Week by Week Walkthrough


The following is about to be a quick little runthrough of my stats totals for personal predictions each week of the regular season and into the post-season thus far. As of the time this is being written, I am four for four in post-season predictions and waiting to see the outcome of the rest of the playoff games leading up to the title matchup. Anyway, let’s get to it.

Week One: 8-8 | Week Two: 11-5 | Week Three: 9-7 | Week Four: 8-7

Week Five: 10-4 | Week Six: 9-6 | Week Seven: 8-6-1 | Week Eight: 7-5-1

Week Nine: 9-4 | Week Ten: 7-7 | Week Eleven: 10-4

Week Twelve: 10-6 | Week Thirteen: 11-4 | Week Fourteen: 7-9

Week Fifteen: 10-6 | Week Sixteen: 10-6 | Week Seventeen: 9-7

Wild Card: 4-0

Interesting Stats:

  1. Every week except for Week 14 had a winning or at least even wins/losses record for the regular season and thus far in the playoffs as well.
  2. Two weeks (1 and 10) had even wins and losses while two weeks also had unaccounted for ties which couldn’t necessarily be factored in.

Divisional Round Predictions:

  1. Seahawks v Falcons | Pre: SEA
  2. Patriots v Texans | Pre: NE
  3. Chiefs v Steelers | Pre: KC
  4. Cowboys v Packers | Pre: DAL

Notes: All of the games have the potential to be fairly close but I particularly think the Falcons/Seahawks and Chiefs/Steelers matches will be very close. Seattle has had issues of late but then they are still after all the resilient Seahawks. Atlanta has been an explosive offensive powerhouse for most of the year. Kansas City has the Swiss Army Hill. Pittsburgh has been on a hotstreak for a long time and dominated the Dolphins in a revenge game and wild card match. The Packers and Cowboys also have the potential to go either way and Aaron Rodgers’ promise of “running the table” could come through. I could see the Texans’ defense providing some hiccups for the Pats in their game, however I feel like barring an upset of epic proportions, that match is the surest of the bunch.

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