining Skyrim Pt. 1/80

That Big Ol’ Post of NFL Sim Stuff Pt. 1/2

The Long and Winding Road

Holiday Weekend Warrior: Wrek Edition

The Much Smaller Post of NFL Sim Stuff Pt. 2/2

Petty Squabbles

Relevancy in a Post-Seventh Gen World

Ruining Skyrim Pt. 2/80: Unbound

Seven Games that Revolve around Numbers

Listening to the Call of Duty

Irrational Thoughts

The Art of Death

Who’s Who that Should be in Arkham Knight?

Who’s Who that Should be in Arkham Knight? Pt. 2

Who’s Who that Should be in Arkham Knight? Pt. 3

Back At It?

A Second Thought: Battlefield 4

Living in a Post-6/20/14 World

A Day Late, or a Dollar Short?

The 30 Worst Games of the Past Generation

Time Check

‘Hey Ya’

Brief Reviews of Recent Releases

It’s Been a Long While…

In Which I Deign it an Appropriate Time to Write a Blog Post Pt. 187/X

An Interesting Experiment- The Flock

Opinion: Battlefield 1 Will Not Be “Number 1”

Opinion: Resident Evil 7 Could Go Either Way

My GIO Manifesto

200 Blogs Under the Sea

The Best Deals With Gold, Week of 07Nov

The Best Deals With Gold, Week of 14Nov

The Best Deals With Gold, Week of 21Nov

5 Games I’m Incredibly Excited For

Gods and Monsters

Prey for the Gods

The Best Deals With Gold, Week of 05Dec

Things Dontnod’s ‘Vampyr’ Should Address

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Daymare 1998

The Power of Three

Sniper Elite 4 vs Sniper Elite 3

World-Building in Deus Ex

Absolving Us of Our Sins

Pokemon Go: Gen 2 Update

The Ebb and Flow of Tides

In the Beginning there were Games…

Gaming March Madness

Gaming March Madness Round 2

Gaming March Madness Round 3

Gaming March Madness Round 4

How Wild Hunt and Breath of the Wild are Highly Comparable

Gaming March Madness Round 5


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