Week Seven Game-Changers


This particular post is something special I thought of to do in order to highlight one player per game this week who had a spectacular day or otherwise was clutch enough to give their team the win. So without further ado, let’s get to it shall we?

Davante Adams (Green Bay)– Adams may not have had the final Rodgers-Cobb reception that sealed the deal for the Packers in a tough grudge match against division rival Bears, however Adams had a career day. 13 receptions for 132 yards (averaging 10.2 yards per reception) and two touchdowns.

Landon Collins (New York Giants)– Collins wasn’t the only person to pick off Case Keenum but he did manage to do it twice off of deflected passes, even going so far as to return one forty plus yards to score. He finished the trip abroad in London with 8 tackles, 2 defended passes, 2 interceptions (for 62 yards), and one defensive touchdown.

A.J. Green (Cincinnati)– A.J. Green is no stranger to big days but today was BIG indeed. The highlight of the first half was a last second Hail Mary that ended with Green beating out not one, not two, not three, but five Browns defenders in the endzone for a bobbling catch. His final stats for the day were 8 receptions for 169 yards (averaging 21.1) and a touchdown.

Matt Stafford (Detroit)– Initially this would’ve been going to Kirk Cousins for his clutch comeback performance and 30/39 completions for 301 yards but Stafford came back after the comeback and won the day. He lead a 6 play drive in 49 seconds to score with less than twenty seconds to go. Add onto that 18/29 completions, 266 yards, and one touchdown and you’ve got yourself a win.

Michael Crabtree (Oakland)– Another week, another big game for Crabtree who is outshining even Amari Cooper lately and has an even better connection with Carr in clutch moments. His highlight of the day came off of a 56 yard reception but his stats are equally impressive. 8 receptions for 96 yards and a touchdown.

Drew Brees (New Orleans)– Drew Brees and Philip Rivers share more things in common than at one time both playing for the Chargers. Brees ushered in another game where he played great but his team lost. His performance (besides an interception) was better than that of the Chiefs and so he gets the acknowledgement here even on a loss. 37/48 for 367 yards and 3 touchdowns, albeit 1 interception. But let’s not also forget receiver Michael Thomas who had 10 receptions for 130 yards.

Jay Ajayi (Miami)– Who thought this guy couldn’t do it two weeks in a row? Probably a lot of people but he did. Tyrod Taylor and Ryan Tannehill had virtually the same stats but this guy shines bright. The Bills fell apart in the second half and were outscored in an important divisional match. Ajayi’s stat-line is as follows: 29 carries for 214 yards and a touchdown, averaging 7.4 yards a carry.

Matt Forte (New York Jets)– I’ll bet you didn’t think the Jets would win one again so soon or that Ryan Fitzpatrick would somehow make his way back under center as well didn’t you? Don’t kick yourself. Not only did Forte rush well but he was a valuable receiving back today. He had 30 carries for 100 yards, averaging 3.3 yards and getting 1 rushing touchdown. He also had 4 receptions for 54 yards, averaging 13.5 yards for 1 touchdown.

Josh Huff (Philadelphia)– It was a defensive day for both teams but miraculously the Eagles outplayed the Vikings when it counted. My star player however comes from the receiving and special teams corps. Huff had a brilliant 98 yard kickoff return touchdown but also had 4 receptions for 39 yards in the Eagles’ 21-10 victory over the Vikings.

Andrew Luck (Indianapolis)– This is a tough one because T.Y. Hilton had a day as well (7 receptions for 133 yards and a touchdown) but it all wouldn’t have been possible without Luck. He’s played great this year even if his team has oftentimes let him down a la Drew Brees and the Saints. At the end of the day he tallied 27/39 completions for 353 yards and 3 touchdowns, coupled with 5 carries for 17 yards when it counted.

Denzel Perryman (San Diego)– The Chargers earned another upset win and proved that maybe they can come back from fourth quarter deficits just like teams have done to them. Nobody deserves the thanks more than Perryman who intercepted a pass intended for Julio Jones in order to set up a late game-tying field goal and then also stuffed Devonta Freeman on 4th and 1 to get the ball back on a game winner. His final stats were seven tackles and an interception. Honorable mention to San Diego’s Tyrell Williams who had 7 receptions for 140 yards.

Jameis Winston (Tampa Bay)– Give it up for Famous Jameis for another week. Tampa Bay is now one more game stronger. The run game and passing game were both effective today against the 49ers. Winston’s stat-line was not bad at all. He completed 21/30 attempts for 269 yards and 3 touchdowns. Mike Evans was his biggest receiver with 8 receptions for 96 yards and 2 touchdowns. All was well for Tampa Bay tonight.

Le’Veon Bell (Pittsburgh)– It’s not often you lose a game but still end up being the best player on the field. Bell had the best performance overall despite a 27-16 loss to Brady’s Patriots. Bell finished with 21 carries for 81 yards and 10 receptions for 68 yards on the night. Not a bad deal at all.

Defense (Seattle/Arizona)– Really, the two defensive units on the field deserve this one. Sure, Carson Palmer passed for 342 yards and Russell Wilson added his own 225. Sure, David Johnson ran for 113 yards and the Seahawks had 90 yards worth of penalties. But not one touchdown was scored, both teams missed kicks and got iced at times, and each team punted at least seven times. That’s an impressive tie game.

C.J. Anderson/Devontae Booker (Denver)– Together these two players combined for nearly 200 rushing yards on 33 attempts for 2 touchdowns. While this may not be too impressive, they kept pounding the ball down the field when it mattered and contributed to two of Denver’s three touchdowns on the night. Anderson’s final stats for the night were 16 attempts for 107 yards and 1 touchdown with a long of 19, whereas Booker’s stats were 17 attempts for 83 yards and 1 touchdown with a long of 12.

As far as my predictions go, I saw the Eagles and Colts potentially winning but went with records instead. Shows me gut instinct typically works instead.

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