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Soundtrack of My Life


This particular blog post is an interesting one for me personally- not saying that my others aren’t or shouldn’t be. I’ve taken a lot of time to think about and reflect upon what some of the most stirring songs or soundtracks are for me in terms of what I enjoy listening to while gaming. Then again, I also occasionally enjoy listening to music while reading and therefore many of my most memorable moments in excellent stories have come hand in hand with tunes that you wouldn’t immediately think of. For example, in one such amazing chapter of the ending to a trilogy of books I’ve always enjoyed, I happened to be listening to Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” at a time when nearly every main character was dying and the hero sacrificed himself to close a wormhole to a demon-infested plane. Needless to say, it was rousing and emotional and totally struck me at the time and still does when I think of that moment.

So essentially what I aim to do here is just briefly touch on three or four amazing scores that really get me in the mood for gaming, tackling epic quests, going on an adventure, or all in my feels for some narrative exposition. I won’t be putting in any videos or anything but you should be able to find any of these soundtracks with a relatively simple search. The first of these, if you couldn’t tell from the title picture, is Han Zimmer’s amazing score for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.

If you know anything about Hans Zimmer and film soundtracks then you know this entire list could easily be made up of his scores alone. Particularly known for his sweeping works with the Nolan films such as Interstellar, he has a distinctive sound just like any other composer and I utterly adore it. Really, any soundtrack of his could fit the bill right here but there’s something about Interstellar that just clicked perfectly with the ambiance and sounds and rushing scores accompanying tidal waves or cornfield chases or emotional reunions. All in all, you really should give a few of the tracks a listen if you ever get the chance or even if you’ve already seen the movie before.

My next epic theme song and ensemble is none other than John Williams’ brilliant Indiana Jones soundtrack. If you mean to ask which one then I daresay all of them are fair game but I am of course referring to the main march that is foremost in any Harrison Ford fan’s heart. While I won’t discount the fact that seemingly everything John Williams has produced has been gold (see the Star Wars themes), Indiana Jones strikes a chord with my inner adventurer and has been played unashamedly alongside Uncharted time and time again to be sure. Needless to say, you don’t have to be a sweeping or upbeat piece to get my attention, but it’ll certainly be easier to do so if you are.

My next addition to the list is by far the most recently produced and released and probably the most surprising and inventive as well. I’m sure by now many of you know of the success that has been the Broadway and subsequent recording production of Hamilton- detailing, in a truly festive and entertaining hip hop fashion, the life of Alexander Hamilton. Well, if it can be played them by god I can play it to a game or two. I typically am want to steer clear of lyrical soundtracks and pieces in my gaming as I get too caught up in the song and forget what I’m actually supposed to be doing, and yet somehow Hamilton’s witty and quick verses and refrains have made their way into even my multiplayer sessions of online shooters. I most definitely do not waste my shot.

And for my final trick, I bring to you a masterful collection of ditties that are perhaps some of my favorites of all time and that get played in any setting in my humble abode, whether that be reading, writing, or gaming. Yes, you may not have guessed it but I’m talking about the stirring and bumping Tron Legacy soundtrack- courtesy of one Daft Punk. If you know anything about Daft Punk then you probably know sort of what to expect here, but regardless you cannot deny they craft some catchy and inventive beats. Tron Legacy wasn’t a terrible movie but I definitely walked out of the theater thinking the most memorable part of its copycat plot (in terms of the original anyway) was by far the soundtrack to each epic moment and every showdown. Take me back to the grid again soon.

These are just a few of the interesting soundtracks or playlists or songs that have become a part of my everyday gaming life and as such have developed more of a symbolic meaning to me as well. I’m eager to hear what some stoic or exciting pieces are that you all may listen to when you play as well, or perhaps even when you’re just chilling out and sitting around. These are hardly the only things I listen to, as I am open to just about every genre and do have a love for instrumental music as well when it comes to gaming sessions.

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