In Which I Deign it an Appropriate Time to Write a Blog Post Pt. 187/X

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Aka ‘How I Came to Write about these Random Things Today’

Hello all. I truly hate having to do this every few months it seems like, but here’s my “sorry, I’m back, probably will write some things that may or may not make it to post, probably will end up missing out on activity for a long period again” post. I am the watcher on the wall, the sword in the shadows- so don’t worry, I still skulk about and keep one eye on all of you and the gaming community as a whole, despite not being entirely up to date whereas news and current gaming events may be concerned. My apologies for long delays in response between comments to those of you who have tried to stay in contact as well.

Suffice it to say, I’ve been quite the busy bee this past year and a half or however long its been. I’ve lost track. That’s quite scary. Apologies for foregoing general blogging and grammatical etiquette. Apologies for a lot of unspoken sentiment and a lot of things I’ve been unable to produce lately, blogs included. But you all are a forgiving lot so I’ll assume my presence and livelihood alone are merit enough for your forgiveness, although I do genuinely mean it when I constantly assure you that I will in fact attempt to produce new blogs here and there this year (I’ve still got time after all). So…long time no blog.

I’ll start simply today. I’ll even give you something of a little bit of substance for once, not just a measly few paragraphs after an eight month or so break like the last time. So let’s talk, shall we? As I’ve mentioned, I have in fact been quite busy of late. And although I would’ve never in my life thought I would be too busy to write blogs about one of my truest loves, I have been. A travesty of justice if there ever was one, I know, I really do. But alas, quite a true finding indeed. I have, however, been able to keep some writing going on the side as well as a tad bit of gaming when the opportunity presents itself. So there is that. While I was missing out on one of my continuing dreams (aka game blogging and all things related) and continuing my furthered education, I did manage to bring some things to fruition for the first time in years and realize the first stage of a longtime dream of mine. I’m a published (not self-published, mind you- I don’t count that in this respect although I respect the two equally) author/poet! I will admit however that I did not deign to publish under my own name however so I may, after a time, reveal my ‘Lemony Snicket’-esque pseudonym haha. Have no fear.

This exciting development aside, the past year has been a busy but not always thrilling ride of a time. That’s not to say it has been a poor time, merely a rough, long and eventful one. I mentioned some details of my current plans way back in this blog but in case you don’t recall, I’ll talk a bit more about some of it- leaving out the boring details though. I’m pursuing furthered education in not one, but actually two degrees. Yes, you heard right. At this rate I’ll be in hell, er school, for the rest of my life. But social obligations be damned, am I right? No? Oops. Partial jokes, partial suffering aside, it’s pretty necessary that I undertake said tasks so therefore I have. I’m all for a little work now and a little fun later, as well as mixing the two on occasion. So in order to pursue my ultimate dream of intertwining gaming, writing, art and fun into one massive career, I’ve got to school myself a tad more first.

I have, in other interesting news, also been hard at work on at least one confirmed gaming related project over the past year or so. How I’ve managed to do my part in this as well as school and what few other responsibilities I’ve procured lately, I may never truly know. I may or may not have alluded to said project in the past, I know for sure I did here. But yeah, this particular project at least is an indie one for sure, although that’s not say I don’t have love for it. Who wouldn’t have, after slaving over script and other writings for over a year? So I’ve still got my feelers out there. I’m still making moves and trying to keep myself occupied even if it’s not always as fun and easy going as I would like. I can’t always be on here spending my days and nights commenting, blogging, reviewing, and giving feedback galore- but that’s not to say I don’t completely miss those days (because oh yes I do).

So I’ve relegated myself to a more behind the scenes approach to things in terms of social opportunities of late, but that’s not to say I’m any less interested or up to date. I implore any and everyone who’s still interested in my opinion on matters, getting feedback, or hell who just wants to talk or ask questions to feel free to shoot me messages on here. I’ll always get back to you eventually, just maybe not with the quickest response time. I mean, I haven’t even checked my main email hooked up to this account in ages, so I can only imagine the horrible amounts of info on there. All things considered, I do genuinely hope I can be better about responses and general acknowledgement of questions in the future. I promise I haven’t gotten too big for my britches and I’m not going to ignore you. Well, unless you spam me and are annoying, then you may be the last response I send. (Joking, of course…or am I?)

On the subject of reviews, I’ve found myself mentally reviewing things a lot and even written some notes down for actual reviews to be made, however I’ve just not had the stomach for actual writing of said reviews for whatever reason these past few months. Maybe there’s a disease out there for that I honestly wouldn’t know. It’s probably some sort of phase similar to writer’s block or some other horribly inconvenient trend. Alas, I fear it may not change in the near future, but I can assure you I’ll try to be on the ball enough so that if the moment presents itself and the drive and fire are still there, I will be sure to pick up pen and paper and slave away on more masterpieces for your heart’s content, or rather game content as it may be. I will definitely find time to be on the ball about blog posting, if not reviews as well.

Now to the point where I briefly discuss games, gaming, and news regarding anything akin to either of those therein. At least before I depart anyway.

As of late, I’ve not so much purchased many new games per se as I have instead gone back and revisited well-trod, older worlds and realms. There’s merit to be found in both experiences and while I am all for new games, I’m saving money and simply enjoying the old instead. That’s not to say I’m not looking out for the hottest titles in beloved series or maybe even that one shining new IP, but for the past few months to a year I’ve focused mainly on finishing my woefully large backlog of games that I touched but never showed truer love to. Of course I’ve also looked to guilty pleasures and nostalgic trips as well, returning to the blasphemous calls of duty and galloping across the barren wastes of many borderlands and post apocalyptic fallout zones as well. And yes, those were all allusions and puns of sorts, hate me if you will.

It’s been real, but now’s as good a time to bow out as any. For those of you still keeping up with my blogs, woeful few though there are, I thank you. And for those of you still as of yet new to the site, welcome, and welcome to my deranged and demented mind-space as well. Enjoy your stay and try not to get too terribly caught up and bewildered by my ever-conversational and grammatically inept approach to writing. Ciao.

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