Comments and Concerns: Week Three


At the time of this writing nine games have been played to completion, five are currently ongoing, and two have yet to occur. We’ve seen some major shakeups this week already and I am sure the balance of power will be shifting yet again for a third consecutive time so far this season. Here’s some of what looks to be happening in the league rankings and some other noticeable comments as well.

Rankings Comments:

  1. There might be a switch between the No 1 and No 2 ranked teams this week due to the dominant showing in New England being a lot more outstanding than Denver’s task of downing Cincinnati. The Patriots at No 1 without Brady is a terrifying thought indeed.
  2. The Panthers and Cardinals are both going to dip down for another week, more than likely to rise back up in Week Four if the trend continues. Disappointing numbers from the Cards for sure and unfortunate circumstances for the Panthers versus an even more surprisingly crafty Minnesota defense.
  3. The Packers and Vikings look to move up the charts a little more although the Vikes stand to gain more for playing Carolina than the Packers do for edging out Detroit. Both teams had solid quarterback play, but the Minnesota defense makes it less of a contest.
  4. The Texans and Bengals are gonna drop. No doubt about it. The Bengals put up a fight but there are other teams waiting to pass them up. The Texans are a different story- they got shutout bad and they’re going to drop like a stone in the rankings if the teams behind them continue to do well.
  5. The Raiders could move to occupy the position they held for two consecutive weeks with their closing victory over the Titans. Expect a slight drop from the Giants and a slight raise from the Dolphins for their loss and win respectively. The Ravens meanwhile look to leapfrog the Lions and several other teams with their surprising 3-0 start.
  6. Jacksonville’s drop and inconsistency look to continue and the Bills are on the rise for certain this week with an epic win over the Cardinals. Down Sammy Watkins they still managed to get it done and on the ground too. The Titans have a chance to stay put for the week despite this time being on the receiving end of a comeback and losing the game instead of winning it on the goalline.
  7. Things are looking up for the Redskins who secured a close win over a Giants team that has dominated on close wins in the last few weeks. OBJ vs Norman proved to be entertaining if more refined this time around as well. The Browns may have dropped the ball in overtime this week but depending how other teams play, they might have a chance to move out of the vaunted last position.

Current Events:

  1. The Redskins won the game and possibly the injury roundup as well. At least four of their players were hurt, two of them with leg issues from the secondary. The other two were on the offensive side of the ball, splitting things evenly.
  2. Watch out for some players who are injured but expecting to play as well, seeing as this could lead to further injury in the future and longer absences. Alshon Jeffrey and Brandon Marshall are a few examples.

Ongoing Battles:

  1. Seattle is looking to notch another victory over an opponent and a conference competitor with their current twenty-one point lead over San Fransisco. Tampa Bay is holding onto a diminishing lead in their close contention with LA currently. San Diego and Indianapolis are tied at the half with 13 points apiece. Kansas City is still down Jamaal Charles but has a 14 point lead over the Jets nonetheless. Carson Wentz and the Eagles are currently 10 up over the Steelers in a game that looks to be good the entire way through.


  1. The 49ers made another week out of scoring too little too late in the fourth quarter and came up shy of the Wilson-less Seahawks losing 37-18. Tampa Bay pulled a Tennessee and drove the ball all the way to LA’s 5-yard line only to lose the game by 5 points with a final score of 37-32 Rams. Indianapolis came back to win over San Diego in a close game 26-22. Kansas City held the Jets to only a field goal and scored 24 points for themselves. Carson Wentz and the Eagles continue to dominate and wiped out the upstart Steelers 34-3.
  2. Meanwhile Dallas is playing Chicago and the Atlanta/New Orleans conference matchup begins tomorrow night.


  1. Dak proved he could still play at a high level and led his team to victory over the Bears in a 31-17 win.
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