The Promise of Oasis


The best thing I’ve read regarding the pilot of 2017’s Oasis is that it features Game of Thrones alum Richard Madden as a Scottish space priest- yes you read that correctly. And in a weird sort of way that’s exactly what the premise is here and why the Amazon original show has such promise and I hope that it can find its way into a full series.

I urge all of you science fiction geeks and thought-provoking television fiends to delve deeper into the details regarding the show because I do not think you’ll be easily disappointed. Not to be confused with a 1993 series of the same name but revolving around a completely different genre of television, Oasis does indeed follow a space-faring priest as he makes his way to a remote colony. If you’re interested in the source material itself, look no further than Michel Faber’s writing.

In many ways, the sense of exploration and wonder the pilot alone has wrought within me reminds me of something akin to my time with Mass Effect and of course other science fiction materials that I’ve read in the past- notably Robert Heinlein and Spider Robinson’s Variable Star. There are several moments where the camera pans to show the awe-inspiring desert that surrounds the exoplanet settlement, or as it is in real life, the desert regions in which the show is shot. For an original film that probably doesn’t boast the largest of budgets, I’m really excited to see an emphasis on story and dynamic character contrast if it kicks off for good.

Besides its obvious messages on the human condition and themes revolving around the inevitable environmental calamity facing our planet even now, what most excites me regarding the story is the scribe behind it. The pilot itself is written by Mat Charman- of Bridge of Spies nomination fame, and directed by Kevin Macdonald- of The Last King of Scotland and 11.22.63 renown. If you want to get into talent within the show itself, look no further than Richard Madden (Robb Stark of Game of Thrones) and Aislin McGuckin (of Outlander).

From my own viewing experience last week and combined with what general sentiments I’ve heard from others who’ve watched and/or reviewed the pilot, Oasis draws many similarities and comparisons with classics such as Dune and contemporary televisions shows and films like Interstellar and The Expanse. Having heard of but not read the novel it is based upon, I’m interested to see where the show itself could go if it is given the promising funding it deserves. I am not aware of the current state of Amazon’s ‘originals’ program in comparison to networks such as Netflix, however I do think the pilot has made a strong enough showing for why the show deserves a chance. And it probably doesn’t hurt that it’s received good reviews.

I definitely think it is important to search the web for some of the behind the scenes flicks and videos that explain sort of what vision the show is going for and some of the mystery and world-building it is attempting to pull off as well. There are some gorgeous shots and also some themes that in a way remind me of amazing space epics such as Joss Wheedon’s Firefly as well. In fact, many tropes sort of emerged that reminded me in a way of the misadventures of Captain Reynolds and his crew, albeit without much of the spacefaring adventuring and privateer lifestyle.

Especially in light of some of the projects that have been given life on subscription based media outlets such as Netflix or Hulu in the past, I think Oasis could be a very strong and unique showing for Amazon and its ‘originals’ programing. I’m really interested to see how this series progresses in the future and whether or not we get to see the continuation of Peter Leigh as a character as well.

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