Week Three Rankings


Four days or so ago, I wrote my comprehensive Week Two ranking list for all 32 NFL teams. Today I’m bringing you the same teams in a slightly altered order thanks to the results of Week Two games. Some teams continued to rise while others continued to fall, some even took a step towards getting back to where they should’ve been after Week One.

The Good:

  1. Denver Broncos- The reigning Super Bowl 50 champs have moved back into the number one slot that they’ve jockeyed for for quite some time. All it took was another week and another powerful defensive show against the rallying Colts to win the game with a 34-20 defensive victory. Trevor Siemian isn’t playing poorly either. +1 2-0
  2. New England Patriots- So this week’s Pats game was a closer affair and also could spell trouble for the QB situation in weeks to come since they’re now down to the 3rd stringer from NC State. But the Patriots also won a conference matchup against a Dolphins team that has rallied twice against better teams and put up a defensive fight. +1 2-0
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers- Big Ben and co didn’t play as well as they did in the first week but then they also didn’t have rain to contend with then. They had some issues but they played through them and netted the conference victory over the Bengals 24-16 which is never a bad deal. +1 2-0
  4. Carolina Panthers- Carolina has righted the scales thus far and more than made up for their close loss to Denver in the first week. San Fransisco proved they have more potential this year than the last but ultimately couldn’t stop the scoring train that is Carolina football at home. Cam looked true to form and Kelvin Benjamin is BACK. +2 1-1
  5. Arizona Cardinals- Much like the Panthers, the Cards really lost a game they shouldn’t have in the first week so they had a little more to prove this time around. And prove it they did, absolutely routing the Buccaneers in a 40-7 victory that could’ve very well been a shutout thanks to Winston’s 4 intercepted passes. All hail Pat Pete. +3 1-1
  6. Green Bay Packers- Another week, another number one team falls from grace. If the close win against Jacksonville wasn’t scary enough, then the Pack proved they have more than a few issues to resolve with the turnovers and close loss against division rival Minnesota. The Packers got lucky on a lot of fumbles but it wasn’t a good show for them and they suffered for it. -5 1-1
  7. Kansas City Chiefs- No successful fourth quarter comeback victory this week for Kansas City, as the Texans made decent work of them and held them to only twelve points total. Without Jamaal Charles this team truly suffers, but I had hopes they could improve upon last week’s work and they did in some areas but faltered in others. -2 1-1
  8. Minnesota Vikings- The Vikes jumped categories this week and it has to be because of yet another defensive victory and the surprisingly solid play of Sam Bradford and Stefon Diggs. I’m impressed with the level of tenacity the team shows against superior offensive units and they’ve come out on top now twice. +3 2-0
  9. Houston Texans- The Texans jumped brackets as well, fresh off of a nice win against the Chiefs this week. Brock Osweiler continues to impress as does the rookie receiving corps and DeAndre Hopkins as always. The defense could use a little work but now that Houston has an offense that can function, the defense doesn’t need to worry about carrying the team quite as often. +4 2-0
  10. Cincinnati Bengals- The Bengals lost another one to the Steelers but at least this time it wasn’t due to thirty yards of penalties losing them the playoff game by a last second field goal due to discipline issues. They had several drives going and just couldn’t finish things off this week and couldn’t make it close enough to eek out the win either. -1 1-1

The Second Stringers:

  1. Seattle Seahawks- I dropped Seattle several positions because of their ugly win over Miami last week so you can bet they’ve dropped several more because of their ugly loss in LA this week. The Rams have bested the Hawks in all of their meetings last season and so far this season and it confounds me. Couple the loss with a hurt Russ Wilson and lack of touchdowns this season and you’ve got a team in dire need of improvement. -4 1-1
  2. Oakland Raiders- Sure, Oakland lost and that’s nothing new, but this team still has a good chance of vying for second in their conference or even winning it if the Broncos ever lose their steam. They lost by a touchdown and that’s got to be frustrating after a close win last week, but it was a good game offensively. If the secondary gets its act together they can win more games. -2 1-1
  3. New York Jets- The Jets won a close one this time, keeping the rallying Bills down and not giving up big time plays. The offense knows what it can do and utilizes Matt Forte to amplify the run game as well as the usual suspects on the receiving end of the ball. There are kinks to work out but they’ve got a chance of making the playoffs instead of missing the cutoff this year. +2 1-1
  4. New York Giants- Even if they’re winning close games, the Giants are proving that they can win and that they can cut down the mistakes they’ve typically made that cost them games in the past. A win is a win and Eli Manning knows that. This team could start to resemble the championship squad underdogs from all those years ago if they keep up the good work. +2 2-0
  5. Philadelphia Eagles- Carson Wentz did it again this week and joined elite company as far as 2-0 rookie starters go. Things looked close for awhile until Wentz and the Eagles lifted off for another 29 point game and roasted the Bears. So far the Eagles are looking like they’re set to shock if they can keep this momentum going. +4 2-0
  6. Dallas Cowboys- Dak did his duty this time and instead of losing another close one they won it against the Skins. There were some mistakes made here and there but the rushing game was strong and some key receptions set the field for key scores as well. All in all it was a more solid showing than the previous week. +1 1-1
  7. Miami Dolphins- You know what, I’m feeling kind this week and Miami gets to move up a slot based on their near comeback against the Patriots. Sure, they made mistakes and were horrible in the first half but they made a game of it when things counted and were one score away from a tie game. They’ve made progress even if they’re 0-2 thanks to near wins. +1 0-2
  8. Detroit Lions- Things looked like they were going fine for the Lions until they had three would-be scores reversed and lost to the rallying Titans by one point in the final seconds of the game. Matt Stafford was ironically the Andrew Luck this week in the Lions’ loss despite putting the team on his back. +2 1-1
  9. Baltimore Ravens- Man, the Ravens looked like they were going to get destroyed by the Browns of all teams, down by nearly twenty points after the first half. But like all things in Cleveland football, the Browns imploded and never scored again leading to a Ravens comeback win 25-20. Joe Flacco is back people. +4 2-0
  10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- The Bucs take a significant drop after last week’s promising game seeing as they were nearly shutout and beat by over thirty points this week thanks to Arizona’s defense. If they keep playing like this then they’ll hit the .500 mark around the time Jameis hits the 15 interceptions on the season mark. They really need to play like they did in the first week again. -8 1-1

Third String Rookies:

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars- They had a close one in week one but there was nothing close about the matchup this week. Everyone thought the Chargers were toast without Keenan Allen but apparently that’s not the case for now. Jacksonville made too many dumb mistakes and it cost them the game in their 38-14 loss. -7 0-2
  2. Atlanta Falcons- Boy Matt Ryan looked like a different person last week but this week he seemed to return to his old self, connecting with Julio Jones on plenty of key plays. They managed to outlast a surprisingly superior Raiders team and cut up the defense for big gains constantly. If they can keep this up, they’ll move back up the ranks slowly but surely. +3 1-1
  3. Buffalo Bills- Despite playing a good game in some respects and mounting a comeback drive and making big plays, the Bills just couldn’t finish in the New York shootout. They lost to a team they kept out of the playoffs last year and they’re starting the season 0-2 with some major questions that need to be answered. -2 0-2
  4. Tennessee Titans- The Titans won this week, barely. But it’s enough that they’re staying right where they were ranked last week. They still had plenty of miscommunication but they worked together better and Andre Johnson came out of nowhere with a spectacular grab to seal the deal. 1-1
  5. San Diego Chargers- After blowing a huge lead in a disappointing week one loss to Kansas City, the Chargers came out Allen-less and won a big game against the Jaguars. I’ll admit, it feels good to see Philip Rivers play well AND see his team to victory as well. He’s a stats machine and deserves that added bonus. +2 1-1
  6. Washington Redskins- The dismal drop continues for the Skins, as they lost in the secondary for yet another week. Why not just have Josh Norman cover the WR1’s? When he’s covered Dez Bryant and Antonio Brown they’ve made either no catches or been tackled immediately for little gain. Breeland however is another story. Questions abound on both sides of the ball in Washington. -4 0-2
  7. San Fransisco 49ers- The 49ers move up one this week in their loss to Carolina mainly because of how they played in the first three quarters of the game. They showed that they have what it takes but that they need to work on sticking with superior teams if they want to win more games this season. +1 1-1
  8. New Orleans Saints- The Saints lost another close one this week, this time to the Giants by a field goal. Drew Brees and the offense constantly put up big numbers but they really need to find a way to stop teams defensively so they can start winning games again. -2 0-2
  9. Los Angeles Rams- The Rams rebounded after an abysmal showing in the first week to stick it to the man yet again whereas Seattle is concerned. I don’t now what it is about these two teams but the Rams somehow always manage to show up to play for their games at least, even if they don’t for others. +3 1-1
  10. Indianapolis Colts- The Colts had another close one this week, that is until they turned the ball over and it became a two score game thanks to the Broncos defense. Every time they would edge closer the defense would smack them back down, similar to what happened with the Panthers and Broncos in the first week. -1 0-2

The Walk-Ons:

  1. Chicago Bears- The Bears put on a show but not necessarily a good one this week. They lost another game although I suppose they performed marginally better this time around. But they also lost Jay Cutler for some time thanks to a pesky finger wound. Let’s see who picks up the torch for now. -1 0-2
  2. Cleveland Browns- Well the Browns are seemingly back where they belong. They started off spectacularly against Baltimore and lost in equally spectacular if not unsurprising fashion. Add to that the fact that they’ll be starting yet another QB under center this week and you’ve got your last team in the league! -1 0-2

Let’s look really quick at some of the biggest movers, up and down, of the season thus far:


  1. Eagles +14
  2. Giants +8
  3. Lions +7


  1. Seahawks -9
  2. Bills -9
  3. Saints -5

Now Updated to Include Records

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