Top 5 Poison Clouds in Gaming

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An Odd Top List Just in Time for the Holidays

Today’s list contains five of the most volatile, toxic game characters, and some facts about each of them, why they are on this list, or why they even exist at all. I realize that my top ten/other numbered lists have had some odd topics lately, but that is simply due to the fact that I wish to remain original or semi-original in my works. Therefore, enjoy this list as you have the others, and be sure to stay on the lookout for more on the horizon, as I can promise you- there will be more lists where this came from. Now, without further delay, let’s get to this list shall we?


05 | Cloudian- Poison Cloud (Yu-Gi-Oh Series)

The Cloudians are simply yet aptly named, with each having their own specific or particularly malevolent trait, and bringing an interesting punch to combat. While they are many and diverse, and each has different effects, they all stand together in the fact that they are each made up of gaseous substances. Whether they are poisonous such as this one or acidic and stale such as others, these water-based monstrosities have some interesting attack methods and could give chemists everywhere nightmares a la Mission Impossible 2’s Chimera virus. Molecular biology aside however, this particular Cloudian’s effects range from retributive strikes once it is sent to the so-called Graveyard to face-down/face-up side effects. All in all, weak though he is offensively and defensively as points would suggest, this Cloudian is an effective combatant in terms of effects themselves and diversionary tactics.

04 | Cloud (Final Fantasy Series)

I am of course mostly jesting with this addition to the list, and though he lacks much of the poisonous element, I have decided to include Cloud just because of his personality and the fact that his name is half of what this list contains. Anyway, Cloud is a character that is either loved or hated by most Final Fantasy players- usually for good reason, as he can be somewhat of a douchebag at times, and also has his touching moments as well…I suppose. Regardless of how you feel about him, the fact that he wields the Buster Sword makes Cloud one dangerous cloud indeed, so I’d say it’s safe to include him on this list of dangerous clouds anyway.

03 | Gastly (Pokemon Series)

Though Gastly’s evolutionary forms in Haunter and Gengar are quite fearsome and powerful as well, I think Gastly’s Ghost/Poison type really nails the poisonous cloud aspect of this list, and his abilities to utilize that to his advantage only further help as well. This ghastly little fellow has some gnarly abilities that will quite literally make your toes curl up, if you were facing him I’d assume. From his poisonous tackles and grabs to his ghostly seemingly psychic abilities, he can easily rain on your parade given the opportunity- especially since most of your retaliatory attacks will have no effects upon him whatsoever thanks to his Pokemon type. All in all, Gastly’s a nasty little guy, and that earns his tricky little self a spot on this list.

02 | Catching Fire’s Poison Fog (Catching Fire)

Well, I didn’t necessarily limit this to video gaming per se now did I? Therefore, the 75th Annual Hunger Games are more than open to inclusion here as well I’d say… And this nasty little poison fog, while maybe not entirely sentient or anything, definitely deserves its own place on this list. I mean, this fog is responsible for several tributes’ deaths- including the beloved Mags’, and it gives Katniss, Finnick, Peeta, and the others quite a hard time as well. Plus, getting attacked by savage Mandrills directly after coming so close to being disintegrated by a toxic cloud hardly ranks that high on enjoyable days in my opinion, so this guy deserves a shot at this list if anyone does. Panem’s Poison Fog folks- I wouldn’t advise shaking hands with him, as he’s quite the caustic fellow indeed…

01 | Nova 6 Gas (Call of Duty: Black Ops)

Here’s another deadly fellow that you wouldn’t want to run into on a particularly windy day, for more reasons than one. This biological nerve gas has a long and troubled history, though it is used originally by the Soviets in the Call of Duty series, and specifically throughout the course of Black Ops’ single player campaign. Nova 6 is made up of Sulfur, Rhenium, and Neodymium, was originally produced by the Nazis in 1944 for use in V2 rockets, and the experimental V3 rockets as well. Victor Reznov’s part in these things is made clear when his squad is used as test subjects by Dragovich and gassed to death, dying horrendously as a result. From Rebirth Island to Laos, the Soviet Nova gas proved more deadly than its Nazi predecessor, and more stable when being hauled around- making for the ultimate Cold War weapon. Thankfully, Mason was able to put a stop to the sleeper cell planning to use Nova 6 in the United States by recalling the location of a freighter set to send out broadcasts to activate the poison gas, and bombers sent it to the bottom of the ocean.


True, today’s list may be a bit shorter than some of the others I have crafted over the past few weeks, however, it does not contain any less information or helpful insight upon the specific subject in question- poison clouds and cloudy personalities. Therefore, I think I have been at least mostly successful in bringing you yet another fun, informative list, and I hope you have enjoyed this blog. We shall see what I can come up with next…

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