Kill Confirmed Pt. 2

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Killzone Shadow Fall

In Which I Ruin the Story a Little Bit More…

Well, I’ve written my relatively spoiler-free Killzone: Shadow Fall review by now, and I figured it was about time to write some more on the spoiling of the game’s story itself. Now, hopefully this works and that nasty no blogs posted glitch doesn’t come back. Once more, if you haven’t yet played the game or don’t want to ruin the experience while you are playing it, then please refrain from reading this blog. If you have already “gotten your feet wet” so to speak and already read part one, then I suppose you may as well continue reading. If not, but you’d like to read the first part anyhow before reading this one, then you can find it right here. As promised, although greatly set back by this blog glitch thing, my “After-Edition” of my Wolf Among Us spoiler series will be coming before too long hopefully. Now, let’s get this show on the road!


1. Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan is now being interrogated by Helghast and Anton Saric, the head security of the officer in the “city” of New Helghan. Saric continually taunts the Shadow Marshal by stating that the Vektans are weak and their world is failing. This doesn’t elicit much of a response from Kellan, who drifts in and out of consciousness.

2. Echo- the part-Vektan, part-Helghast crossbreed appears before Kellan when he finally regains consciousness. She tells the Shadow Marshal that she means him no harm, and only seeks to end the war- reiterating that it was not the general populace of the Helghast that were responsible for the terrorist activities in Vekta City- that it was the actions of a few only.

3. As Echo tries to figure out just who was Tyran’s contact on the inside, Kelln informs her that it was in fact Jorhan Stahl- an answer that doesn’t really seem to shock her, and only proves that it was not unknown that the man survived the events of Killzone 3.

4. Kellan momentarily points out that the reason Echo is not surprised at all is because she handed over Doctor Massar to him, and that now, with the bio-weapon in the madman’s power, it will wipe out the Vektans as well as half-breeds like Echo herself.

5. All of a sudden, the Lady Hera Visari arrives with an armed escort- rather, several of them, and scolds Echo for her rash actions, to which Echo retaliates by accusing her of working with Jorhan Stahl. Visari only confirms this, to which Echo inadvertently responds by revealing that the Lady Visari is her mother- thus insulting the woman.

6. For players that search the area properly enough, a dossier containing sensitive information about an operative known as “Maya Visari” can be found in the next level of the campaign. As it turns out, this “Maya Visari” is in fact the half-breed operative known only as Echo.

7. Flashing back to the current time however, Lady Visari orders her armed guards to take Echo ‘somewhere safe”- meaning away from where she can do any harm or help the prisoner at all, and Echo begs her to rethink that decision and to stop. Anton Saric reenters the room and Visari contemplates the irony that the Vektans and Helghast were once part of the same race, yet they strode two different paths and now one is the enemy.

8. As the Lady Visari makes to stride out of the room, she turns to Anton Saric, telling him to keep Kellan alive. Her reasons for this, while mysterious, may yet be justified or explained later on… Maybe they just need him for information after all, because everyone knows information is power, especially in the midst of a cold war.

9. Later on, Kellan awakens in his cell in the middle of the night to hear an unfamiliar voice telling him that it is time he escaped. This unknown ally helps to disable various security posts and equipment as Kellan makes his way through the underground compound, and helps to warn the Shadow Marshal of approaching security guards as well. If any guards do happen to catch sight of the Marshal, the ally then takes them down before they can raise the alarm.

10. Suddenly, Kellan is corned by several guards, who stat to advance menacingly towards him. As they near, Echo drops from a ceiling grate and dispatches them easily, simultaneously helping him and revealing herself to be his helper.

11. The duo makes their way to the surface, and while en route, Kellan inquires about Echo’s half-breed origins, stating that the Lady Visari seems to be more interested in war than any Vektan he has ever met. Echo replies that she, as well as Visari, in their fights, would only be defending their homes, and that in her case (Echo) no more innocent lives would need to be taken.

12. Once the duo reaches the surface, they decide to split up- with Lucas on the ground and Echo providing support from the rooftops via a high powered sniper rifle she is deadly efficient with. Kellan fights his way through the city slums, seeing the results of Helghast deportations- with numerous dead lining the streets from the senseless brutality of the soldiers.

13. Later on, Echo asks Kellan if he will tell the Vektans to stand down because of what he has witnessed, and the horrors and brutality that the Helghast have had to endure as well. He states that the Vektans just want “justice” and that they are not concerned with the truth, because they already blame the Helghast and that is enough. They just needed a face to put to an enemy.

14. Echo then reminds Kellan that the Vektans have never had to face total annihilation, and that the Helghast have had to do so- and push on regardless of that annihilation coming to be a reality and decimating their entire home world as a result. Eventually however, after many philosophical moments, the duo makes their way to the security center they were heading for and succeed in disabling it.

15. After having witnessed enough Helghast suffering, Kellan promises Echo that he will ask the Vektans to stand down, and then he rides a special drone piloted remotely by Echo over The Wall, to the Vektan side. As he lands and makes his way into VSA hands, he demands to then see his former mentor, Sinclair.

16. As promised, Kellan makes his way to Sinclair with the revelations that he has witnessed, telling the man that they should stand down before things heat up any further. Sinclair is outraged, stating that the Helghast, The Black Hand, Visari, and Stahl are all the same and that there is “no difference” between any of them in his view, because they all mean to destroy the Vektans.

17. Despite his anger with Kellan, Sinclair tells him that they have intercepted Black Hand intelligence, and that the VSA has discovered massive mining spires above the planet Helghan, which now lies in ruins. Kellan is tasked with infiltrating the main spire and finding Doctor Massar and the bio-weapon she helped to produce.

18. Once inside the mining spire, Kellan freefalls down the main shaft towards the station’s mainframe and the Doctor’s lab. After fighting a number of Helghast, he arrives at the laboratory but finds only Massar, who informs him that thee weapon is with Stahl being prepped for the “final test.”

19. Sinclair orders Kellan to escort Massar to one of the secondary spires, where they will join up with the ISA fleet waiting to retake the bio-weapon. Kellan proceeds to follow his orders, protecting the doctor from numerous security drones coming from the spire, and meeting with the ISA team sent to extract them.

20. Suddenly however, they find themselves in a massive firefight as many more Helghast soldiers arrive, and the ISA men are eventually able to push the Helghast back after an extended engagement. Just as they are prepping to leave the station, Echo arrives in order to fulfill her assignment of killing Massar. Despite Sinclair’s orders to kill her, Kellan orders the ISA soldier guarding the woman to stand down.

21. The ISA soldier refuses to stand down, so Echo kills both the soldier and the doctor. This results in Sinclair coldly telling Kellan that his safety is no longer ‘guaranteed” and that he has condemned himself because of his assistance in allowing Echo to fulfill her mission’s parameters. Now, Echo and Kellan team up- following a dropship into Helghan’s atmosphere.

22.As the dynamic duo descends over Helghan, following the dropship they spotted earlier, Kellan witnesses the effects of the Terracide- pockets of leftover Petrusite that have created gravitational shifts throughout the planet as a result of the actions in Killzone 3. These pockets have caused massive portions of land, as well as the planet’s core, to destabilize and have resulted in a desolate landscape wracked with earthquakes.

23. As the two freefall through the hellish world, they see that the dropship has crashed, and they make landfall on top of a sideways facing building. As the two meet up after their impact, Echo states that she did what had to be done, and that Vekta cannot meet the same fate as Helghan, because then she will have lost two homes.

24. The two split up, using gravity wells to navigate the dangerous terrain and destroying various Helghast security drones and droids littering the landscape now. Eventually however, Kelland and Echo meet back up at the crash site, and discover that Tyran is in fact still alive, and holed up in a base by the side of the canyons nearby. Echo tells Kellan that the bio-weapon should be the priority, and that it cannot be used under any circumstances. Kellan states that hopefully it won’t “come to that.”

25. The duo makes their way into the canyon-side base, discovering a massive fleet of ships in dry-docks, revealing that Jorhan Stahl has in fact anticipated the arrival of the ISA and these two operatives in particular. Kellan tries to warn Sinclair of the impending threat, but doesn’t get a response.

26. As they finally make their way to the security control tower, Echo attempts to reveal the location of the bio-weapon while Kellan engages a massive Helghast force lead personally by Tyran. Eventually, Tyran joins in when most of his forces have been destroyed, and serves as a boss encounter of sorts- similar to the shield generator one on the prison ship in Mass Effect 2.

27. Having incapacitated Tyran, Kellan and Echo demand how to stop the bio-weapon from devastating the Vektan world. Tyran states that New Helghan was a ‘fantasy” created by cowards and traitors, and that an invasion would “cost you everything.” Echo states that that may be so, but Tyran will never know, promptly before she executes him.

28. Finally, Kellen gets through to Sinclair, telling him that it is impossible to win the battle and that the bio-weapon will devastate the ISA fleet. Sinclair dismisses Kellan’s words, thinking he is not to be trusted because he has consorted with the enemy (Echo), and has lost his way thanks to her influence. The assault is therefore to proceed as planned.

29. Kellen and Echo frantically move towards Tyran’s downed dropship, Echo remarking that it is ironic that they are now both outcasts- for much the same reason, but that it isn’t a bad thing to have in common during a war.

30. As their dropship rises, so does Stahl’s fleet. When they reach the surface of Helghan, they witness the ISA beginning their fatal assault on Stahl’s base. Stahl activates Massar’s bio-weapon and a red cloud of radiation engulfs all of the ISA ships, which then plummet down to the surface of the world, leaving the Helghast ships intact and unharmed.

31. Echo suddenly loses control of the dropship and Kellan falls into a massive gravity well beneath Stahl’s base, losing communications with Echo and everybody else. Floating up, Kellan enters the base as the Helghast fleet prepares for an all out assault upon Vekta City. Kellan reaches the base’s war room and is greeted by many heavily armored Helghast soldiers, resulting in a long, drawn out firefight.

32. Once Kellan finally takes out all of the soldiers, he makes his way onwards towards Stahl’s last known location. Stahl congratulates Kellan over the intercom for making it so far and states that the Vektans in general “lack a belief that truly unites them,” unlike the Helghast  and that Kellan is rare in his determination. By killing Stahl, he (Kellan) will only delay the inevitable.

33. Kellan finally reaches Stahl however, tied to a life-support system due to advanced aging and Petrusite exposure, who claims that the Terracide only happened because the weak had to be destroyed and that it is Vekta’s turn to ‘share that fate.”

34. Suddenly, there is a gunshot from behind Kellan, and he turns to see Sinclair who then proceeds to shoot Kellan as well, having already killed Stahl. Sinclair announces that he is saddened that of all people, Kellan would be the one who lost his trust, and that, as long as the Helghast exist, Vekta will be threatened.

35. With the newly acquired biological weapon, the threat can be ended however- forever, according to Sinclair. He proceeds to apologize that he couldn’t be the person to protect Kellan as he promised to his father, Michael, and then shoots him once more- this time finally killing him. Now the credits come rolling in…

36. But…it’s not all over yet- far from it in fact, as the story would suggest, and as the game goes to show us after the credits. In fact, it’s far from over, as a new conflict is just beginning- whether we want it to or not. The second war has started, picking up barely where the last one ended…

37. The credits unfold to show the player- who is now obviously a Helghast operative, seeing as Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan met his untimely and undeserved demise at the hands of his trusted, misguided mentor, Shadow Marshal Sinclair. The operative infiltrates Vekta City, where Sinclair can be heard giving a rousing speech in the abckground.

38. Sinclair’s speech calls for war on the Helghast, noting that they must “finally be eradicated” if the Vektans are going to be able to live in peace, and that the two species- though once the same race, can no longer “coexist together” in the same area or even in close proximity. Therefore, it would be easiest and just best to wipe them out before they “wipe us out.”

39. The operative fights through dozens of ISA and VSA personnel, finally coming to a well-positioned perch facing the now rebuilt VSA Headquarters, where Sinclair can be seen giving his speech. Pulling out a sniper rifle, the operative takes a deep breath, lining up a shot with Sinclair in the crosshairs. You can then hear the operative whisper, “For Kellan…” in a voice obviously belonging to Echo, before pulling the trigger. The screen fades for the last times right before the bullet is about to hit Sinclair’s head.

40. And thus ends Killzone: Shadow Fall’s excellently crafted futuristic cold war story- with some confusion on each side, yet a perfectly clear final shot to end a war before it officially begins. However, it is as of yet unclear if this will end the war or only martyr the twisted viewpoints of Shadow Marshal Sinclair. It would be interesting to see the Helghast as the actual “good” guys in the next game, or at least to play as Echo- seeing as there aren’t really many good guys in this conflict at all. Shadow Fall is more like Game of Thrones in this aspect than anything else… Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this spoiler blog, and good night folks.

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