Speculatation about the Season 4 Finale of TWD

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead!]

Howdy folks. Today’s little ditty is going to be a relatively short one, though it will concern some pretty important issues on hand: namely the final episode of Season 4 of The Walking Dead coming this weekend. As stoked as I am for the finale and seeing the full extent of this season’s conflicts play out (or not), I’m also a little disappointed that I’ll have to wait until this fall to watch the next season. Well, sacrifices have to be made I suppose. Anyway, the following is a short little list of some possible things that I think may be played upon or followed out in this final, upcoming episode, as well as some things I’d love to see. Hopefully the episode calls on not only the television show’s history and cannon, but those of the comics and episodic games as well- cannibalism, creepy towns, overbearing rulers? We shall see. A Negan reveal? Who knows. Anyway, without further ado, here are some things I think may be either hinted at or played out in the forty-five minutes or so of the episode.

Things from Season 4 I’d Like to see Return in Some Way:

1. Beth’s “kidnapping” while separated from Daryl and what’s going on with her now.

2. Rosita calling Eugene a “liar” and finding some other things out.

3. Terminus, duh.

Things from Season 3 I’d be Interested in Seeing:

1. Morgan- yeah, remember him? Wouldn’t that be interesting…

2. The survivors discover that Andrea actually survived her “suicide” and that she is the only person resistant to the virus or whatever causes zombification. (Lol, no.)

Things from Way back When in Season 2:

1. Remember that Randall guy? His group of buddies? Maybe that’s somebody like Joe and the gang, eh? Hmm…

Things from the Comics I’d love to see Make Appearances:

1. “Don’t you get it? We are the Walking Dead!”

2. Rick becomes quite…handy. Or less so. We shall see.

3. Somebody makes baby food of Judith…sad, but it could happen.

4. Cannibals, The Hunters, Gabe- or something along those lines.

5. Eugene’s whole ‘To DC we go’ comes crashing down.

Things from the Game that would be Cool Easter Eggs/References:

1. The St. Johns family and those shenanigans.

2. Kenny. Clem. Lee? Somebody would be cool. We already sort of had Lilly and others.

Well, there you have it- a few things we could see and that I wouldn’t be adverse to getting a little fan-service from. Realistically, I don’t expect many of these to be met, but I’d be pleasantly surprised and a little horrified if we got some human flesh going on a la Hunters meets St. Johns- what with them finding either Beth or whoever tied up somewhere with pieces missing and some morphine. Will tainted meat make a return- who knows? Good night folks, and may the walkers not bite.

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