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Howdy there partners, long time no blog (again, for the umpeenth time of late). Well, hate to disappoint you, but along comes yet another blog about…nothing much…honest. It pains me to do so but I haven’t caught much of a break yet, nor will I for the foreseeable time coming. A little update on some things I’ve been up to lately? Well, here I’ll give you a few…

Well- I’ve gone back to school, yep you’ve heard right. Didn’t want to say much on it earlier, but it’s become pretty much necessary that I amp up my skillset to the next level (RPG much?) right now. I recently decided to return to schooling in order to achieve a specific MFA- an interesting task that, and one that will entitle me to much, much more as well. Which is good. More is good. ‘Murica, yeah.

Along the way I plan to be writing off and on, enjoying my even more horribly busy hours now (yeah, back to school for the first time in about ten years, woot) on top of my slightly lessened workload (still a heavy one, even with educational alleviation). Ah well, at least I can sort of keep up with pop culture and the gaming industry, as well as several others. Well, as much as I possibly can. Also, it’s either disheartening or amazing that I haven’t really evolved enough in ten years to see that some of the staying up late and never sleeping crap I did in my original run of school wasn’t always the greatest idea. Look at me now- up on a Sunday night with no plans to retire anytime soon. Eh, life moves on, so must I.

Still all mostly quiet on the reviewing front as things go thus far- I plan to change that but, hey, scheduling my friends. I’ve definitely got to cut down the numbers on my Top X Blogs of the Generation seeing as it well exceeds rational numbering that I’d like to reach in one blog (nor do I want to split the titles between a large number of blogs). Most other blog ideas are on a pretty much indefinite hold however, but I will continue to attempt to offer ‘life-updates’ or something similar I assume.

By the way, looking back at Time Check yes I am indeed still (sort of) able to at least write and edit occasionally, which is one of the few tasks I’m painstakingly coming along with. Again, that’s only sort of. So…the progress is even slower than it would be normally, and I still have absolutely no clue where this path will take me- oh the joys, the horrors, the writing, the grind. No gaming for me much now however- hah, as if I’ve got the time for mundane tasks such as that (kidding of course). But really- no time.

And by the way…keep me in the loop. I’ll take to social media occasionally, so if you see my online indicator pop up unexpectedly on Twitter or whatnot, feel free to socially punch me in the face a couple of times to keep me awake, as it’ll more than likely be in the dead of night when I should really be sleeping or better yet researching something much more important. Jokes aside (although I’ll never give up joking) don’t forget me, and I’ll try not to break each and every blog writing related promise I stumble into. Well, not that many…maybe. *gulp Until the next time folks, stay safe, and don’t forget your sonic screwdrivers.

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