In the Game

So…let’s talk a little bit about Game of Thrones, shall we? No- not the television show, rather the book series instead- A Song of Ice and Fire. Today’s talk will be a little on the briefer side, but I plan on having several more lengthier blogs on the matter as well. After all, it is a rather large topic to cover… I’ve read all the material to current book number five, and am now awaiting six’s appearance- whenever that may be. I have been re-reading ADwD for the heck of it, but I felt I should share some of my spoiler-laden hopes here for the next title and answers that would be nice to see in it or the seventh, concluding title. So, here they are:

+ Jon Snow- Well?

+ Cersei gets what she deserves- I’d like to see Stannis have her passed about in King’s Landing if he ever gets the throne, but I’d settle for Aegon, Varys, or Dany executing her in private/public as well. Having Littlefinger of Varys kill her would be extremely fitting and ironic, as well as fit with some of Martin’s themes…

+ An instrument able to control Wights and have them fight for you- interesting, no?

+ Arya/Bran/Rickon/Sansa reunited by the end- Braavos is a long ways away…

+ Dany in Westeros.

+ Littlefinger winning the Game of Thrones- come on, that would be the icing on the cake…behind the scenes.

+ More Brienne of Tarth and Jaime actually still surviving and continuing his whole ‘change of heart’ thing- don’t kill him yet; wait till later if you must.

+ Fulfilling the prophecy the witch gave Cersei sometime ago- we all know it’s probably Dany, not Margaery…unless it’s actually Arya- now that’d be a twist…but maybe let’s not have Tommen or Mycella killed…that wouldn’t be nice.

+ Please don’t kill Stannis yet- the battle between the Baratheons and Targaryens for the throne will be epic indeed…forget the Lannisters.

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