Who’s Who that Should be in Arkham Knight? Pt. 3

[Spoilers Abound!]

Hey look! More Villainous Foes!

Another day, another customary ‘Who’s Who?’ for my Arkham Knight series of speculation blogs. Again, I don’t plan on there having to be very much of an introduction here, so let’s go ahead and get this thing started then. As you’re probably expecting now, here are twelve more villains to marvel at that could really put on some whoop-butt for the Bat. Or at least a good side show. Obviously, not all of them would be cut out for the spotlight…yet…

Professor Pyg aka Lazlo Valentin: Several things are certain when the ‘Good Doctor’ is concerned- number one: there is nothing remotely good about this psychotic former chemist, two: he is one of the most truly insane characters in Batman’s large and crazy world, three: it’d be a terrible idea to blow this little piggy’s house down, especially since he’d butcher you for it. Professor Pyg is one of Batman’s newer and darker foes, as he is commonly known- infamously so, for butchering his victims and transforming them into lobotomized, genderless creatures fitted with fleshy masks and done over with odd hairdos. Needless to say, he runs a freakshow and adds to it whenever possible. Oh, and there masks- yeah, those get plastered onto their faces…permanently. Professor Pyg is also another member of the group notably referenced as the Circus of Strange, and although he is technically only a part of Doctor Hurt’s cabal, he is much more outlandish and gruesome than that particular fiendish doctor. Interestingly, which could potentially fit into Arkham Knight’s plot quite well, both Scarecrow and Bane confront Pyg at a later date and effectively force him to join their cause(s) in crime. Interesting and insane thought, no?

Firefly aka Garfield Lynns: A truly intriguing character and a relative newcomer to the Arkham-verse as well, Firefly actually made a recent appearance in Arkham Origins here not quite a year ago. Although that particular battle was relatively short-lived, as Firefly’s jetpack joyride was taken care of with ease from the Bat, I imagine this fight not being so easy and the backstory and build-up this time around being more interesting as well. Ultimately, of course, this will just be one more side battle, as I don’t ever see Firefly being a major villain at all, however, it could make for an interesting side-track path say with arson missions or bombs spread around Gotham to defuse and whatnot. Firefly isn’t too bright at times, however he does have some neat tools and splodey-s at his disposal- namely a large rocket launcher and some flaming grenades. Can’t argue that he’s at least prepared in his homicidal and arsonistic tendencies.

Death Rattle aka Erasmus Rayne: Death Rattle may not be entirely well known at all, however as both a cultist (and a leader of cults) and a serial killer, he has been quite well known indeed. He’s so psychotic that he actually decided to found his own religion and proclaim the amoral and absolutely insane as okay to peruse. Insanely, he also thought he could perform such amazing feats as talking with the dead and being psychic as well. Eventually however, these voices of the “dead” convinced him to murder over fifty members of his congregation of worshipers, and he was captured and sent to Arkham Asylum- coupled with the Great White, Warren White in a cell. What happened next is not very well chronicled, however, for the sake of the Arkham-verse and this particular sequel, we should assume he survived this trial and tribulation.

Doctor Death: Doctor Death is actually one of the very first major supervillains that Batman encountered, and therefore I think it would be quite fitting to incorporate some version of him into what is supposedly Rocksteady’s final bright light in the Arkham-verse main trilogy and overarching series of games. Although now quite a cliched character by today’s standards, Doctor Death is a mad scientist who develops lethal chemical gases and injections, threatens the wealthy and powerful of Gotham, and demands that people pay him tribute money or else suffer the consequences. He is essentially a mad crime boss with an affinity for powerful nerve gases- a dangerous enemy to have. He has even been cast as a black market biological weapons dealer, which could fit more with the plot of Arkham Knight potentially and in the so-called Nolan-verse or realistic side of things for the Bat.

Fright aka Linda Friitawa: Oh boy, this albino medical practitioner has done some pretty gruesome things over the years. In fact, I’d say she more than earns her spot on this particularly gruesome list of Batman villains. Ironically enough, while she was busy helping Scarecrow with some of his experiments she was actually working for the Penguin and plotting against Scarecrow, despite her kind attitude towards the masked maniac. She was supposed to be weakening his toxins instead of strengthening them as he intended, and also corrupting them so that they would turn the Scarecrow into a monstrosity known only as the Scarebeast- whether or not this succeeded varies with different interpretations…

Lock-Up aka Lyle Bolton:Lock-Up is an interesting anti-hero, vigilante turned villain by circumstances. All he ever wanted was to capture the super villains and punks of the world, or at least of Gotham City, but then he started beating the Bat as well. And we all know that’s a big no-no. Lock-Up is an expert at incarceration and torture methods, and is well-known for instilling fear in the villains he captures, as well as often murdering them in heinous ways before they can be freed. He was dismissed from the police academy and several security positions for being too “gung-ho” and abusive to those he was supposed to capture, not harm completely. At one point Batman actually allowed him to lord over Blackgate Penitentiary while the city would otherwise be overrun with mad villains thanks to an earth-shattering quake, but he soon rectified that when given the opportunity. At one time, Lock-Up held Two-Face, Nightwing, Robin, Charaxes, Allergent, Ventriloquist, and Killer Moth in check and imprisoned. Needless to say, he’s memorable for his ruthlessness and imprisoning techniques and cunning- he could be a semi-major player at some point in Arkham City, and an interesting foil to Commissioner Gordon as well.

Flamingo aka Eduardo Flamingo:Flamingo is as fearlessly weird as they come. His get-up would be almost comical and laughably stupid if he weren’t so insane and ruthlessly efficient in his killing of others. If you couldn’t guess, he dresses all in pink, has pink hair, and even rides a pink motorcycle- which he also uses to run people over before eating their faces off, after he murders them…sometimes. If that doesn’t sound bad enough and oddly intimidating, he also totes several different guns and a sword. A sword, yes. On top of the fact that he was lobotomized by the mob and honestly can’t think straight at all, he changes moods crazy fast and is so unpredictable that you never know when he’ll attack- now…or now. In one particular universe (of New Earth) and with one set of Batmen, he nearly killed the Red Hood, Robin, and Batman (Dick Grayson, in this case). I guess you could call him a rip-off artist, if ripping faces off is considered art in that universe… He”d certainly be a dark villain to include in Arkham Knight, and though I think the chances are slim- mainly because it’d be too gritty and a pink motorcycle wouldn’t fit in so well, it could still be done for all we know.

Jane Doe: Another intriguing and very dark persona, Jane is quite literally a cipher- even in her own explanations. She has no real reason to live, so she takes the lives, minds, and bodies of others in order to live their lives out for them. How kind of her! She will obsessively learn the patterns and mannerisms of her victims before killing them and taking their skin and essential body parts (for later use). Her guise is often so convincing that she herself even begins to think of herself as the person whose skin she has acquired, making her a veritable zealot whilst in ‘costume.’ Once, while imprisoned in Arkham Asylum, she took the guise of a psychiatrist and administered evaluations to other inmates there, before attempting to escape. She also tried to murder Warren White and take his flesh- resulting in his frozen features and new moniker as the Great White after a freezer incident.

Onomatopoeia: Little is known about this particular super-villain in terms of features and identity, which he has craftily and carefully concealed over the years in any encounters with the law or other human beings (that are still living, that is). However, what is well-known is that he is a master of mimicry and a serial murderer who commonly targets non-super powered vigilantes and heroes, though is not adverse to taking down the unwary villain as well on occasion. He can imitate any sound from gunshots to leaky faucets and often leads his prey into traps by sounding like friends or rescuers. He is obviously in tip-top shape as he is a martial arts master and expert marksman, carries a plethora of guns- from rifles to handguns, and a common commando knife for close quarters confrontations as well. He could be a really interesting foe in Arkham Knight as a side-boss, where almost like the Killer Croc chase in Asylum, he lures you about and you must stealthily avoid his traps. Rocksteady could also take some creative freedom with his character model as well, on the bright side.

Tally Man: Need I even say it any more? He’s a dark, taxing sort of guy- literally. As a boy he grew up with his family constantly being harassed by the “tally men” or debt collectors of the mob and other criminal undergrounds. After his father’s death, the continued to extort his family for cash, and when they had no more, the boy brutally murdered one debt collector- winding up in jail for his antics. After his release a long while later, he discovered his sister dead and his mother committing suicide, which broke him completely. After a lengthy hiatus, he returns ‘reborn’ as Tally Man- working for the mob to collect debts of human lives, not cash. He twice tried to “collect” on Batman’s debt- but faced down Azrael and Nightwing instead during their stints as the Bat, instead of the Dark Knight himself. Beaten both times and horrendously scarred after some events concerning Two-Face, he hasn’t been seen in some time…but maybe a gritty return in Arkham Knight is just what he needs…

The Wrath aka Elliott Caldwell:Essentially a copycat of Batman himself, this particular villain makes it his goal to take down cops, not villains as the Bat himself has deemed worthy. The Wrath’s parents were “gunned” down by a then young Commissioner Gordon, although he was actually acting in self-defense. It is this similar yet opposite start that makes the man’s story as well as his costume, sidekick, and motive quite similar yet still distorted from Bruce Wayne’s own methods and motives. Later, his sidekick (Elliott) becomes The Wrath, only after the first one dies unfortunately after his fight with Batman during their first major encounter and confrontation. I guess you could say it was just “bat luck” on his part though… Ironically, it is later revealed that The Wrath actually respected and admired Batman and created his costume to model him, seeing the “similarities” in origins they shared (having discovered he was Bruce Wayne). This did not, however, save him from his own folly and death. Imagine if Arkham Knight actually depicts Batman accidentally killing him- as he does in the comics, with a fire bomb deflected and a blast knocking him off the building they’re atop. Maybe we could work Firefly in here and Batman could battle to two villains, ultimately trying yet failing to rescue Wrath before his plummet… Interesting thought.

Zeiss aka Philo Zeiss:Zeiss also has a tragic backstory, as do many heroes and villains of Gotham’s universe and in DC’s universe as a whole. However, it is interestingly enough his current story that is the more intriguing of the two. He is just some normal guy- except for the fact that he has had various cybernetic implants and reflex amplifiers surgically placed in his body and wired to his brain, making him a very formidable combatant and foe for Batman. He totes goggles which can be used to analyze and adapt to any fighting style, has a strengthened spine and fists, and also is a martial arts master. He has been known to relentlessly pursue the Bat on occasion, completely forgetting what he was intending to do in order to fight the man who he has a large vendetta against. He has also been known to fight the Bat to a standstill several times, only losing because Batman has changed his tactics quickly enough to outwit his clever goggles- or even shattered them with batarangs. He’d certainly be a great hand to hand foe to face in a brawler such as Arkham Knight, and a pretty classic boss battle as well…

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