My GIO Manifesto

[As Originally Written on GIO]

No of course this isn’t my manifesto because I’m completely joking about that. Well, maybe for now anyway. Come hit me up for that when I establish the Great Republic of John in order to escape the political spectacle ongoing. No, this is something altogether different. This is my breath of fresh air so to speak for the moment. For the four hundred of you or so who follow my writing blog Suspect No 2 or the numerous followers I have on Twitter or anywhere else, this is something beyond my usual gaming exploits or occasional football updates and miscellaneous other crap.

It’s been far too long since I’ve had any sort of regular review or blog schedule and I don’t see that changing much in the foreseeable future. So here’s just a life review of sorts I guess for the past two and half almost three years or so I suppose. I’ve been a subscriber to GIO for a looong time (think issue 83). I’ve been an online GI member since say 2009 or so, but in reality only actively since about 2011. Still, years are years are they not? I’ve been overworked and out of touch since roughly 2014 at some point and that still doesn’t quite sit right with me. A lot in my life has shifted around and as a result the majority of social media and my overall online presence has often taken a hit. I’m not as active as I once was and most likely won’t be.

I’m still suffering/working my way through the graduate program I’m a part of, still slowly but surely helping out on personal gaming projects here and there, and still writing at times. None of what I’ve personally wanted to get published project-wise has really amounted to anything, however I have been published twice now under a pseudonym which is progress I do suppose. I’m resolved in my attempt to maintain my presence here for as long as I can, whether or not time often allows. So for that at least I can remain happy in doing, even if the majority of staff and users I once recognized seem to be long gone. Such is life, even online.

Things have been going well for my longtime girlfriend and I (we’re engaged, so yay to that). I suppose it’s crazy to think that another year has passed nearly as we are almost eleven months into this one and the gaming landscape has changed so much even over the course of 2016. We’ve now seen virtual reality and virtual concepts come, the announcement of another Nintendo console, and the establishment of several new IP ideas as well. It’s a year in which we can look forward to much and still so much more to come in the next as well as far as sequels and reboots and new sagas go.

I’ve never been one to write for an audience more so than I’ve been one who wants to share my thoughts and ideas with the world. So I do hope for what it’s worth you few who continue to put up with me will read my works and my thoughts and my blogs and reviews. I enjoy the effort it takes to write them and dole them out and slowly but surely will continue to do so. I guess this is more of a thank you to all those who have stood out over the years and who have appreciated my efforts and critiqued them along the way as well. Your comments and concerns and challenges and responses have always been my pleasure to answer. I’ve loved this community and will continue to do so as it revolves and evolves. Some things will never change (like Andy Mac being our constant GI godfather).

So cheers to the holiday season about to come, cheers to the little things, and cheers to each and every one of you writing and reading and commenting. GIO is what it is because of you all.

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