Life is a Backlog


It’s been a while since my last actual blog post to go beyond mere update status or beyond predictions for some sport or another. I will not say I am necessarily back in the swing of things, as I am still acclimating to being a part of civilization again and not staying predominately in the outdoors and enjoying everything Mother Nature has on display to offer. I will, however, say that I hope to be getting more content out here and there despite having a busy ‘back-to-work’ schedule to deal with myself.

In many ways, the title of this particular post stems from the fact that moments throughout life strike me as not too dissimilar to a person trudging through a lengthy backlog- of any sort. There are certain goals you have in mind such as completing the next game on the list, and sometimes that happens but at the same time sometimes it’s pushed further and further into the future. For me, writing can often be like that. I’ve written three new manuscripts this year and yet I’ve struggled to fairly accommodate my passion for game journalism and writing reviews as well. It’s always been a balancing act for me where other priorities in life have been concerned, and I’ve done a poor job of it lately.

Not all hope is lost of course, as I am here now. I’m never too far from the front-lines myself and have been on the lookout through various sources for upcoming news and information of course as well. While I tend to steer clear of reviews now if not for one particular reason, then for the fact that I’ve written a plethora over the years and am now burnt out- I will not say that you won’t ever see me write one again. I’ll always be eternally intrigued by being able to generate my own thoughts concerning topical pieces, so of course some thought blogs may be the evolution and future of my editorials and reviews melded together.

I write most of my actual non-blog content offline and anonymously. Not because I have no wish to share with people I know appreciate what works I do share online and publicly, but for the sake of sharing content with an unknown audience as an unknown benefactor for the purpose of receiving unbiased feedback. That being said, I may or may not start sharing some more of my creative projects here in actuality although I warn you for the most part my short fiction is a tad dark and not always the most appropriate of subjects. I won’t compare myself to any “great” authors, but I won’t steer clear from the slight supernatural-horror niche that typically accompanies even the most benign of my works.

All in all, I’ve been lurking in the shadows for the past week or so, soaking up and absorbing the sights and sounds of online communities in order to get back into the thick of things. So if you haven’t heard much from me for awhile but you’ve seen me occasionally commenting or otherwise enjoying content here and there, I’m either fresh off of an important trip or fresh off of a lengthy period of business and busyness. I look forward to seeing what you all write and read in the future, as that is of course one of the most interesting and important aspects of my own life. Cheers, all.

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