The Stack: My Results in Week Nine and Ten Picks


This week saw a fall from grace and a lot of shocking turn of events actually, and honestly although my fantasy team and points won’t love it, the last two weeks have been good ones. So let’s look at how I personally fared and how some of the teams around the league did as well.

Week Nine Predictions:

  1. Falcons v Buccaneers | Pre: ATL W Act: ATL W
  2. Jets v Dolphins | Pre: MIA W Act: MIA W
  3. Eagles v Giants | Pre: PHI W Act: NYG W
  4. Jaguars v Chiefs | Pre: KC W Act: KC W
  5. Lions v Vikings | Pre: MIN W Act: DET W
  6. Cowboys v Browns | Pre: DAL W Act: DAL W
  7. Steelers v Ravens | Pre: PIT W Act: BAL W
  8. Saints v 49ers | Pre: NO W Act: NO W
  9. Panthers v Rams | Pre: CAR W Act: CAR W
  10. Titans v Chargers | Pre: SD W Act: SD W
  11. Colts v Packers | Pre: IND W Act: IND W
  12. Broncos v Raiders | Pre: DEN W Act: OAK W
  13. Bills v Seahawks | Pre: SEA W Act: SEA W

Teams W/ Bye-Week: NE, CIN, HOU, WAS, CHI, ARI

Weekly Record: 9-4

Week Ten Predictions:

  1. Browns v Ravens | Pre: BAL W Act: BAL W
  2. Packers v Titans | Pre: GB W Act: TEN W
  3. Vikings v Redskins | Pre: MIN W Act: WAS W
  4. Falcons v Eagles | Pre: ATL W Act: PHI W
  5. Bears v Buccaneers | Pre: CHI W Act: TB W
  6. Chiefs v Panthers | Pre: KC W Act: KC W
  7. Texans v Jaguars | Pre: HOU W Act: HOU W
  8. Broncos v Saints | Pre: DEN W Act: DEN W
  9. Rams v Jets | Pre: NYJ W Act: LA W
  10. Dolphins v Chargers | Pre: SD W Act: MIA W
  11. 49ers v Cardinals | Pre: ARI W Act: ARI W
  12. Cowboys v Steelers | Pre: DAL W Act: DAL W
  13. Seahawks v Patriots | Pre: NE W Act: SEA W
  14. Bengals v Giants | Pre: NYG Act: NYG W

Teams W/ Bye-Week: BUF, OAK, IND, DET

Weekly Record: 7-7

Total Record Thus Far: 86-59-2

Bonus Material:

(Week Eleven Predictions)

  1. Saints v Panthers | Pre: NO W
  2. Cardinals v Vikings | Pre: ARI W
  3. Bears v Giants | Pre: NYG W
  4. Titans v Colts | Pre: TEN W
  5. Buccaneers v Chiefs | Pre: KC W
  6. Bills v Bengals | Pre: BUF W
  7. Steelers v Browns | Pre: PIT W
  8. Ravens v Cowboys | Pre: DAL W
  9. Jaguars v Lions | Pre: DET W
  10. Dolphins v Rams | Pre: MIA W
  11. Patriots v 49ers | Pre: NE W
  12. Eagles v Seahawks | Pre: SEA W
  13. Packers v Redskins | Pre: WAS W
  14. Texans v Raiders | Pre: OAK W

Games that could be close or go the other way: NO/CAR, ARI/MIN, TEN/IND, BUF/CIN, PHI/SEA, GB/WAS.

Trap Games: BAL/DAL, HOU/OAK.

Teams W/ Bye-Week: NYJ, DEN, SD, ATL

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