May 6th, 2012

This week shall be a busy and hectic one, so there won’t be many new posts.

June 2nd, 2012

From now on, I’ll start to share some of my prose and other writing material in excerpts, at least to break up the continual string of witty poetry and crap that you find on this site… Hopefully it will be just as enjoyable, if not more so. Thanks.

June 6th, 2012

I will be busy most of this week and next, so there will be scant posts here- simply warning you. Hopefully nobody will suffer prose/poetry withdrawal in my absence, but I will try to update the site with more works whenever I may get the chance. Thanks.

June 25th, 2012

Currently hiking and enjoying the company of friends in the mountains. I apologize once more for the extreme lack of current and up-to-date updates, as reception and service is spotty. Thanks again. Should be back soon enough…

October 7th, 2012

Apologetically, I have been extremely busy in my everday activities- and thus non-inclusive of my updating of the blog here. Because of this lacksidasicalness entirely upon my part of course, I have now proposed to lighten my previous load via churning out only one or two written works a week or even biweekly. Instead of the normal poetic pieces however, these will be considerably longer with the occasional prosatic and poetic shuffle here and there. Thanks for the consideration, as Katniss would say- except I genuinely thank you for sticking by until now. Until next time then.

November 1st, 2012

The creation of the newest page to grace the cover of this blog- the Updates page, is coming along quite nicely and will be shortly published. Although it will not have started at the beginning of the blog, when I first created it- it will from now on be an objective companion for all readers and searchers alike, as it will note every minor or major addition and change to the site. Buenos noches.

December 30th, 2012

With the major updates to the Update tab and page, this previous announcements section is all but obsolete for most purposes, other than to let you know when I may or may not be away or available. Therefore, for now, for the sake of less clutter on the site, I will remove it to another location. Thanks again.


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