Scarred (Scared) for Life

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Hey folks, it’s me again. Today’s blog is going to actually be a little more than just another update, which I suppose is something you all are probably looking forward to- more so than a simple update anyway. No worries about my forthcoming reviews or blogs about anything else, as those are in the works but unlikely to be released in all honesty in the near future as things stand right now.

Anyway, today’s little ditty of sorts is focusing on something that has become an interest in my life because of experiences early on with the it- film. I heartily enjoy watching most genres of film from the fictional epics in horror, action, and science fiction fantasy to even the occasional documentary or well-thought out and produced reproduction of actual historical events. Film is something that it is easy to take pride in the heroic efforts put forth by actors and filmmakers alike, as well as to simply enjoy without having to think very much about it.

You can sit back and watch something that will twist your brain around like Labyrinth or Inception, or you can simply enjoy a good old slasher or mediocre subplots thrown in your face in laughable ways. As for my personal tastes, I’m open to most kinds of movies and general film, so with many works I don’t discriminate until I’ve at least seen part of the piece or heard enough unruly dissent about it that I can actually begin to see if it is even worth attempting to stomach (Sharknado).

However, my blog today isn’t merely about films themselves- although I guess you could say some of them have scarred me, or even scared me for life. Good old suspenseful horrors and thrillers are what I’m mainly referring to in this case. And today I’m going to talk about three films in particular that I’ve enjoyed time(s) with, been scared by (or for the protagonist at least), and general been pleased by and never much disappointed- well, with the exception of some less than stellar sequels, or sequels to sequels if you refer to Ridley Scott).

The particular films in question are none other than the original ‘Alien’ film, The Usual Suspects, and The Fugitive. Now, for those of you who may not be sure exactly what these movies are or are concerning, I’ll give you a few details to jog your memory…

The original Alien (1979) debuted and is remembered as one of the most terrifying ‘what can go wrong in space’ suspense movies of all time. It is the classic, it is the start, it is king in the category of alien-related films. Oh and it boasted a (now pretty recognizable) cast including Veronica Cartwright, Ian Holm, John Hurt, and of course Sigourney Weaver. The first tale of Ellen Ripley and the ill-fated Nostromo have struck fear in the hearts of many, and thrilled the hearts of others. Watching an alien burst from John Hurt’s chest unexpectedly will literally change everything the first time you witness it. I watched the movie around the age of 8 (thanks to my mother’s love for horror movies) and I’ve essentially been ‘scarred’ since. But in a good way as well, although I find myself jumping at night when the floor creaks. 😉

The Usual Suspects (1995) is a modern classic as well- part thriller, part noir crime film and part Bryan Singer amazing. The movie is just as tense and suspenseful as any other thriller I’ve ever seen, and has enough crime dramatization in it to feel like an amped up Law and Order- save from the opposite perspective than usual. Not only this, but it marks a high point in Kevin Spacey’s growing career, features other greats such as Benicio del Toro, and also has literally what must be one of the (if not the) best twists in film history in the revelations surrounding the mysterious crime lord Keyser Soze. Trust me- if you haven’t seen this film, you must.

The Fugitive (1993) is yet another one of those great, tense, thrilling early to mid-nineties films. It also happens to feature Harrison Ford, therefore making it doubly awesome with the combined might of Han Solo and Indiana Jones on the table. Obviously the film has struck the right chords in the past two decades, as it has been credited with “universal acclaim” on review sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, and is also of course an amazing crime drama and thriller. Essentially, the plot revolves around an innocent man convicted of murdering his wife but who has evidence (and visual proof) that he did not and that in fact another man did. He attempts to clear his name in the most obvious manner (I say sarcastically)- escaping from a prison bus hit by a train and evading a state-wide manhunt whilst finding clues as to what exactly occurred and unraveling a mini-conspiracy along the way. Add a strong supporting cast and epic set moments and you’ve got quite the ensemble. Plus, it has Tommy Lee Jones and Julianne Moore in it.

Now, I’ve only got a few more things before I wrap this up. As you’ve probably guessed, Alien scarred me for life where horror movies are concerned, and now I thoroughly enjoy tense and suspenseful “classic” horror films- not the gross gore we consider horror today, although some are alright. The Usual Suspects boggled my mind with its ending and was essentially Shutter Island/Inception before either of those were a thing (but thanks Chris Nolan for the latter, now make a sequel). And of course The Fugitive was more good old Harry Ford and a strong, thrilling plot with some tense moments and interesting deviations in terms of supporting cast. Add to the fact that all of these films are wonderful and critically acclaimed and where would we be without them today? Or for that matter where would the acclaimed actors/actresses such as Sigourney Weaver and Kevin Spacey be without these films that launched their careers?

What an intriguing thought… Anyway, it’s time for me to get going and back to the weekend grind of mixing time for fun and fury, or study anyhow. I’ll be around, but in the event I don’t get back to in a timely manner with a new blog, feel free to bug and pester me all you want. It might motivate me a bit more.

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