It’s Been a Long While…

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Not a ‘Hello I’m Back’ and not a ‘Goodbye for Good’

It’s hard to believe I haven’t posted a single blog since September of 2014 and even before then my blog posting and reviews had been sporadic at best throughout the entire previous year. I’ve been a pretty busy individual of late and that’s actually only going to get worse as I have much work ahead of me this spring and into summer. So although I would like to say I am coming back and will be posting much more regularly, this is in fact not the case. But I did want to drop by and assure you all that yes, I am in fact alive, and also that I have still kept up with the gaming world. Even if I am so far inadequately prepared to discuss some of the major titles coming out soon, and woefully ill-equipped to review a few others that have already released.

So what exactly have I been doing to occupy my time of late? Well, quite simply: schooling myself. Or rather being schooled…by school. Yes, I’ve gone back. Hard to believe? I don’t blame you- I mean what sane individual in their right mind would do that to themselves right? Jokes aside, you can probably read back through some old comments and whatnot for the details, but I’ve gone back for some even higher, higher education. And it’s been totally worth the pain and torture and social suicide thus far haha.

So, short and sweet though this is, this is still just an update for you all to prove I’m still here in some capacity even if I’m gone in most others. I’ll try to get back to blogging here and there infrequently but I really can’t make any promises whatsoever. It’s good to see things still up and running even if there have been changes and challenges along the way. Ciao friends.

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