The Thrill of the Hunt


Prey is something of a conundrum lately, and I’m certainly infatuated with that. The 2006 title of the same name was something that was certainly intriguing and different, yet this reboot or retread or spiritual successor or whatever you’d like to call it is infinitely more intriguing and promising. Prey was not a bad game and Prey does certainly look interesting as well. I couldn’t imagine a more capable studio than Arkane to helm such a truly ambitious project. Their resume is impressive enough at this time- two amazing sandbox and dynamic worlds right under their belt?

One look at Prey can show a person a lot of things. I see the manifestation of some Dead Space and System Shock elements, the influence of Arkane’s work on the Dishonored series, and even some iconic symbolism present perhaps in the connected spirituality of the original Prey title. This iteration has both sought to distance itself from the previous- stating that it was mere happenstance that it shares the same title whatsoever, and sought unity with the title of old in some of its plot and gameplay mechanics and machinations.

Prey strikes me with some of the same vibes that Mass Effect Andromeda did, however for many of the opposite reasons. Whereas with Andromeda, the more footage I saw and the more gameplay I’ve witnessed, the less excited I’ve grown about the title as a whole- Prey has thoroughly interested me more and more as time has worn on. Each new update and video link provided has influenced me more and more to the point where I’m already positive to reserve a title for personal pleasure, as well as review material of course. I was initially skeptical of both Andromeda and Prey, yet whereas one sunk even lower in my opinion the other has been buoyed by thoroughly intriguing video content and shared gameplay.

The most intriguing elements of the game for me personally have got to be the mystery behind the plot and the solid core mechanics of gameplay and the malleability of said mechanics. Adaptability is key to survival and it seems that survival is the key to this game- at least presumably until characters have grown strong enough through mods and various weapons as to take on even the strongest foes without much fear, such as in the later stages of Bioshock. Another assumed influence on the game wold be the aforementioned Bioshock series as well- not just in terms of interesting setting and enemies and powers, but the overall vibe of civilization and science and progress as well.

What Prey could really shock us with and the twists it hints are being thrown at players in the future when the game releases are two things that truly pique my interest and garner my fancy. I’m really looking forward to some philosophical evaluation and revelation a la Soma as well. Not only does the game look solid and beautiful in how it runs and how the mechanics perform, but I really hope Arkane continues to play their trade when it comes to perfecting the art of an open and immersive and tangible world. Dishonored has provided such things time and time again, so truly Prey could do such beautiful things in a space opera setting as well.

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