A Second Thought: Battlefield 4

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It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done one of these blogs, which I only really ever do in order to talk a little bit more about things I’ve realized after completing my reviews, or to add in some additional, more opinionated content. To be precise, the last ‘Second Thoughts’ piece I wrote was on September 12, 2013 for Outlast- read it here. My review for Battlefield was written on the fourth of November of last year, and can also be found here. Some key notations to bear in mind while reading this blog: the single-player sucked once more to nobody’s great surprise, but was better than BF3’s by far; Battlefield 3 was in fact a better all-around package, although BF4 is close behind it; and BF4 didn’t have as many glitches at the time and sneaked a 9.0 score out of me, which I still stand by for that game, but would marginally change for what exists in its place now.


Point No. 1

Battlefield 4 has some truly impressive multiplayer modes, components, features, and content. Therefore, it is such a shame that very few people can experience all of this grand content and carnage without the plethora of issues still afflicting the game more than six months after its initial release. I, at first, did not share many of the server issues that others railed so heartily against, and enjoyed around three months of uninterrupted bliss with the game. However, when I finally downloaded the first update for the title, I too was struck down and my perception of the once glorified (shortly) title altered. Battlefield 4 is still a wonderful multiplayer game, however it is also an extremely flawed one. Unlike most other people who demonize the hardworking developers over at EA/DICE, I sympathize with them- as I recgonize just how hard it can be to keep up with patches and glitches when they afflict your games, and to control quality as well. I’m sure there is some more stuff they can be doing with the game and further supporting it and improving the experience, but bear in mind they also have to continue to make money- meaning they’ve got others working on new game ideas and churning out other content for older games. As disappointed as you are with what the game has evolved into now, it is still slowly improving back to where it began, and they have faithfully been giving us more content as well. I’m split 50/50 down the middle for support, as I can see both points of view from the development side of things and the gaming community’s side.

Point No. 2

At this point, after a very weak campaign in BF3 and a slightly better one in Battlefield 4 as single-player goes, I’m of the opinion that DICE should either batten down the hatches and just improve the damn experience as a whole or they should axe single-player altogether in favor of an improved cooperative and multiplayer experience. It certainly wouldn’t hurt the game either way. Fewer people player Battlefield for single-player content than do Call of Duty, which while equally short, usually at least has an intriguing basis for story and characters along the way. Never has a Battlefield single-player campaign enthralled me, aside from in the Bad Company series- but seeing as a Bad Company 3 is a longshot for whatever reason, I’m not pinning my hopes and dreams on that right now. But…if they did want to improve the single-player, that would be the way I’d go- release another Bad Company instead of another Battlefield for the time being. After all, BC2 was just as good a game as BF3 and a better one than BF4 for sure. So, the way I would try to go about things would be to craft Battlefield into an experience similar to Titanfall, as it relies already nearly completely on multiplayer anyway, and for added measure you could spend more time on refining the cooperative content to keep at least one campaign, without having to worry about a poor single-player one as well. Those are just some pointers I’d make based upon what I’ve observed as of these past few years.

Point No. 3

The one major good point I have to make out of this blog for Battlefield 4 is that it did definitely incorporate a healthy mixing of modes and a good amount of them as well. I definitely want to see this done in the future, presumably in Hardline I assume seeing as that is the next entry on the plate, and has the opportunity to change things for better or for worse for the series. I’m thinking a lot could work well with cops versus robbers that also works with opposing armies, and even more so- hostage crises, bombs, robberies, and much more. Just think of the possibilities we would have. Sure, it’s not like carrier assault or anything, but they’re all still promising ideas… I’d also love to see how this upcoming series title and the next Rainbow Six title shape up in comparison, as they have somewhat similar approaches it seems- despite one being an action-oriented title and the other a more tactics-based approach. The future truly is now, I guess, even though I would’ve rather let Battlefield have a break for another year or two before releasing yet another title. Oh well, we shall see if it pays off… And that’s my short little ‘second thought’ for the day folks. See you with my next review, sooner rather than later hopefully.

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