The Stack: My Results in Week Thirteen and Fourteen Picks


Yet another two weeks are down for the count and I can usher in my welcome predictions as well as the results of the previous few weeks. As there are three weeks remaining in the action prior to the playoffs, I will be doing a special finale and doing a three parter as opposed to the customary bi-weekly update. So stay tuned for that. As for now, let’s see how I fared in the action for the previous two weeks.

Week Thirteen Predictions

  1. Cowboys v Vikings | Pre: DAL W Act: DAL W
  2. Broncos v Jaguars | Pre: DEN W Act: DEN W
  3. Lions v Saints | Pre: NO W Act: DET W
  4. Texans v Packers | Pre: GB W Act: GB W
  5. Rams v Patriots | Pre: NE W Act: NE W
  6. Chiefs v Falcons | Pre: KC W Act: KC W
  7. Dolphins v Ravens | Pre: BAL W Act: BAL W
  8. 49ers v Bears | Pre: SF W Act: CHI W
  9. Eagles v Bengals | Pre: PHI W Act: CIN W
  10. Bills v Raiders | Pre: OAK W Act: OAK W
  11. Redskins v Cardinals | Pre: ARI W Act: ARI W
  12. Buccaneers v Chargers | Pre: SD W Act: TB W
  13. Giants v Steelers | Pre: PIT W Act: PIT W
  14. Panthers v Seahawks | Pre: SEA W Act: SEA W
  15. Colts v Jets | Pre: IND W Act: IND W

Teams W/ Bye-Week: CLE, TEN

Weekly Record: 11-4

Week Fourteen Predictions

  1. Raiders v Chiefs | Pre: OAK W Act: KC W
  2. Vikings v Jaguars | Pre: MIN W Act: MIN W
  3. Redskins v Eagles | Pre: PHI W Act: WAS W
  4. Broncos v Titans | Pre: DEN W Act: TEN W
  5. Texans v Colts | Pre: IND W Act: HOU W
  6. Cardinals v Dolphins | Pre: ARI W Act: MIA W
  7. Bears v Lions | Pre: DET W Act: DET W
  8. Chargers v Panthers | Pre: SD W Act: CAR W
  9. Steelers v Bills | Pre: BUF W Act: PIT W
  10. Bengals v Browns | Pre: CIN W Act: CIN W
  11. Jets v 49ers | Pre: NYJ W Act: NYJ W
  12. Falcons v Rams | Pre: ATL W Act: ATL W
  13. Seahawks v Packers | Pre: GB W Act: GB W
  14. Saints v Buccaneers | Pre: NO W Act: TB W
  15. Cowboys v Giants | Pre: DAL W Act: NYG W
  16. Ravens v Patriots | Pre: NE W Act: NE W

No Teams W/ Bye-Week

Some Notes: This is my first week with a losing record thus far this season. I took some risks and bet on games that could go either way and won some and lost others. OAK v KC, WAS v PHI, DEN v TEN, HOU v IND, ARI v MIA, CHI v DET, PIT v BUF, NYJ v SF, NO v TB, DAL v NYG, and BAL v NE all could’ve easily gone the other way. It was a close week.

Weekly Record: 7-9

Bonus Material

(Week Fifteen Predictions)

  1. Rams v Seahawks | The Rams have consistently been Seattle’s kryptonite for the past few seasons, however their defense has collapsed lately and that has historically been the only way they’ve stopped the Hawks. Pre: SEA W
  2. Dolphins v Jets | The Dolphins have done well when they need to, however with Ryan Tannehill possibly out and the Jets showing some signs of life, I think they may upset their fellow AFCE competition and potentially ruin a playoff bid in the same way the Bills did to the Jets last season. Pre: NYJ W
  3. Colts v Vikings | It’s going to be a close one through and through more than likely and the Colts will definitely test the Vikings, however I think Sam Bradford and his team are going to step up and eventually win it. Pre: MIN W
  4. Steelers v Bengals | It’ll be an interesting matchup especially now that the Steelers own the lead in the division by default over the Ravens, however I wouldn’t count the Bengals out just yet even without much news to be heard on A.J. Green right now. Pre: PIT W
  5. Jaguars v Texans | The Texans have had better luck than most teams and have stuck to the top of the division for far longer than most have expected. I don’t expect their luck to hold out against this flawed but desperate and hungry team. Pre: JAC W
  6. Lions v Giants | In a battle of 9-4 NFC juggernauts, ultimately I think it’s going to come down to the wire and come down to two quarterbacks and two receivers in Stafford/Manning and Beckham/Boldin. Stafford has been the more clutch of the two so far. Pre: DET W
  7. Titans v Chiefs | In a week where Tennessee could forge a lead as the division leader, I think their hopes are about to be dashed by a consistently thrilling Kansas City special teams and defense. Pre: KC W
  8. Browns v Bills | I don’t foresee the Browns winning their first game of the season this week, although I know that they’re desperate not to go the imperfect season and hit the 0-16 mark anytime soon. Pre: BUF W
  9. Packers v Bears | The Bears have proven that they can play good teams in their division close and even best them, however Matt Barkley is not Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Rodgers is neither Sam Bradford nor Matt Stafford. Expect carnage. Pre: GB W
  10. Eagles v Ravens | Up until today I expected this to go the other way, but now the Ravens are hungry and they showed up against the Pats too. The Eagles desperately need a win but Carson Wentz’s team has lacked discipline lately and makes mistakes. Pre: BAL W
  11. 49ers v Falcons | The Bucs are hot on their heels but I don’t think the Falcons are ready to collapse just yet. After an explosive showing against LA, they look primed more than ever to make that late season gauntlet run. Pre: ATL W
  12. Saints v Cardinals | It’s a battle of two teams who lost close games this past week thanks to losing the turnover battle by huge margins. The Cards have the superior defense but Drew Brees is by far the superior offensive power this year. Pre: NO W
  13. Raiders v Chargers | I almost went the other way but I’ve since changed my mind. Derek Carr made mistakes against the Chiefs but the Chargers don’t have that same defensive front or talent outside of Bosa for the most part. Pre: OAK W
  14. Patriots v Broncos | This would’ve been a great game even in the waning years of the Manning era, but right now I’m not confident in the Broncos offensively enough for it to be a contest, especially after losing to the Titans and playing the Jags close. Pre: NE W
  15. Buccaneers v Cowboys | I definitely think this will be a much closer game than I originally thought, based largely upon both of the Cowboys previous two games and upon the streak the Bucs are currently on. I still favor Zeke and the ground game though. Pre: DAL W
  16. Panthers v Redskins | I initially had this as an upset Carolina win but I’ve revised that thought. Washington came in clutch to make the playoffs last year and Kirk Cousins looks primed for another similar late season burst of fire. Pre: WAS W

No Teams W/ Bye-Weeks

Total Record Thus Far: 124-82-2

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