Live-Blogging the 2017 NFL Draft


It’s that time of year and that time of day again! That’s right, after just a few short months of not blogging about the vaunted (I say semi-sarcastically) NFL, it’s time to hop back on the baggage train and ride it into town. Tonight marks the start of 2017’s NFL Draft Class and the first round of the draft proper. So in order to commemorate that I will be following the events online on various websites- see ESPN and essentially if you want examples. Without further ado, allow me to include some of my comments and time stamps as we get things underway.

1. Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett DE: As many have guessed by now and seemingly rightly so, Myles Garrett’s stock couldn’t be diminished enough to keep him from going number one overall. He’s just joined a handful of other defensive linemen to get picked number one overall in the past twenty-some years. I’m not too terribly surprised by this selection although in my own personal mock draft I had Jamal Adams (S) going first.

Est. 8:28pm ET

2. Chicago Bears: Mitchell Trubisky QB: Perhaps many speculated whether or not he would be picked above other notable quarterbacks or whether or not he would be the number one pick, but I doubt many saw the surprise trade of slots between the 49ers and Bears as landing Trubisky in Chicago. It seems as if the Bears are on-board with training a new QB to take over the franchise in the future and they think Trubisky is that QB. My personal pick in the mock draft was Leonard Fournette (RB) to the 49ers of course.

Est. 8:32pm ET

3. San Fransisco 49ers: Solomon Thomas DE: I did not see this one coming at all actually and I don’t think many other people did either. Most seemed to prospectively have Thomas listed around the 5-10 range in terms of where he would go but this pick was obviously given some more thought with the trade down and I think it is as solid a choice for any team that needs considerable work in the defensive scheme of things. San Fransisco probably can’t go wrong here. My personal pick in the mock draft I made myself was Myles Garrett (DE).

Est. 8:36pm ET

4. Jacksonville Jaguars: Leonard Fournette RB: I can see exactly why the Jaguars capitalized on Fournette not already having been picked and I feel like this is one of the most sound fits for them as well, especially as a high draft pick. They’ve been desperately in need of a good RB at the position and he was bound to go in the first half of the first round regardless of who picked him up. Good call on Jacksonville’s part here and I think it’ll be truly interesting to see how he performs especially considering he’s the first of his position to be picked thus far. My personal pick here was Malik Hooker (S).

Est. 8:39pm ET

5. Tennessee Titans: Corey Davis WR: Although I’m a little surprised that Davis was picked above Mike Williams at the very least, that is just my untrained opinion showing through as the scouts mostly seemed to agree that he would more than likely be picked first. Davis is pretty much the ideal receiver in this draft class and one of the few to balance both height and weight as well as speed and agility (on top of outright performance) I must add. It’ll be interesting to see how the receiver matches up with the other deep threats and big tight ends that Tennessee boasts on Mariota’s offensive lineup. My personal pick here was Jarrad Davis (LB).

Est. 8:44pm ET

6. New York Jets: Jamal Adams S: I think this is a really good fit especially considering some of the shaking up that has been done lately in regard to the Jets’ defensive scheme. Plus, let’s look at the fact that we may even witness Adams getting to play side by side with former CB turned possible S Darrelle Revis if that ever materializes. Either way, this prospect has a tough road ahead of him but couldn’t be going to a better team in terms of being utilized and thrown into the fire- considering the Jets are forced to match up with the Pats and Dolphins twice a year at least. Not that it matters much, but my pick here was Deshaun Watson (QB).

Est. 8:51pm ET

7. San Diego Chargers: Mike Williams WR: Here’s an interesting pick and one that should be very worthwhile in the long run as well for both the Chargers as a whole and Philip Rivers at QB. Giving Rivers another solid target to throw downfield to when the rest have been so injury prone lately and those injuries have often derailed what would’ve otherwise been a decent to good season can only be good news. Maybe we can finally see the Chargers push for another playoff performance in the near future, even though they must first contend with the staunch adversity they face from within the AFC West year to year. My pick here was Marshon Lattimore (CB).

Est. 8:57pm ET

8. Carolina Panthers: Christian McCaffrey RB: The Panthers broke the bank in a good way here. I can’t help but think they’re drafting the best all-around threat on offense in Chris McCaffrey right now. Although Leonard Fournette went higher than McCaffrey and may be the stronger back, I’m positive that McCaffrey’s usefulness as a ball catcher as well as a runner will definitely come in handy and help the Panthers to rebound from their nonsensical performance last season. There was no real reason why they flopped last year other than post-Super Bowl loss nerves essentially so with a few defensive keys missing but at least one strong new offensive tool in their arsenal they should be ready to go. My personal pick was Christian McCaffrey (RB) as well.

Est. 9pm ET

9. Cincinnati Bengals:  John Ross WR: The Bengals only really had two major options here: to go for a defensive lineman or for a playmaker on offense, whether that be another running back or another solid option downfield for Andy Dalton. John Ross is a strong pick for them despite my shock that he’s gone higher than most experts predicted he would fly. He has some of the most versatile movements of any of the receivers in this draft class and he also boasts some of the rawest talent and greatest potential as well despite size concerns. When it’s all said and done, I think Green and Ross lined up beside each other could be a powerful combination for years to come. My personal pick here was also John Ross (WR).

Est. 9:07pm ET

10. Kansas City Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes QB: Well I can’t say I’m necessarily surprised that the Chiefs picked out a QB but I can say that I’m surprised that a) they traded up in order to snag this spot from Buffalo and seal the deal early and b) nobody has picked up Watson yet who must be positively fuming. It makes sense to see the Chiefs go ahead and secure their legacy after Alex Smith inevitably departs at some time in the future, and I’m very interested to see where Mahomes eventually fits in with their currently all-over the place offense that gravitates at times towards the run and at times towards the pass. My personal pick (for the Bills) was O.J. Howard (TE).

Est. 9:15pm ET

11. New Orleans Saints: Marshon Lattimore CB: This is a pretty decent and intelligent pickup by New Orleans, especially when you consider that their defense has been a non-factor for far too long. They need to bulk up on the defensive front and this is a fairly strong acquisition to start with. Lattimore is one of the best corners in his class and should do wonders if immediately implemented into New Orleans’ defense as well. My personal draft only included essentially ten players and then I sort of gave up after that so forgive my lack of draft stability from here on out.

Est. 9:25pm ET

12. Houston Texans:  Deshaun Watson QB: I was just wondering if we were about to see Watson get snubbed further but it turns out he unsurprisingly goes to a team that could use a winning quarterback at the helm. This particular draft slot is interesting if only because it was traded earlier in the year from Philadelphia to Cleveland who just now gave it away to Houston. Maybe Cleveland won’t even worry about drafting a QB this year- if so, maybe they’re semi learning after all? Either way, Houston could use the help and many of its receivers have said they’d most like Watson to lob the rock their way…

Est. 9:34pm ET

13. Arizona Cardinals: Hasson Reddick LB: For a team that could use some big guys protecting the ball and the person holding the ball, this is as safe a pick as they come. Reddick is not only one of the best at his personal position, but one of the most applicable candidates for the lineup in Arizona given a little time and work at camp in order to finesse his skill set a bit. I think it’ll be interesting to see whether or not some of the other LBs in the draft class perform as well or better than he does this coming year as well.

Est. 9:43pm ET

14. Philadelphia Eagles: Derek Barnett DE: When you really start to look at things, the best first round fit for this team of the players that were left at the time of Barnett’s selection was in fact Barnett. It doesn’t get much better than nailing the pick you need after trading for the slot from Minnesota earlier in the season and sealing the deal. Barnett is second only to Myles Garrett in the draft presumptions and also now in terms of being third overall at his position for the draft which isn’t too damn bad after all.

Est. 9:50pm ET

15. Indianapolis Colts: Malik Hooker S: Although this is definitely good for Hooker’s draft stock considering I was really starting to worry he would fall even further, this is sort of an outlandish pick for the Colts- not because Hooker isn’t insanely talented, but because they surely could’ve gone ahead and picked up one of the best guards in the draft class. All things said and done, I think Hooker will be a great addition in the defensive scheme of things and for the Indianapolis secondary as well.

Est. 9:56pm ET

16. Baltimore Ravens: Marlon Humphrey CB: Humphrey is a solid addition to the Ravens at the mid-way point in the first round. The Ravens definitely needed some help in the backfield this year and a CB is probably the answer to their prayers as well assuming he can perform well. As the second CB thus far in this draft class, Humphrey should have some lofty ambitions and be ready to hit the road and grind all year long with a squad that’s known to go hard in the paint. I’m excited to see how he lines up alongside or behind some of the hardcore vets here.

Est. 10:03pm ET

17. Washington Redskins: Jonathan Allen DT: In the end it came down to pretty much either a linebacker or tackle at this point for the overall first Redskins selection of the round and of the draft. It’s good to see Allen finally getting some love after going down so many slots from where he was initially projected, but then again it’s also gonna be interesting to see him don shades of red yet again- albeit a lighter shade than that of which the evil NCAA empire wears.

Est. 10:09pm ET

18. Tennessee Titans: Adoree Jackson CB: In what has thus far been a heavily defense-oriented first round , to nobody’s great surprise, it is semi-shocking that of all the CBs in the land Jackson would be the next in the line of draft succession. He wasn’t in the top three at his position by most standards, but then again since when does that mean anything? If Tom Brady can not even go in the first five rounds and put up the stats he’s done time and time again then what do I care? Congratulations Jackson- I’m sure you’re going to be an excellent addition to Tennessee’s up and coming roster.

Est. 10:17pm ET

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: O.J. Howard TE: It’s always good to see someone who has been recognized as one of the best if not the best at their position have the satisfaction of ending up with an equally talented team. Tight Ends no longer operate as they once did and are largely changing up the way a lot of offenses work nowadays. I’m really interested to see how Alabama’s newest NFL prospect fares with the likes of Winston and Evans on the same side of the ball and same team.

Est. 10:22pm ET

20. Denver Broncos: Garett Bolles OT: It’s fair enough to say that Bolles probably wasn’t many people’s first thought when it comes to who the Broncos would be picking as their first round draft pick. That’s no slight against his skill or size or versatility or anything, just merely stating that it is surprising that he would be picked above at least one of the other tackles out there. All things considered, it may turn out to be pretty wise that they went with the offense this time around when you consider the fact that the typical Broncos D is pretty stout these days.

Est. 10:28pm ET

21. Detroit Lions: Jarrad Davis LB: I’m interested in some of the choices that have been made these past few picks because they seem to be gathering superb players that just don’t necessarily fit with what exact needs they require as of right now. This could be a sign of trades to come or deals to broker after camp if these rookies happen to be better than the veterans on retainer who cost more. Davis is a sound player and I think he can make some waves with the lowkey talent on Detroit’s line.

Est. 10:32pm ET

22. Miami Dolphins: Charles Harris LB: Harris may just be the best at his position and this is probably about where most people would’ve expected him to be drafted as far as outside linebackers with that level of talent go. He’s speedy when he needs to deliver and he knows exactly what he’s doing so I’m really curious as to how well he’s going to match up with the rest of the crew that Miami has been building and how that in turn can affect their level of play this coming year. They managed to be pretty potent last year after all…

Est. 10:40pm ET

23. New York Giants: Evan Engram TE: Here we see another tight end going to a team that has some dangerous potential on the offensive side of the ball. I’m interested to see how they start using their strong tight ends again since it’s been more than a few years since I’ve enjoyed seeing a certain shock jockey ramble around the field like Rob Gronkowski does now. I only hope the Giants can make things interesting again for fans everywhere and Engram seems like a strong enough candidate to bolster the already dangerous offense downfield.

Est. 10:44pm ET

24. Oakland Raiders: Gareon Conley CB: I’m a little chocked the Raiders didn’t opt to pick up Reuben Foster at ILB since nobody has yet and that’s a position they could look to fill. As far as a first round selection goes though, I’m not necessarily too sure what they’re thinking outside of Conley’s combine performance here. Conley isn’t a bad player by the numbers and he’s lithe as well as speedy and able to deliver at his position. I’m curious as to what they see in him personally over the rest of his peers at the same position, but then again we may see that he gets molded into the perfect shutdown corner that Oakland needs this coming year.

Est. 10:51pm ET

25. Cleveland Browns: Jabrill Peppers S: Peppers certainly got a lot of hype coming into things and although that has died down over the past few weeks he’s certainly going to find himself at home with other strong defensive prospects on this Cleveland team. It’s becoming pretty obvious which way the Browns are leaning with draft picks this year but I must say I’m also a little bit surprised they didn’t use their trade with Houston to pick up a tight end that hasn’t been claimed yet as well or something along those lines.

Est. 10:56pm ET

26. Atlanta Falcons: Takkarist McKinley DE: Atlanta made a literal last second trade up a few slots with Seattle and because of it they nabbed a pretty good pick on defense. McKinley could certainly help a team that only lost the Super Bowl and blew a double digit lead to force an overtime play against the increasingly clutch Patriots because they suffered a second half lack of defense after all. So I think it’s safe to say they can focus less on the already potent offense that they have and more on their obvious needs up front with defense for now.

Est. 11:07pm ET

27. Buffalo Bills: Tre’Davious White CB: Cornerbacks are a hot first round commodity at times and that’s become more apparent as yet another high-end corner has been picked up. The Bills earlier trade with Kansas City means White gets to call the wilds of Buffalo home for the foreseeable future and can do his part to give some much needed assistance to the struggling team. Defense should be a priority for the Bills and they’ve made a strong opening statement with this particular pick at the helm of their 2017 decisions.

Est. 11:10pm ET

28. Dallas Cowboys: Taco Charlton DE: Looks like the Cowboys managed to fulfill one of their most needed draft wishes in picking up a pretty solid defensive end. In the few contests where defense was the deciding factor, the Boys weren’t always as hot as they were when they ran away (quite literally) with things on offense. So a solid defensive prospect like Charlton really cannot hurt them in the long run and I’m interested to see how they can mold him and grow him as well.

Est. 11:18pm ET

29. Cleveland Browns: David Njoku TE: I really want to see the Browns do well this year, or at least anything but repeat their performance from last season. With their third pick in the first round courtesy of the Packers, they’ve picked up yet another amazingly talented player that should be able to bolster the team’s performance. To me, I think the Browns are being wise for once- having finally learned their lesson. If they really want another QB, they can pick one up in the latter rounds and maybe they’ll even be pleasantly surprised by a Dak-like performance as such. It’s been proven that you can take a decent QB and give him the right tools and gain success. So maybe they’ve done the right thing in grabbing a bunch of other lethal weapons for now.

Est. 11:23pm ET

30. Pittsburgh Steelers: T.J. Watt LB: Man, what can I say? Despite a lot of people not having Watt going in the first round at all, I was really looking forward to this. I think Pittsburgh sees all the potential that Watt has to offer and then some. So many people thought the Packers would get the guy and they almost did if not for their trade with Cleveland. As it stands, Watt has notorious work ethic and could grow to be even better than his renowned brother- only time can tell.

Est. 11:29pm ET

31. San Fransisco 49ers: Reuben Foster LB: After some trade deals between Atlanta and Seattle and then on to San Fransisco, Foster’s new and (finally) anticipated home is the 49ers. I was almost of the mind that he would get bounced to the next round entirely but apparently it wasn’t to be and someone finally saw the potential enough to step up. Alabama is notorious for churning out linebackers and running backs and big guys all around so I’m curious to see how San Fransisco decides to implement him into the game plan and how their defense turns out at all this year. So far he’s the only really “needed” pick they’ve managed to land.

Est. 11:38pm ET

32. New Orleans Saints: Ryan Ramczyk OT: We haven’t seen many tackles go just yet but the Saints went for a relatively safe choice and didn’t shake things up too much to end the first round. I’m a little bit surprised that nobody in the final few moments decided to pick up Dalvin Cook at RB considering he’s not too shabby and lord knows the 49ers could’ve used him and Saints could use the depth even with newly acquired AP. As it stands, welcome to the NFL Ramczyk and welcome to the Saints.

Est. 11:42pm ET

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