A Strange Feeling of Timeliness


The time has come for the story of armageddon to continue. I don’t know why I’ve suddenly realized it, but I’ve been really putting stock into a Darksiders sequel for some time now. I thoroughly loved the first game and enjoyed the second just as much, but it’s been several years even since THQ disbanded and the franchise rights were shipped off to the equally talented staff at Nordic Games. True to form, there has been rumor and discussion following the potential release of a Darksiders III. However, they’ve said as much that it won’t be within the confines of 2017 in any form, which is a real shame but doesn’t mean of course that it’s doomed to never happen. Such things take time.

It wasn’t until just the other day that I realized a very special puzzle piece has been missing from my gaming regimen lately- well, besides me being able to actually find the willpower and time to complete most games. I could really do with an overdue adventure through a meaningful and expansive world portraying yet another aspect of the apocalypse or perhaps even dual wielding Death and War with a cooperative buddy through a cooperative and doubly explosive campaign. After all, the story we’ve witnessed thus far could very well be leading to such things at this rate. I’d ironically be excited to see something akin to Halo 5: Guardians’ cooperative single player campaign (of sorts) where both Locke and Chief tackle the same problem initially head to head but later together. Bring more dramatic conflict our way; bring more death and destruction as well.

My point should not be misconstrued as me willfully pleading that Darksiders III be made and released pronto, regardless of what form (if any) it currently takes. I merely feel the world is ready for such things at this date and that means that should it be release next year or in the future, the project will be able to fully recognize and achieve its true potential- both in terms of system affinity and outright explosive flair. Sequels are tricky business but I feel Darksiders II more than earned its way and also endeared itself enough to fans that we should at least be granted a third game, if not a potential fourth (should we choose each to be representative of a different apocalyptic incarnation).

I know it’s something of a random topic for the day- in fact I didn’t even write yesterday because I felt I didn’t have much to offer on the matter without more substantial thought. However, I think there is no better time like the present, and with the way the world works we would undoubtedly have begun to hear more about the gestation process of development and creation before long anyhow. Maybe I’m just kickstarting things a bit more in terms of community mindfulness, and as a result making sure those of you out there who’ve appreciated the series as much or more than I have didn’t forget that it’s still very much alive and kicking in some way, shape, or form.

Don’t be afraid to do your own research into the creative matters of your favorite games or series- whether Darksiders in any way resembles them or their current state of affairs or not. You’d be surprised what details you’ll pick up at times, as well as which ones may be unavailable. There is very much a push and pull of supply and demand in this industry as with any other, so if enough voices call out in unison you’d be surprised what can get done or what new details may emerge.

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