Writing Challenge: Give a Game a Chance


Pokemon has been around for quite some time in various mediums and in varying capacities- games, movies, television and more. However, the purpose of this blog isn’t to talk about the pocket monsters so many of us either grew up with or have come to know and love, rather it is to talk about what games I would give a sequel if it meant having to discontinue such a massively popular series. In this case, if you take any number of annually released series such as Call of Duty or Pokemon and replaced them with something along the lines of a miracle sequel to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, I’d be happy for the trade-off opportunity.

In this instance, I’m here to talk about two games in particular that I think not only deserve another chance but another round on me,- assuming I could theoretically make such a decision and my devilish deal only entailed giving up the opportunity to have more games based upon the Pokemon series. The first title would be a sequel to the critically acclaimed and also critically flawed L.A. Noire- I’m thinking perhaps a follow up with much the same aesthetic but set during the time period made popular thanks to Mad Men and set in none other than the Big Apple itself. So, N.Y. Noire if you will.

I really enjoyed the period piece that Rockstar and Team Bondi produced when it came out- everything from the graphically technology used to capture facial animations to the intriguing storyline itself piqued my interest. Some of my favorite things have been investigative shows and stories such as Magnum P.I. and Jack Reacher and this took elements of that and applied it to one of the most intrigued times in the last century of U.S. history as well for added measure. Although ultimately it had some flaws along the way, the entire experience was a good blend of what makes Grand Theft Auto successful and what has also worked in other Rockstar titles such as Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption along the way. I always enjoy the fact that you can look at games like L.A. Noire and just tell it’s a Rockstar game by the quality as well as looks.

Before I go too much more into that however, let me introduce my followup choice or another title I would think into existence if I was allowed the chance. Lost Odyssey was an excellent title when it released and very much like Blade Runner it doesn’t necessarily require a sequel although I’m not complaining too much about the latter getting one seeing as it looks pretty sweet. Lost Odyssey 2 would be essentially what many of us had hoped Final Fantasy XV would be and if I could dream it up then it would certainly be an intriguing as well as worthwhile experience, learning from both the few mistakes of the first game as well as the nearly ten years of gaming that have gone by since its predecessor’s release.

At the time of its release, Lost Odyssey had some neat tricks up its sleeve- storyline that was at time generic and at other times unique, some interesting combat mechanics that we’ve seen replicated of late in titles such as FFXV, and memorable character development. I would not only see that continued, as if it’s not broken there’s nothing there to fix, but built upon even further in a sequel. With both N.Y. Noire and Lost Odyssey 2, there’s so much potential and so much that could be done and it honestly irks me that either game has yet to be built upon further with additional installments available to the masses.

I could probably go on for days about what else I would love to see in these particular projects if they ever saw the light of day or why I’ve chosen to give up Pokemon as my sacred cow for this sacrifice, however I’d much rather hear what others think and what their particular choices might be. Would you perhaps give up Call of Duty or Battlefield in order to get a long anticipated Battle Toads sequel? God, I really hope not. Regardless, feel free to comment as always and sorry for the shorter blog tonight. Cheers.

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