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A Now Customary Blog Update

Hey there folks- another short-ish blog on the menu for you all today. Sunday’s a slow day anyway normally. So I’ve been doing a few different things lately, as is customary for my thus far always busy schedule. As the summer slump ends it looks like I’ll be even busier than I have been as well! I can almost audibly hear the groans from here, but maybe that’s just my stomach growling (it’s lunchtime already?).

Regardless, it’s time to fill you in on the progress of some of my blogs that I’ve been working on, as well as some of the slightly worked on reviews of mine- as per my promise(s). I’ve gotten behind on reviews lately, but hopefully will have the chance to release some of them on the weekends every now and then if not during the actual business week. As for blogs, my Top X Blogs of the Generation (number tbd) is coming along quite fairly at the current time. It’s getting there anyway. I’ve also got another spate of Skyrim themed blogs- better late than never I suppose, and a few extraneous blogs as well. Hopefully enough for you all to enjoy reading.

In other news, I’ve been getting back into writing and editing more of my less than stellar works- ranging from fanfiction to actual good material, mainly for fun but who knows something may come of it after all. I’ve been reading a lot more science fiction works lately, or rather re-reading other ones I’ve already enjoyed simply for fun factor in my downtime- what little I have.

In gaming news I’ve been playing a few new titles but also habitually sort of slipping up and playing some Black Ops 2, considering it’s double experience and double weapon experience weekend and I may as well put that towards something of semi-good use. Plus, I was bored and didn’t feel like partaking in some long adventure roleplaying game or something requiring much actual thought or strategy- *cough Divinity. Jokes aside, I’m playing here and there but nothing like any sane individual should be- meaning I’m going through the occasional withdrawal of sorts (heh). Nothing I can’t survive though.

I’ll hopefully be able to post a few things here and there every now and then, but don’t count too heavily upon my answering of questions in a very timely manner as- although I will occasionally check, I won’t be around much for the foreseeable future, even though I know I’ve already slacked off for the past year enough. I apologize, but you all will surely understand what happens when life gives you lemons, or even worse- a job. Yeah, I made that distinction awhile ago, and fine line or not, it’s a difficult one to get a grip on. Working till the grave- that’s me.

Anyway, I know this isn’t anywhere near my normal blurb length or anything, but that’s honestly all I’ve been up to lately- aside from miscellaneous activities such as trolling the local interwebs, praying that net neutrality does not actually come to pass, paying bills hither thither, and obnoxiously playing music because I need to vent at times. Yep- my inner petulant college student or teenager is coming out again, funny how that happens about every five years after you’re actually in that particular group of humanity. Oh well. I shall speak with you all again sometime (hopefully) soon. Until then, peace.

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