Living in a Post-6/20/14 World

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Pewds Strikes Back

Oh, hello there people. You may be wondering why I’ve summoned you all to this blog this evening… I know that would be the natural reaction to the surprising fact that I am releasing a blog today of all days, however I assure you this is no fluke (I think). I’ve had a sporadic run at best these past two months, and really since the beginning of the year, due to my insanely busy schedule. I honestly haven’t even been in town for most of that time, and even when I have, haven’t been able to make time to blog properly and so therefore haven’t blogged at all- not wanted to diminish my general standard of blog worthiness in any way with last minute updates and crap posted quickly.

Well, to answer your queries regarding your summons, I must simply say that I’ve called you all here- as The Crooked Man inadvertently summoned Bigby Wolf to his abode, in order to witness something marvelous: the return of my less than daily blogs. Now, things may still not be entirely back to normal, and quite possibly main remain this way for a long while, however I hope to no longer abstain for more than a month’s time and leave you all wondering as to my very whereabouts and safety. Not that I don’t appreciate the sentiments.

So, for starters, I’ve decided upon a relatively conservative blog for the evening- think of it as a slightly sweet glass of white wine following a main course meal at a five-star restaurant, a dessert wine of such quality so to say. That is the taste this easily palatable and softly, delicately served blog should leave in your mouth or minds rather as I depart hastily into the shadows as a crooked and shady thief does after a night of heists well wrought and fortunes gratefully earned. Heavy handed metaphors- check. And now we shall rightfully begin!

Tonight’s blog concerns my exploits for the previous two months of time, wherein I found time to produce a few reviews but nothing much more in the way of blogs. I was, however, also able to make some excellent progress on specific manuscripts for some long-term projects of mine (and my buddies) and generally work my behind off as well. Not to mention travel to some cool places doing both recreational and recruiting/working business as well- a win/win if I do say so. I’ve been so caught up in all of this that I’ve only periodically checked up on the video game world in terms of news and this site- as with others (my once bustling blog included) about once a week or so, watching but not saying very much here and there. Thankfully, although the world continually moves on, I’ve not completely lost my way yet.

Despite not being able to share many details, I would like to state that my exploits in the writing of said manuscript have continued well so far. On another note, I got to mess around in several beautiful cities, hang out with some neat people I met or had previously known, and somewhat play games on top of that- finishing up the final episode of The Wolf Among Us and even getting some thoughts squared away for reviews for other games as well. So it was a profitable month I suppose in general, gracefully balancing the general nothingness of the one prior to.

And I was able to carefully select my targets for assassination and make a few notations to myself along the way as to what sorts of future topics to blog about, what series’ I need to actually continue in blogging terms, and generally how to maybe cut down the procrastination to manageable levels as well. You could say I’ll be changing things up just a little bit, hopefully if all goes well. It’s all fair game I suppose, so why not? Anyway, that’s today’s fair little blurb. I know it’s not much more than a drip in the water, but a blog with some words is better seen than no blog with no words that is not. So hey, bite me. Until the next time folks, I wish you all well.

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