Musings of a Man Playing Sports Games

Honestly, it’s been a while since I branched out and played different genres than action, adventure, role-playing, horror, survival, etc. Typically I tend to avoid year to year sports games, even the ones I have or the ones I’ve reviewed in the past. But lately I’ve been diving back into Madden, I guess in some attempt to prepare myself for football again or to make amends for not paying attention to my home team so much these past few years.

I have not however been playing the newest thing out there, opting instead for the most recent game I have in the series- Madden 15. I’ve been going through the interesting and fun yet sadly very flawed Connected Franchise mode the past few days, building up several successful seasons as both a wide receiver and linebacker for the Falcons and Chiefs. Who would’ve thought that I’d actually want more access to stats in a game?

The point of this post however is not the game itself nor its flaws, rather some of the interesting tidbits and intricacies in between. For example, I constantly wonder why Colin Kaepernick and the San Fransisco 49ers have had three 14 otr better win seasons in a row, rivaling even my user controlled teams. How could it be that a game released in 2014 accurately portrays Johnny Manziel’s flaming burnout but still has RG3 and Kaep at 93+ overall ratings? How could it be that Tom Brady, who is still kicking it in real life has sunk to an 83 overall and headed a team that only had a winning record two of those three years? It’s questions like these that interest me.

Whoever created the game obviously had a thing for the 49ers and the Jaguars, as these two teams are always secretly powerful in terms of stats and players, if not in terms of tangible success. Sometimes I sit there and think about how downright deadly the Ravens offensive really seems to be initially- I mean I even play as QB for them in another connected franchise file. There’s potential there. But trying to find real-life mirrors of the game world is difficult when taking into account I can play as notables who were injured in the real season and couldn’t carry their teams to victory as they do in Madden.


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