The Top 11 Bows in Recent Video Game History

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Today’s blog is a simple one, and a short one. It stands in the guise of a top ten list, yet adds one more game to the mix as well. These bows are nostalgic, overpowered, excellent weapons of stealth fanatics, and awesome looking in terms of aesthetics as well. For various reasons, they have made this list in differing positions. Now, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to some wonderful games and series’ that also happen to feature some awesome bows as well.

11] Far Cry 3’s Bow

Aiming with Far Cry 3’s bow is simple: just use the two bumper triggers (or on PC, various keys). There are upgrades for the bow as well, ranging from varying sights to fire and explosive arrows to add into your arsenal as well. For the most part, on normal infantrymen and mercenaries, the bow only takes one well-placed hit to kill, however it can also destroy vehicles in two or three explosive hits. When not hunting down bounties or escaping island justice, you can also tackle animal side missions and take down anything from tigers to komodo dragons. Very powerful, and very fun to toy with- Far Cry 3’s bow is a memorable one and a fine tool of destruction.

10] Torque Bow (Gears of War Series)

Few weapons in the Gears of War series can overcome the mighty Torque Bow, which was first introduced in the middle chapters of the first game, shown and wielded by the terrible Theron Knights. The Torque Bow fires explosive bolts, functions sort of like a vertical crossbow, and packs a deadly little punch. In fact, the bow will kill most enemies in one to two well-placed hits, with the exception of bosses such as Berserkers, Brumaks, RAAM, and Corpsers to name a few. It’s easy to feel like a badass when wielding this steampunk near-future bow, and it doesn’t require any upgrades whatsoever to enjoy.

09] Turok’s Bow (Turok Series)

While Turok 2’s Cerebral Bore is undeniably one of the coolest weapons in video game existence, Turok’s bow- specifically the less than stellar 2008 ‘reboot’ version’s, is a well-powered and maintainable tool of the stealth and dino-hunting trade. I mean, this bow can take down space pirates and tyrannosaurus rexs alike. That alone merits a place on this list, even if it doesn’t have enough substance to earn a higher rank on this list. Turok’s bow is a powerful weapon, and one that makes an otherwise slightly enjoyable experience more enjoyable.

08] Bow of Apollo (God of War Series)

Though God of War’s main bow, the Bow of Apollo, hardly classifies as a bow- instead as some sort of monstrosity, it is a very powerful and less utilized implement of Kratos’ arsenal. However, this (literally) Godly bow is a useful tool, and while only really required to use at certain points, is a weapon that has a few extra perks as well. What’s better than a bow that lights itself on fire and launches deadly accurate arrows, eh? Not much, not much…

07] Connor’s Bow (Assassin’s Creed III)

What it lacks in stopping power and range, Connor’s bow makes up for by adding to the half native half anglo assassin’s background, and to his options for stealth and hunting as well. While there are few upgrades to speak of, this simple looking bow will quickly become a part of your character, and will only be passed up in favor of ranged pistols for harder encounters or when you face a larger enemy force. Connor’s bow is simply built, yet performs reasonably well under pressure, and especially well when calmly stalking your unaware prey.

06] Hylilian Bow (Legend of Zelda Series)

The classic Hylilian/Hyrulian Bow has taken many forms over the years, yet all of its incarnations have been loyal to Link in combat and puzzles, and helped to aid him greatly in his adventures. Whether or not you choose to use this efficient tool more often or not in your quests is up to you, but I’ve always found that- especially in recent years, it has performed better and better with each 3D game, and gotten closer to my heart as well. From Ocarina of Time on, the Hylilian Bow makes a mark, truly.

05] Garrett’s Bow (Thief Series)

Few weapons are as resourceful or recognizable as Garrett’s simple bow in the Thief series, however, with its new design and steampunk look in the upcoming 2014 release, it looks more deadly and trickier than ever before. Since the series’s inception, the bow has been an important tool of the master thief’s trade and questing for loot and supernatural puzzling, however, now it seems to be more efficient and handier than ever. From firing water-filled glass orbs to flaming arrows to rope arrows, the bow looks to be the most integral part of the thief’s arsenal.

04] Skyrim’s Plethora of Bows (The Elder Scrolls V)

Sure, previous Elder Scrolls games have featured their own plethora of bows and arrows, but Skyrim has done it the best thus far, and therefore deserves this spot on the list more so than it’s brethren. Skyrim features probably fifty or more bows, and each has its own special properties. Some are epic, some are less so. However, thanks to the better and more working aiming now, and the realistic combat and stealth capabilities the bows bring, they are more deadly than ever- and more than welcome to shoot as many arrows to the knee as they wish. With a physical or even a magically generated bow in your hand, you can be an unstoppable ranger or Dark Brotherhood assassin at your own pace.

03] Bow (The Last of Us)

While Joel and Ellie both use the bow in the game, it only becomes really big after Ellie uses it in a  lengthy scenario later on in the game, hunting and taking out enemies as well. Without spoiling things too much however, The Last of Us’s bow draws its main power from its similar counterpart in Assassin’s Creed III- which is also a natural and yet pretty powerful bow. It is this natural beauty and sheer stopping power that makes the bow a handy addition to your virtual arsenal in this post apocalyptic quest.

02] Prophet’s Bow (Crysis 3)

To this day, I’m not really sure if Prophet’s Predator Bow should count as a bow or a weapon of mass destruction, because this bow is too overpowered to be anything but that. It can fire a healthy array of arrows from normal to electric, and can also be used while completely cloaked- therefore avoiding the issues of firing a non-silenced or even a silenced gun and eventually coming uncloaked as a result. Prophet’s bow is powerful, looks amazing and futuristic as one would expect, and kills like nothing else. Despite its complete trashing of the balancing system, this bow is truly epic.

01] Lara’s Scavenged Bow (Tomb Raider Reboot)

Like some bloodied version of Katniss Everdeen, Lara’s new self stalks out of the woods and brutally takes out guards and deer alike in this gritty action reboot. It’s made all that much better by her calling out to Rambo movies and using a high powered or just scavenged bow. Seeing her bow progress throughout the game from an okay tool to a high-powered killing machine and puzzle busting device is amazing, and a shocking transition. From explosive to zipline arrows, there’s seemingly nothing this bow can’t do.

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