Cutting it Close- This Week’s Closest Shaves


This week featured some prime-time matchups in the National Football League and true to form we haven’t been disappointed (unless you’re a Los Angeles fan). While there are still a few to go at the initial publishing of this post, I will be sure to update it in the event of any other remarkably close calls.

Chiefs Win Over Raiders 21-13: This one may not seem entirely too close considering the Chiefs scored a pretty hefty 21 points in the second quarter alone and then held the Raiders on downs several times for the rest of the game, however I would never count the Raiders out this season when it comes down to an eight point game. Honestly, I’m surprised they didn’t call upon some of that fourth quarter magic to tie the ball-game, but I suppose everyone’s luck has to run a little dry eventually.

Steelers Win Over Bills 27-20: In a game where Le’Veon Bell accumulates yards just shy of the 300 mark and surpasses the entirety of yards gained by the Bills, it’s a wonder the game was even close at all. At one point it certainly wasn’t, however the Bills had some late-game magic and looked to be on a run in the fourth quarter before they ran out of time to bring the game back. This was a good matchup and just one of many I envisioned going either way this week.

Titans Win Over Broncos 13-10: This was a tight game through and through and at times I didn’t even know how it was ever going to end with a clear winner. For starters, the Titans scored 10 points in the first quarter where as the Broncos scored 10 in the fourth quarter, so anyone could’ve gone on a run at either point. The Titans ended up barely edging out the Broncos offensively although the Broncos held them to a whopping 0 points in the second half. All in all, this game was another that could’ve just as easily wound up going in the loser’s favor.

Redskins Win Over Eagles 27-22: The Eagles ruled the first half and I thought my risky choice of putting them over the Skins would pay off, but then the second half came around and it was a completely different show and story. The Redskins scored fourteen to the Eagles’ zero in the third quarter and then managed to hang on for the win despite being outscored in the fourth quarter. The Eagles have struggled mightily within their division but are still a tough team to play even on a good day, so I had high hopes that we would see more spunk from them.

Dolphins Win Over Cardinals 26-23: Man, I thought this game would end in an entirely different way and for a moment it almost did. Instead the Dolphins somehow found the fire within them to outscore the Cards for three-fourths of the entire game. The Cardinals went off for almost triple the amount of points the Dolphins scored in the final quarter but it just wasn’t enough to bring the game back in their favor. I’d hoped for more out of this squad, however the fact that Ryan Tannehill is ultimately questionable for the opposition will definitely hurt the Dolphins in future weeks as well, when they need a reliable QB most.

Lions Win Over Bears 20-17: It wasn’t necessarily a game where either team led by a large margin per se for any length of time, however the end result was probably a lot closer than Detroit would’ve liked. The Bears have been putting on a passable show for a team that has a pretty atrocious record this season and the QB play constantly improves despite some lacking foundations at receiving positions. When a game comes down to a field goal there’s always got to be the question of what could’ve been.

Jets Win Over 49ers 23-17: Well the Jets managed to win what is essentially a “garbage-time” win against a team that also won’t be seeing the playoffs this year. And they did it in a memorable fashion as well, clinching the W in overtime. At one point it looked like it was a done deal and the 49ers couldn’t possibly lose the lead but, well…obviously that wasn’t the case. The Jets not only got close enough for the tie to send it to extra time but they stole the show there as well. Bad form San Fran, bad form.

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