Gaming March Madness: Beyond the Kings Moot


It’s been a long time coming it seems, and yet here it is- the finale of the Gaming March Madness miniseries of blog posts I’ve been handling for the better half of a month. I’ve taken a few days to reflect not only on the outcome of the series itself in correlation to the actual men’s March Madness tournament, but also on what exactly it is I plan to do now for the better part of the next month or so in my vain attempts to justify this entire blog series.

Once more, please be aware that the actual tournament itself is what solely determined the winners and losers here, not myself personally. I assigned random seeding based generally upon timeframe to games released in the previous decade. I’ve done pretty much all I can to be as assuredly unbiased as I possibly can be in the situations since then. I have settled firmly on doing a comprehensive playthrough of both championship titles for my ‘reward’ sort of blog series coming out of this- meaning I will play two titles to completion and then blog about them.

Before I unveil the rest of my blog post in a similar fashion, allow me to announce the results of the final rounds themselves, as well as to recap a little bit here and there of some of the most notable moments for those of you who’ve missed them.



Allow some time for a bit of commentary here regarding this particular semi-final bout alone. Mass Effect 2 and The Witcher 2 was truly meant to be an epic battle of juggernauts in the fantasy realm and it truly reflects the real-life battle of epic proportions that went on between South Carolina and Gonzaga as well. Truly impressive no matter the outcome.

Likewise, Borderlands 2 and Left 4 Dead turned out to be a massive battle as well, which I’m not sure I can safely say I ever saw coming both in terms of gaming and real life results. As it was, all things said and done this was a tough battle as well between one of the most recognized quality titles of all-time and a stout contender.

When it comes down to the final round of Mass Effect 2 versus Borderlands 2, it’s tough for me personally and tough for me physically to imagine a world where both games cannot win. I love them both to an incredible degree even though understandably Mass Effect 2 remains one of my favorite games of all-time, possibly even trumping Borderlands 2. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfectly fated matchup here.


When it came down to it, like the redemption for the North Carolina Tarheels, Borderlands 2 picks up the crown that has laid heavy upon so many other heads and hefts it high and mightily. Mass Effect 2 was no pushover and neither was Gonzaga, and yet we have our anointed winner just as such.

So here’s a little bit of what you can look forward to in the meantime, these next few weeks or so. I’ve actually been playing the Borderlands series a lot lately, so I’m certainly not out of touch with it by any means. Instead of continuing that line of reasoning however, I’m going to begin a new runthrough based upon a few items of interest here. I’ve been doing a little research into which particular entity is the most played in the game and I’ve come to the conclusion that my character will be… *drumroll please… KRIEG!

The reason for this is simple- he is likely one of the least-played characters in the game and as such deserves some affection and meat bicycle wielding attention as well. I could’ve easily chosen Salvador or Zer0 but then where’s the honest fun in that? Plus, the dude has a face pizza and buzz-saw axe so hey now.

My blog series will mostly be intermingled with whatever other blogs I run through in the meantime, meaning I won’t burn you all out on talking Borderlands 2 and only Borderlands 2 for the next month or so. As is, I’m going to talk about everything from funny occurrences, slight narrative spoilers here and there, thoughts on it in relation to Borderlands, The Pre-Sequel, and Tales from the Borderlands- and much more. Basically, prepare yourself for the flight of the rakk horde here, because we are going for a trip.

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