Holiday Weekend Warrior: Wrek Edition

[As Read on GIO.]

So, I know it’s not like we haven’t had a true Weekend Warrior post or anything, but once more, I decided to do my own for lack of any other swell ideas today, and at least to celebrate (for some of us) the fact that we have an extra day off of work or away from school or whatever else we may be doing come Monday otherwise. So, without further ado, I present to you Holiday Weekend Warrior: Wrek Edition just in time for MLK and a nice continuation of our otherwise almost completed weekend.

Now, let’s look at my plans (for the past two days, and for tomorrow) for the weekend, as well as a few of my poor friends’ plans, who were unlucky enough to be around when I asked them on Friday:

John: It’ll be more of the same for me. Maybe a little dash of writing here and there, as I try to continue frantically with what I’m working with currently in hopes of something actually coming of it. Also, probably a bit more on trying to get some more 1000s on unfinished games, as well as some recreational game playing on the Psg account- CoD, Tomb Raider, or something else, who knows.

Nia: The Secret World, Neverwinter, The Elder Scrolls v: Skyrim, going to see some movies maybe- just some other fun things, it depends. Maybe even nothing at all if I work up to it…

Jen: Sleeping in until later, lunch dates on both Saturday and Sunday, maybe a movie or two one of those days or the next, nostalgic moments in books and gaming- Gears of War 3 and maybe some of Karen Traviss’s Gears book series as well. The Halo book series about Forerunners and Requiem and such, maybe some The Last of Us.

Dom: You really think I’ll be doing anything at all? Well, maybe some Far Cry 3 or something else on my long overdue backlog of games to actually get to. For crying out loud, I haven’t even gotten to Black Ops 2 yet! Isn’t that sad?

Now, that’s our plans, for the most part, so now- tell me, what are yours? Seriously, I’m just dying to know over here… There aren’t enough blogs right now to give me that much of a hint… Anyway, you guys and gals have got to be up to something after all, what with many of us getting an extra day maybe…or two…or none. 😉

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