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Manifest Questiny


Isaac Asimov was Deus Ex long before (the video game series) Deus Ex was anything remotely popular. However, the blog that follows won’t necessarily touch on this point or even remotely resemble that statement. I simply felt that it was important to point out and that probably tells you a little bit more about me than other intricate details might spare.

I’ve always been something of a world traveler and travel junkie or jockey, if you will. The whole deal is somewhat cliche at best and downright atrocious as far as lifestyles go at worst, yet it’s unashamedly and irreverently me. It’s my thing. Exploration of tastes and facades and literature and culture is my jam and my own thoughts and sporadic hobbies are the peanut butter holding that classless metaphor together.

So it’s been some little amount of time since I last posted anything of significance here or anywhere else for that matter and although time is relevant I feel I have an onus that needs abating. Namely as such I shall deliver some kind details of the previous month and what the potential future may hold in terms of everything from my fair lifestyle to my writing and cautious works here and there.

Video games, like science fiction writing and fiction in general have always been a world that appeals to me and an offering that seems to remedy some of the less than jovial experiences and moments throughout life. Whether you’re an adult paying bills and handling the day to day meddling and toilsome work of a job/career/niche, a minor handling the day to day worries of school/life/jobs/stress, or perhaps nothing or everything in between- gaming and literature are two of the nigh infinite potential methods of release and escape.

Of course there are other stimulants and arcane methods of reaching such an escape or revision of reality but for the past month of toilsome work and shutaway, closeted hours spent meddling in the affairs of the mortals I’ve written into existence, I’ve been rewarding myself largely these past two weeks in a multitude of ways. The first is simply to be able to breathe deeply, drink richly, and enjoy the calmer moments of an otherwise frantic and frenetic life- traveling, enjoying family time, and soaking up a few literary classics side by side with otherwise trashy crime dramas and popular fiction.

The second has been somewhat more stressful but to engage in the double edged sword that is video gaming and communicating with other people around the world, each of us seeking to engage directly while remaining blissfully unaware of any of the problems being pushed to the rear of our brains in the heat of the moment. That means multiplayer and cooperative action are the goal and sometimes this will undoubtedly prove as stressful as watching your favorite team lose a key match (or perhaps as watching your country’s aspiring world cup goals sink further from the picture at times).

I’ve dived deeper still into experiences that I previously (and naively) assumed I was content to be finished with. Further exploration into the rich worlds of Dragon Age, The Witcher, and The Division have been made lately and look to turn promising times and tidings for the future. To make a note and a bit of an aside: I’ve completed all of the content of each of the games in those series, as well as the expansion content, and so I had rightfully perhaps thought there couldn’t be much more to witness and enjoy. I was wrong, thanks to the talent at development studios such as BioWare, CD Projekt, and those cunning Ubisoft minds. *cough (Now bring me Cyberpunk 2077) *cough

The previous month- ranging from roughly the twentieth of May until the twenty-fifth of June was a blur of equal parts motion and stagnant thought. I’ve attempted as much as possible to battle through the writer’s block that has followed and for that reason as well as some therapeutic vacation time afterwards, I haven’t written nearly as much or as avidly online. I apologize for the coming and going and the loss of certain trains of thought at times in my online presence such as here and Game Informer, but I am sure most of you understand how it is as well.

I’ll do my best to record my continued musings and whatnot despite losing out on a lot of time for the previous month and missing some of the cultural excitement such as expos and exhibits through which I could’ve otherwise talked about and subsequently blogged about my own upcoming interests and projects of note. I’ll probably branch out a bit here and there and just do some informal stuff like this- marketing my own thoughts much more than usual and musing on the grand scheme of things or perhaps the littlest details of all. It’s in my blood to do that kind of stuff and do that kind of stuff I undoubtedly shall.

I will however also be leaving in the near future- roughly two months from now, off on another jaunt around the world and more for business than for pleasure. As with some of the other things I’ve done in the past, coverage may be spotty as I am trekking over seven thousand miles around the world for this particular trip- one which is going to also be lasting several months. All I ask as usual and as seems to forever be my legacy is that you all keep me in your thoughts and try not to forget the cynical, witty, soul that somehow inhabits my slouchy self. I’ll do my best to check in here and there but the regions I’ll be in aren’t known for internet capabilities or free domain for that matter when it is available.

Naturally, if you have any questions about my travels and exploits I’d be more than happy to share some of them as well, however I’ll spare the gory details for the time being. Sadly it’s never anything so interesting as secret agent or gun for hire…well, as far as you all know of course. Cheers.

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