Week Six Rankings


Another week, another shakeup in this volatile league we enjoy watching week to week. A new number one emerges and an old foe steps back up to the plate after a four week hiatus. Welcome back Brady-bunch and Brady haters and believers alike. It’s been an interesting and entertaining week thus far even though it also features the fewest games yet and two teams have yet to play (this will be amended upon TB and CAR’s Monday night spectacle).

The Dazzling:

  1. Minnesota Vikings- As of right now the Vikes are the only undefeated team in the league. Who thought that was possible after losing both Bridgewater and Peterson? Who thought a Sam Bradford-lead team could take flight? Maybe the Vikings subscribed to the service that Carolina performed last year when they went 15-1 without key players like Kelvin Benjamin. +1 5-0
  2. New England Patriots- Sure it was the Browns who seem fated to lose it all again and again, but Brady is back and even his “rusty” performance (his words, not mine) was a spectacle. 400+ yards and 3 touchdowns. Oh, and here comes Gronk for his finishing touch. Have a day Pats fans. +1 4-1
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers- When the Steelers win they win big and ever since their miserable showing against Philly they’ve been out for blood. The latest unlucky soul to wander across their path was the unlucky Jets and they paid dearly. It wasn’t the demolition derby that they put on for Kansas City but it was close. +1 4-1
  4. Denver Broncos- Don’t let a good team get you down. The Falcons are rolling right now and assuming they don’t become a colossal trainwreck like they did after a 5+ streak to begin last season, they’re going places. It’s a one-two shindig with Coleman and Freeman, they’ve got Julio Jones running about, and Matty Ice brings in the bacon. So who can blame Denver for not being able to stop the roll. (Notice I didn’t say too much about the Broncos?) Hey, Von Miller didn’t disappoint. -3 4-1
  5. Philadelphia Eagles- The Eagles lost today to the Lions and they’re moving up a spot. You must surely think I’m crazy but here’s why. The Hawks had a bye and the Lions got a lucky grab to seal their one point deal. Carson Wentz threw his very first interception and it came after five weeks and over one hundred and thirty throws. That’s pretty amazing, as is the fact that it was a clutch moment even in defeat. Had the receiver been able to play the ball, it would’ve more than likely been a sizable gain or potential touchdown. Bygones are bygones. +1 3-1
  6. Dallas Cowboys- They lost some steam going into the fourth quarter and Cincinnati picked up the slack to finally score on two Brandon Lafell touchdowns, but boy Ezekiel Elliott and the Boys were on a rampage. It was 28-0 for the longest time. Some good old Dak and EE action put the Cowboys up big all day and they got their deserved recognition. That offensive line though. +2 4-1
  7. Atlanta Falcons- The Falcons have notched some big wins, most notably over both Super Bowl contenders from last season (which makes the Falcons the third team to do so and first in thirty plus years). However they’re only slowly creeping up the list because there are some equally impressive players and teams surrounding them. If they want to be for real then its entirely up to how they continue on from here. But heads are definitely turning. +2 4-1
  8. Seattle Seahawks- The Hawks got hit with the same magic the Packers got hit with last week and are the victims of the Bye-Week ratings shift. There’s not much for them to do besides practice and come back sharper than ever, but that’s certainly not been an issue for them thus far and they’ve battled through injuries to preserve a lock on their division for now as well. -3 3-1
  9. Green Bay Packers- The Packers won another one but it had its ugly moments and those came again at the hands of the turnover monster itself. They let a struggling Giants team stay within a score until the very end and weren’t able to capitalize on successful and long-winded drives as often as they should’ve been able to. -2 3-1
  10. Buffalo Bills- The Bills continue their turnaround by ironically ending another team’s turnaround for the moment. They were neck in neck with the Rams for the longest time until they managed to breeze by them for a nice 30-19 win and make themselves a viable threat to the Pats, whom they’ve already beaten while Brady-less. +2 3-2

The Raggedy Men:

  1. Oakland Raiders- The Raiders are a team that needs to be taken seriously. They’re good and gutsy in tough situations and its paid off so far for them with some close victories when other teams stumble in crucial fourth quarter moments. They’ve thus far been the closers of the league and its mainly due to an unearthly clutch connection between Derek Carr and Michael Crabtree. Those two point conversions though. +/- 4-1
  2. Arizona Cardinals- They played a sometimes ugly and sometimes slow game with Drew Stanton at the helms while Carson Palmer sat out due to concussion protocol, however the Cardinals walked away with a win and another week of breathing room. For whatever reason they’ve suffered their fair share of problems like Carolina, who will also have a backup quarterback at the helm this time tomorrow. +2 2-3
  3. Cincinnati Bengals- Things continue to be up and down for the Bengals from week to week as they came off a week showing and only managed to escape a shutout off of two Brandon Lafell touchdowns in the closing moments of the game. Dallas is a powerful ball club but honestly I expected a tougher showing from Cincy as well. Instead they lost a bad one. -3 2-3
  4. Washington Redskins- Another week and another tough loss for the Ravens catapults another team up in the ranks. This time around it was the Redskins who managed to hold on for the win thanks to a last minute touchdown being nullified. They’ve suffered their fair share of injuries but they’re climbing the ranks for sure. +6 3-2
  5. Baltimore Ravens- For the second consecutive week the Ravens got taken down by a team they could’ve beaten. They lost it in the closing minutes yet again when it was a close contest the entire time. That’s not to say they weren’t playing an alright game, just that they didn’t seem to really want the win as badly. -2 3-2
  6. New York Giants- The Giants find themselves slightly moving down after Sunday’s loss to the Packers thanks to the fact they didn’t capitalize on moments when the Pack left opportunities wide open. They were somehow in the game the entire time and could’ve capitalized on a weakened Packers attack in order to push things into overtime even perhaps if not clinching a lead. -1 2-3
  7. Kansas City Chiefs- The Chiefs went into a Bye-Week on a somewhat sour note but thankfully for them they had the weekend to contemplate it and figure out what needs adjusting. Thanks to the teams around them predominately going downhill in the rankings they’re actually getting a slight bump up. +1 2-2
  8. Tennessee Titans- Sure, the Titans played the Dolphins this week but their victory and 30 point game was a pretty grand one for them anyway, not to mention needed. Marcus Mariota had quite a day and so did the smashmouth scheme the backs have been running lately. All in all, some of the teams that are queued for the year look more and more beatable if the Titans can tap into this kind of performance more often than not. +3 2-3
  9. Los Angeles Rams- For the moment the Rams have been brought back down to earth thanks to the Buffalo Bills pulling away and putting the nails in the coffin. The Rams are definitely one of the most underrated teams on this list however they are staying put for the time being until they can prove they can push through and score more frequently when they need it, especially in winnable games such as this one. +/- 3-2
  10. Detroit Lions- Thanks to the last minute interception magic that handed the Lions another win and knocked the Eagles out of a perfect record the Lions are moving up big this week. And of course because several other teams found themselves dropping as well. It was a close one and Carson Wentz played nearly perfect but the Lions come out on top thanks to one clutch mistake. +6 2-3

The Wretched:

  1. Houston Texans- The Texans definitely seem like one of the weaker 3-2 teams out there and this week it’s being reflected appropriately. Sure, they played a powerful Minnesota team but that’s no excuse to perform as they did. This performance was only marginally better than their shutout loss to New England a few weeks ago. -4 3-2
  2. New Orleans Saints- The Saints had a much-needed Bye off of their win last week and only time will tell if it helps them to recharge before heading back into the thick of things. Drew Brees has been playing well and putting up big numbers but only time can tell if the defense can actually prevent other teams from scoring. +/- 1-3
  3. Carolina Panthers- Another week and another potential victory turned to dust in the Panthers’ mouths. Derek Anderson put up big numbers in this start but also contributed to the massive turnovers the Panthers gave up to the Buccaneers, twice in critical redzone situations too. Big days for Greg Olsen and Derek Anderson couldn’t overshadow the complete lack of defense on the Panthers part. -7 1-4
  4. Indianapolis Colts- The Colts managed to eek out another victory and this time at the hands of the Chicago Bears who are facing their own troubles this year. It was truly a day for Andrew Luck and T.Y Hilton as they connected big in crucial situations all day to secure the win. +3 2-3
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars- The Jaguars are the final team to have a Bye-Week this week however they find themselves moving down off of stronger performances by their counterparts. They’ve got some work to do on defense as well at Quarterback whereas confidence is concerned. But the secondary and receivers are looking fairly strong week to week. -2 1-3
  6. New York Jets- Pittsburgh is only the most recent team to show the troubled Jets up in a big way. The Jets were a dangerous team last year but they are finding themselves floundering like several other talented teams from last season. Turnovers are the major problem that needs to be addressed here. As is Ryan Fitzpatrick. -1 1-4
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- The Buccaneers won another game but don’t tell them that because they missed so many opportunities (and field goals) that it doesn’t even feel like a divisional victory. Jameis looked like he wanted to audition for running back more than throw the ball, their third down back was a bright spot and rushed for a surprising number of yards, and somebody teach Aguayo how to kick please. +2 2-3
  8. San Diego Chargers- San Diego stays put yet again for the umpeenth week despite losing their heads in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. Granted, the Raiders have become comeback kings, but that is truly no excuse for this continual run of bad luck for the Chargers. Phillip Rivers is the only consistently good player and he’s being punished for it. +/- 1-4
  9. San Fransisco 49ers- What at first looked like a possible win from the 49ers quickly evaporated as usual in their Thursday loss to the Cardinals (run by Drew Stanton this game). It was bad enough that Chip Kelly is putting in Kaepernick for the next game. The 49ers have a lot to work on as they look to halt their downward spiral after a strong week one victory over the Rams. +2 1-4
  10. Miami Dolphins- Somebody needs to bench Ryan Tannehill and I’m honestly surprised he’s gotten to play as long as he has with the mistakes he makes. Too bad they don’t have a decent replacement for him. The Dolphins give up way too many points and put too few on the board. -6 1-4

The Ghouls:

  1. Chicago Bears- Chicago went down again this week, this time to the rallying Colts and Andrew Luck. They’ve made some improvements and Brian Hoyer is playing a much better game than Jay Cutler has in awhile (if ever) so that is a promising development. -1 1-4
  2. Cleveland Browns- Pretty much by virtue of their winless schedule thus far alone, the Browns are at the bottom yet again. Of course nobody expected them to come in and upset the Patriots this week, but several of the games they’ve played so far have been winnable. +/- 0-5
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