Considerations for Borderlands 3


It’s never quite too early to talk about a sequel, particularly when it’s a juggernaut franchise for a developer and already known to be in the works. It’s not a matter of when Borderlands 3 will be released or whether it will be made but how exactly it will be created and painstakingly cared for. As I’ve probably already proven to be a big fan of the series and its various incarnations, I’d also like to take a few moments today to talk about some slight alterations that could be made to the existing formula in order to craft a more modern experience and one that will equally stand the test of time as well as its predecessors have.

You won’t find anything regarding graphical updates or technological improvements and advancements here, merely mechanics and gameplay oriented changes or potential thoughts and ideas. Let’s go ahead and lay out the few points (as well as reasons) that I’ll be bringing up: a dedicated slide button, weapon customization, skins, mods, etc.

I’ve played many excellent games lately that manage to skillfully weave together the elements of a Mirror’s Edge-like parkour experience and a roguish weapon toting, bullet spewing gunman’s dream. It seemed to start somewhere either around Bulletstorm or perhaps Call of Duty: Ghosts or Brink’s timeframe, when everyone decided to add cover traversal mechanics such as power slides and leaps and bounds over cover. Since then, we’ve been treated to similar mechanics in pretty much every Call of Duty game as well as in Titanfall 1 and 2 most magnificently.

My argument for this is simple: it’s not only a matter of getting with the times but also a matter of making locomotion outside of a vehicle much more accessible and enjoyable in Borderlands’ massive environments. Titanfall 2 has the best locomotive abilities of any shooter I’ve played to date but I don’t need wall-running or high flying action for Borderlands, just a simple slide mechanic to be utilized and add to the fluidity of combat and action. A simple measure of either pressing the crouch button to crouch or holding it to slide like something out of Destiny even. A faster way to riddle your enemies with bullets and spray plasma all over the place.

My second series of ideas is categorically going to revolve around weaponry and customization and yet it is as multi-faceted an idea as they can come. Borderlands 2 featured literally hundreds of unique skins for everything from its six mainstay characters to land barges and rovers and technicals. And yet the one thing it didn’t have despite having a seemingly limitless supply of weapons that all look and operate uniquely was dedicated upgrade/mod capabilities as well as the opportunity to collect skins to further customize your arsenal.

Yes, I’ll admit you can find pretty much any and every weapon to suit your tastes in Borderlands, however I’d like to be able to cater to my own needs even more than just hoping I pick up a weapon of the type I typically enjoy and also of the brand that works best in my lineup. What if we could pick up loot and then also customize it the more we use it and potentially modify it like some twisted version of Fallout’s weapon bench along the way? Or even earn skins for completing challenges? Or any number of things that other shooters and action oriented games have done before but could work so much better with Borderlands’ already rich plethora of content and freedom?

I don’t think any of these things are remotely too much to hope for or even ask for and for all I know they’re already being looked into and thought out. I do definitely think that they would be welcome improvements to the already existing formula which has undeniably stood the test of time and still operates as well today. Yes, there are always the occasional hiccups with checkpoint systems and useless deaths while in the final stand ‘man down’ state, and yet for every little issue the gameplay more than makes up for it. So why not make that experience even better?

As always, feel free to drop comments and check out my other similar posts in the archive. Cheers, folks.

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