10 Moments You May Have Missed in 2013

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From Games with Some Epic, WTF, or Strange Moments

From Good, Bad, and Even Some Ugly Games

The following ten moments come from some of the video games released this year, though not all of them are from good games per se. My upcoming top ten blog (which was originally going to be this one) will be regarding poison clouds in gaming. However, this one refers to some of the most epic, most surprising, and most interesting moments in video gaming this year, and these moments come from some good games, some bad ones, and a few downright horrible ones. That having been said, I think it’s safe enough to go ahead and move on with these special moments…


10 | Call of Duty Ghosts’ Ending (WTF)

While the rest of the game followed the mostly formulaic approach of Call of Duty singleplayer campaigns, the ending shook things up a bit. After a mano a mano fight in a crashing construct, and the classic slow motion pistol shot ending to the bad guy, we thought it was safe to assume things were done for good and another evil had been stopped. As Hesh and Logan talk things over and watch the rest of the Federation retreat amidst a hail of gunfire and pylons shot from the floating space stations above, Rorke, the good guy turned bad guy you just shot and watched sink into the depths of some very deep water stealthily steals up on you. He doesn’t just kill you though- no, he somehow manages to completely overpower you, break your arm, punch you in the face, kick Hesh in the head , gloat a little bit, and drag you away to fulfill his own nefarious plans. Enter Call of Duty Ghosts 2 material.

09 | DMC- Devil May Cry’s Opening Moments (Interesting)

While there is more to the opening than what follows here, this is the most interesting part of all it seems. So, Dante wakes up after an “eventful” night to find his mobile home and the surrounding area turned very demonic and deadly indeed. What follows is slightly more interesting. A demon pulls Dante’s trailer towards him, forcing Dante to leap through the doorway and back into the trailer- still completely butt naked. What ensues for the next few seconds is memorable and hilarious as well. The camera shows Dante flying by naked, but various objects cover up his nether region as he flies into his clothing and gets dressed before crashing through the back of the trailer fully clothed and really angry that his van has been destroyed. Chalk one up for an entertaining story.

08 | Dead Space 3’s Ending (WHOA)

After a pretty epic boss fight and a thrilling finale for one of the better games of the series- despite what others may think pertaining to horror factor, you’d be expecting an equally awesome ending- and you’d be in for a delightful surprise for sure. This is exactly what nets Dead Space 3 a spot on this here list. Just as it looks like Carver and Isaac are going to fulfill their dying wishes and end the insanity as well as save Earth from untold horrors, the dynamic cooperative duo is swept away into a storm of debris and monsters only to show that more gigantic moon-like creatures are descending upon Earth’s surface and other worlds. I think it’s safe to say that if Visceral is able to make any more games in the series, they are going to be quite larger in scale for sure, as you’ll have an entire world to deal with…again. Oh, also, Isaac’s probably not dead yet, because he finally responds to the comm chatter.

07 | Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Ending (WTF)

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Colonial Marines is a pretty terrible game, however, quality isn’t what earns its ending a spot on this list. In many ways, this ending is slightly nostalgic, bearing the similarities it does to former Alien movies, however- that is beside the point. It gets put on here because of the ending itself, and what ensues. First of all, there’s the Alien Queen and a heroic death on the part of Cruz going out with a large bang. Then there’s a morality segment concerning the machine/android lookalikes and the founder of the Weyland company always with its hands where they shouldn’t be in the Alien universe. Then you’ve got a little bit of brainwashed instigator on the side, and some android playing human as well. Cue a cryptic “We got everything,” in regards to a download, and there’s the grounds for a sequel- which will probably never come due to quality concerns in this one, but will probably still drive people bonkers. Let’s just twist the sword shall we?

06 | Crysis 3’s Ending (WHOA)

I’m a pretty big fan of the Crysis series, for all of its quirks online, and epic story- convoluted though it may be for some. Crysis 3’s ending is no better off or worse than the others, but it certainly goes bigger before it goes home, and I really enjoyed taking part in what is probably the end of an awesome trio of games. Prophet’s been sucked up into space through a portal of sorts, and though he can float around for days before the suit runs out of oxygen, he decides to up the ante and save the human race one more time. What starts off as a recollection of the faces of the men he has witnessed dying throughout the series ends as a hulking ceph monster slowly makes its way through a slip space portal in front of Prophet. Prophet finally comes out of his daze and launches himself through space towards the Crynet satellite, setting up the machine to fire and then launching what is essentially a lightning gun towards the behemoth, destroying it. The resulting explosion sends Prophet plummeting towards Earth, where he lands and it later shows has made a home on some deserted island, where he has tapped into the symbiotics of the suit and programmed it to take on the guise of his former human flesh, thereby looking like himself, though he has essentially been reincarnated through the protagonist of Crysis 2. Now, we flash forward to the Crynet board members running through some safe house, being picked off one by one by some unknown assailant. The assailant turns out to be none other than Psycho, who presumably has therefore survived the ending events against the Alpha Ceph, and has come to exact his revenge upon CELL and Crynet. Cue cut to black.

05 | Tomb Raider (2013)’s Ending (WHOA)

Not much can match the epicness of a reboot finally showing us the origins of the awesome might a character realizes after a long struggle, and Tomb Raider just proves this point with its ending. Lara’s constant drive has been to save her friends, as well as to survive, and this comes to a head at the most climatic portion of the game- following the toppling of the final boss, Big Oni. Battling against someone who is essentially the head scavenger/cannibal guy now, she has her handy bow shot out of her hands, resorts to stabbing him with her pick, steals his gun and- now toting her classic dual pistols, proceeds to shoot him several dozen times. But that’s not nearly all of it- as this has all been in the midst of her friend’s life being sucked from her in order to reincarnate a dead Queen of Storms, Thunder, etc. and Lara still must rescue her. Now Lara and her friend Sam make it back to their group’s boat, where the new raider thinks back upon her hardships and realizes how blind she was. This isn’t near the end though, as it is only the beginning- a new page turned…

04 | The Last of Us’ Ending (Really WHOA)

Well, by this point in the game, we aren’t really sure just how Joel wants to play things, but we can be sure of his feelings for Ellie for sure. As he flees the Firefly lab with Ellie in his arms, Joel runs into an old “acquaintance” in the parking garage, and we watch as things flash forward and backwards as he recounts the continuation of what happened to a groggy Ellie. So much for friends and acquaintances, as Joel just put a bullet through the head of one of his before driving off. Joel and Ellie now walk through an undisturbed forest area and talk about the old days and how things were different, at least from Joel’s view. Then Ellie demands to know just really what happened in the labs, and from the ending’s tone we can agree to differ on conclusions drawn. Truly, what a heartfelt and interesting ending.

03 | Grand Theft Auto V’s Ending(s) (C’MON)

Without going into too terribly much detail, since there are three times the endings in this particular game’s case, GTA V’s endings- while not as climatic as the rest of the game, really have something to say. Whether you choose to kill Trevor and watch as he burns to death before putting a bullet in his head, or throw/fail to save Michael from slipping to his death, or killing the rat that started off the three choices thing in the first place- GTA V’s endings are quite…interesting to say the least. Sure, most of the game’s story has been funny, but all along we knew these three characters weren’t going to be able to live fairly side by side, especially with Michael and Trevor’s pasts as well. So, suffice it to say that no matter which ending you choose- from somewhat lighthearted to downright dark, the ride’s going to be pretty interesting indeed…

02 | Beyond: Two Souls’ Ending(s) (WTF/WHOA)

Well, you wouldn’t necessarily know it unless you played the game quite a few times, but there are in fact eleven endings to Beyond: Two Souls’ gameplay and story, as each ending is essentially tied to the life of a character you have interacted with throughout the story. Without spoiling each individual ending, or going through the subtle differences in some of them, there are three major outcomes to each of the endings- which are divided up into these three segments: Everyone lives, Everyone dies, and Jodie dies. That’s how the die is cast, and whether or not you choose to remain in the Infraworld or return or die is up to you, and with who lives at the end of the game as well. Sure, subtle choices along the way count as well, but these are the main points that matter throughout the game, as is fitting. But, the most interesting portion of all in my opinion, is not necessarily the deep level of effects and interactions you’ve had throughout Jodie’s life and experiences, but the fact that Aiden was there all along due to the fact that he was her stillborn brother and therefore attached in a way to her spiritually, and assisting her ever since. The saddest part may be that, in order to survive, Jodie will lose her brother again- and never be able to interact with him ever again, or feel his presence.

01 | Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Ending (WHOA)

You probably guessed this one would be on here somewhere, from my two blogs concerning the story of the game and how interesting it was to me, especially after its conclusion and sequel assumptions. Well, here it is folks. While this list isn’t really ranked per se, I would put this one very high on it, and as a story goes, number one is pretty deserving as a rank I’d say. Going back through the final mission where you essentially kill everyone that was previously your ally, or rather Kellan’s ally, is pretty interesting, and reminded me almost of 2008’s Prince of Persia where you basically undo everything you’ve built throughout the game in order to bring Elika back to life (spoiler). So, suffice it to say that justifying Kellan’s assumed death by sending a bullet through the warmongering Sinclair’s head felt pretty good, and stealthily taking out his VSA men as well was a worthy stealth experience to rival Splinter Cell’s moments. While this bullet ends one war, inevitably it is most likely too late to prevent the coming one, as I’m pretty sure this cold war is about to heat up whenever the official Killzone 4 comes next. Here’s to hoping we play as Echo or some other Helghast player instead of the Vektans we always have, for originality’s sake if anything else.


Well there you have it folks- my highlights throughout the year, and ten moments of epic or insane (literally) proportions that hopefully you haven’t missed, but probably have for various reasons. Sure, while most games on here are recognizably good or okay, not all are great, so I could understand why you may have shied away from a few- especially Colonial Marines. Regardless, happy holidays folks, and I hope you enjoyed this little blog here.

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