Ruining Skyrim Pt. 1

[As Read on GIO.]

Heads Will Roll, Nordic Heads Anyway

In Which I Undertake an Almost Ambitious Blogging Quest

Well, this blogging “quest” will pale in comparison to, and seem quite paltry in regards to Le Destroyer’s 365/365 one, however, I think- to be fair, this is still quite large enough for me, even if it won’t surely be an everyday thing. As you can see, the aforementioned title states that I will be “ruining” Skyrim- meaning of course, like my mostly well-received prior two spoiler series’ (Faith and Killzone), I will be spoiling the story immensely. Now, I haven’t quite sectioned things out yet, but I’ve allowed myself eighty blogs in which to spoil the main questlines and as many side quests as I possibly can. For now, I think that should be enough detail to go into- and you should be thoroughly sickened by the sight of a new ‘Ruining Skyrim” blog by the end of this whole extravaganza. Anyway, I hope you will willingly embark upon this interesting adventure with me, as I plan to cover everything from the College of Winterhold quests to the Dungeon Crawling miscellaneous objectives spread throughout the far reaches of this specific realm. Now, without further ado…let’s begin by talking about just how things are going to go throughout this series- with a brief little prospective outline of how I will try to rigidly set things up to be blogged about each time through.


Main Quests

There are essentially twenty main quests that litter the main story of Skyrim’s gameplay, and as they are such an integral part of the game and therefore this blogging series, I will most likely (even if some are longer/shorter than others) dedicate one specific part of this series to each main quest. Therefore, in no particular selection or order, twenty of these eighty blogs will be regarding the main quests which are as follows:


Before the Storm

Bleak Falls Barrow

Dragon Rising

The Way of the Voice

The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller

A Blade in the Dark

Diplomatic Immunity

A Cornered Rat

Alduin’s Wall

The Throat of the World

Elder Knowledge

Alduin’s Bane

Season Unending

The Fallen


The World-Eater’s Eyrie





Side Quests

I’m not sure as of yet just which side quests and important other quests I plan to include aside from those in the major branching questlines such as the faction quests from the Dark Brotherhood, College of Winterhold, Companions, Thieves Guild, Blades, Bards College, Dawnguard, Imperial Legion, Stormcloaks, and Daedra. However, I will allocate at least thirty spots to these factions, and choose which quests from each hold the most relevance, or perhaps shove a few of the smaller ones into the same blog(s) in order to fit more and more in here, instead of doing a one quest per blog thing as with the main quests. As it is, I will also include the Dragonborn questline and downloadable content in this section as well, as it is relatively important too. Here are some quests that I will definitely need to make sure are in this segment:

Bound Until Death (Dark Brotherhood)

Hail Sithis! (Dark Brotherhood)

Under Saarthal (College)

Revealing the Unseen (College)

The Eye of Magnus (College)

Proving Honor (Companions)

Glory of the Dead (Companions)

Darkness Returns (Thieves Guild)

No Stone Unturned (Thieves Guild)

Beyond Death (Dawnguard)

Destroying the Dawnguard (Dawnguard)

Lost Relic (Dawnguard)

The Jagged Crown (Legion)

Liberation of Skyrim (Stormcloaks)

The Break of Dawn (Daedra)

The Taste of Death (Daedra)

The Mind of Madness (Daedra)


Extraneous Details: Cities, Quests, Objectives, Etc.

Well, for the last thirty sections of the series that I have left, I think I should be able to cover mostly anything I choose- from best places to have homes and sell goods, to the spells and combinations you can use, crafting/forging, battle tactics, locations of important dungeons and equipment, and much, much more. Thirty blogs should be more than enough to dig a little bit deeper into the whole experience, and eighty as a whole series should downright successfully ruin Skyrim for you- which is of course the main goal of this blog series. As with my other spoiler blogs, please refrain from reading any or all of this content if you do not want the experience sullied or spoiled. However, if you’ve already played through or are just dying to find something out you’ve been wondering for a long while now, then by all means feel free to read to your heart’s content. I look forward to a prosperous and large blog series spread out throughout this new year, so let’s see where our adventures take us, shall we? As for this section, I’ll use the thirty blogs to include mostly what follows:


Tips and Tricks


Crafting (Various Ways)

Spells and Shouts

Apparel and Armor

Important Locations



Now, fare thee well with what is left of your break folks, if you’ve had any from work, play, or schooling. You know where to find me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns- so feel free to hit me up as ever! Now, good day and good spirits, until the next time we meet.

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