Winter is Coming | GoT S6 E1 Recap


We haven’t survived the worst of this winter yet. And no, I am not referring to any seasonal winter the likes of which this world has seen. I am of course referring to the onslaught we are sure to be due for in Westeros and the lands beyond. Tonight saw the return of HBO’s ever popular Game of Thrones with the premiere episode of Season 6 of the show. Entitled “The Red Woman,” we saw plenty of said titular character and then some. But that wasn’t the only interesting development throughout the show and it was an unsurprisingly decent and solid start for the season. Not much has been answered and endless possibilities have been raised, however it’s safe to say this season should be as entertaining as any yet. Let’s look at what happened and where the show could go this season or beyond…

Jon Snow is…Dead

In case you were hoping for anything other than that, prepare to be somewhat disappointed. Most signs still point to the dashing hero being resurrected at some point in the future, but it will not be anytime so soon. For the time being, he is gone. And Ser Davos, Ghost and co are not too thrilled. Meaning some serious stuff is bound to go down.

Ramsay Bolton stars in “Still an Asshat”

Yep. Just when you thought the honorary Bolton might not have only mean bones in his body, he goes and does it again. Thankfully his scenes did not involve flaying anybody alive or torturing his subjects physically and mentally. Just harsh pragmatism and feeding his beloved Myranda’s body to the dogs.


As Roose Bolton notes, there will be a reckoning coming to the Northmen now that they have decided to disobey their former Lannister compatriots. Whether or not the Lannister’s will crumble like the Axis forces attempting to fight their two-sided war in WWII or not remains to be seen. But they’ve got some trouble in Dorne on the horizon as well as in the North. Then again, the North remembers, and the North has some more trouble of its own to contemplate. Let’s not even get started on whether Dany and co will make it across the Narrow Sea or not.

Theon..Back at it Again

Or as close as we’re ever likely to see the newly reformed Reek-Theon-Reek. After apparently surviving their drop (obviously), the Sansa and Reek duo made their way across the windy and icy wastes all the while pursued by the Bolton hounds, fresh from their feeding I assume. We almost got to watch Reek get torn apart by said hounds, however Sansa and Theon were finally rescued by Brienne and Pod who did a good job dragging their rescue out and making things tense for us all as usual. Needless to say, Sansa finally appreciated the help.

Blood Boiling in the Red Keep

Well, we know there is only so much time before violence erupts in the southern capital of Westeros, although exactly when that will happen remains unclear. Matters surely weren’t helped by Jaime’s return with a dead daughter. Cersei is understandably distraught and for once pitiable again. Which can only mean heads will roll, sparrows will suffer, and the Mountain and Jaime will have their day.

Meanwhile in the Darkest of Dungeons..

Queen Margaery contemplates and denies confession yet again, as Cersei also did for a time. Just how and when she will enact her own brand of justice and vengeance is yet to play out and be seen. But it is undoubtedly coming as well. Will the Tyrells and Lannisters join forces to free their loved ones and punish their captors? Stranger things have happened. I’d hate to see prettyboy Ser Loras bite the dust when his character has plenty more usefulness than being a face for zealots and their homophobia however.

Family means “Everything”

Just when we thought we’d seen it all with a genuinely heartfelt moment between the Lannister siblings, here comes a heartwarming moment in Dorne and…oh wait. Ellaria and her Sand Snake daughters slaughtered Prince Doran, his faithful axe wielding guard, and Trystane for added measure. But why did you have “to be a greedy bitch” and stab him in the face? Wasn’t it bad enough Oberyn had his jelly squeezed out already? Dorne looms on the precipice of war with Westeros and now that “weak mean” will never again rule, there are three powerful queens in the ring. (Or four, you know.)

The Tyrion and Varys Show

In a perfect world, Tyrion and Varys have their own comedy show and routinely cater for high level events with their stand-up schtick. However, this is Game of Thrones and a far from perfect world, so alas the two are stuck trying to rule the burning ship that is Meereen. And you know, looking at a harbor full of burning ships, more than likely thanks to the Sons of the Harpy or some other asshats running about mucking things up for Dany and co. Here goes finding the bastard who runs that organization and trying to run a city.

Jorah the Explorer

Meanwhile good old Jorah and Daario are hunting about the countryside from their Queen and love interest when they find both remnants of Drogon’s dragonly meal and their ruler’s ring in the muck kicked up by the Dothraki horde. Not all is lost, although you wouldn’t know that from the sullen remarks Jorah gives whilst staring at the greyscale rapidly spreading across his forearm. The man knows he’s not destined to find love with the Mother of Dragons, but by goodness he’ll kill the men who took her away.

Dany…boy the Hills are Calling

Dany has seen her fair share of pain and suffering and now that she’s been taken by the Dothraki horde it looks like we’re in for some more rapey and painful scenes. Wait! After being taken before the Khal, she can endure the abuse no longer and informs him of her rank and status to which he eventually replies with surprising reference considering her former marriage to Khal Drogo. And then orders her shipped off to a widow-filled temple. Fun times abound.


Things just don’t seem to ever let up for any of the Starks, but surely Arya has endured some of the worst treatment in recent memory besides Sansa’s brutal loss of virginity last season. Not only is she blind and begging/overhearing helpful information in the streets of Braavos, but the good old reliable Waif comes around to knock our girl down and beat the literal snot out of her as well. And apparently it’s going to become a daily routine of kicking her ass and teaching her to not rely on her senses so much at one time.

Return to Castle Black

If you thought Thorne talking about doing the right thing and wanting to kill the wildlings in addition to Jon Snow and basically any and everyone that doesn’t fit the bill in his ruthless pragmatism was appalling, try listening to him “bargaining” with Ser Davos and co. As if they’d believe a band of murderous traitors would honor promises anyhow. Not only does the fate of Jon Snow and his few allies lie in the hands of Dolorous Edd, but also in the wiles of the Red Woman (or Old Crone) as it would be.

Now, let’s talk about some plot developments that could potentially occur this season or merely at undetermined points in the future, not only based on what occurred last season and in this premiere episode, but what has yet to pass or could.

  1. Bran is back at it again and we should be seeing him sometime soon, more than likely in the next episode when some characters we couldn’t cram into this premiere one undoubtedly make their season six debuts. I’m sure he’ll be warging it up with his better handle on the craft and working out just what to do about the undead horde surrounding him, as well as maybe even throwing a bit of fan service and well-deserved justice our way. You know, controlling Ghost and killing Ser Allister Thorne wouldn’t be too much of a stretch now would it haha?
  2. Let’s hope we also see some more of Ser Bronn of the Blackwater and mayhaps he can finally get his well-deserved titles and riches and promises and settle down. It’s not as if Jaime and Cersei will lack for firepower with the newly reborn Mountain by their side when they inevitably go about their way massacring the Sparrow and his zealots and really anyone even remotely in their way. I’ll be sorry to see Bronn’s poisonous vixen go however.
  3. I’m sure we’ll be getting to the root of this whole Harpy issue sometime soon, I just hope our good old pals Tyrion and Varys are safe and sound throughout. I’d hate to see either of them take a dagger to the back or eye. But I wouldn’t mind Varys pulling a Eugene from AMC’s Walking Dead and biting someone else’s important member off. Only if he had to drop the classy demeanor and fight for his life of course.

Anyway, now that I talked about a few broad things that haven’t been thoroughly discussed as much this season as of yet, let’s talk about possible plotlines I could see in their entirety happening, or at least potentially in part.

  1. We get a glimpse of or some more news of Rickon Stark and how he fared after he and Bran parted ways not too long ago.
  2. Littlefinger either finally gets in too deep and gets slaughtered by any one of the millions of people who distrust or even hate him, or he wins it all and sits on top of the world despite backstabbing his way to get there and be in control of more of Westeros than the people actually ruling Westeros.
  3. The Hound is not dead.
  4. Bran is awesome at being a warg with all of his training from the good old Raven.
  5. Tommen avoids death for so long and then sadly dies at the end, prompting even more despair and rage from Cersei and maybe even semi-uniting the Tyrells and Lannisters if only with the single purpose of wanting to kill basically everyone who’s wronged them. Bonus: Jaime may or may not die. But not this season.
  6. The Mountain kills a bunch of people.
  7. The Sons of the Harpy continue to rear their ugly heads until their leader is found and killed. Could it be a trusted someone or a fresh face?
  8. Jorah dies at a most dramatic time but gets to see his love before that. Or he survives for the time being and dramatically informs everyone he has greyscale.
  9. Drogon or one of the other dragons dies.
  10. Ramsay and potentially Roose Bolton get flayed alive. If GoT chooses to be that “kind” to fans.
  11. Jon Snow is somehow resurrected and now that he’s served his life as a Nights Watchman, he is free technically to go take back Winterfell or do whatever it is he deems worthy. Or just kill a bunch of punks.
  12. Arya gets over her blindness after learning her lesson as a Faceless Man. Probably may or may not kill some more peeps we hate. Is basically a ninja.
  13. The White Walkers and their zombie horde make an appearance again and slaughter everyone at Castle Black. So basically all the traitorous assholes still left there.
  14. Ser Davos gets fleshed out more and lives up to his name as the Onion Knight, peeling back more and more layers and either going out like a boss or staying alive.
  15. Sansa finally gets to make Winterfell great again and also enact some good old fashion revenge.
  16. We get to see the Iron Islands and how that is going.
  17. The Wildlings and Jon Snow have their reunion tour.
  18. Margaery and the Tyrells poison some more people perhaps.
  19. The good old vipers of Dorne continue their campaign of political intrigue and assassination or try to and get wiped out.

There are plenty more storylines that could be brought up- both completely original or building off of things previously in the television series or books. However, I’ll leave you with these ones for now.


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