Day One

[My Poetic Exploits Begin…Again…for this Month Anyway… ]


Hey there people, how do you all do?

I just finished watched The Walking Dead Season 4 yesterday, wow- like some cannibal zoo,

or something, I’m not really that sure at this point, but hey- this is a poem, so…

I don’t really know. Seriously I don’t know.


But that’s okay- this is like something from EE Cummings, or maybe a nightmare-

well, same thing really, I guess…prose too? Dang, how quaint, depressing, and… whoops, I need a word to rhyme this easy scheme…erm- Delaware?

Sure, that seems to fit, sure does, that’s it. Okay, now, onto some serious things…um…errr…

I just got a random chill, like some ghost’s in here or something, or my creativity is dying…brrr…


See what I did there? All shaky and messed up? How do you know I didn’t intend that? Hmm? Huh?

You don’t do you? But that’s okay… (Is it?) Maybe I’ll go easy on you today… I mean, duh

I’ve got to keep this up for another twenty-nine days or whatever, so yeah. This is a little daunting right now,

and I just don’t really know how I’m going to keep it all together… Really, how?


But anyway, this short little narrative thing has to come to a close eventually,

so why not give it a sonnet-like makeup? Cool idea, right? I knew you’d understand, I knew you’d see.

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