Fallout 4 … Theoretically

[As Originally Posted June 01, 2013.]

Yes, this post was originally put up on this particular site, and others, quite a while ago indeed- several months in fact. However, in light of recent announcements, suspicions, and promises- I’ve decided to repost it as well, mainly to serve as a testament that I correctly guessed something right- should Bethesda announce the location(s) they plan to visit in their next Fallout title. If it really is one of these places, I’d be pleasantly surprised- but I’m an open minded individual, so… I could care less! Anyway, without further ado…your feature content…


Aka- Theoretical Vistas that Bethesda’s Inevitable Sequel Should Consider Adopting



The following three locales are places that Fallout 4 could, and should go to in the future, when the game is (hopefully) released. Each of these places is interesting in their own right, and could really be something else entirely, adapting to the ever-growing console markets, and enriching the formulas established by Bethesda/Obsidian with 3 and New Vegas. Please, feel free to comment on any or all of my selections, and to give me feedback or even add your own opinions as to where the series could or should visit, if not with 4, then in another sequel (maybe New Vegas 2?). Enjoy the blog folks.




Area 1:


America, When the Bombs Dropped



How cool would it be to go back in time to before the nuclear holocaust hitting the Americas occurred? How much cooler would it be to go back in time to when that was actually happening? Fallout 4 should definitely consider going back to this time period, as much as for a story purpose as for a nostalgic one. Ever since Fallout 1, we’ve heard about what happened to precipitate the following nuclear holocaust, but do we really know the true story? Perhaps it actually occurred as some conspiracy, later blamed on the Chinese. Maybe the US Government bombed its own country in some odd attempt to glorify itself and regain the trust of the people, but it all went wrong. Anything could’ve happened, and Fallout 4 could follow any number of individuals as that story is told. Maybe it could take place in two of the vistas we’ve already experienced time in- the Capitol Area, or the Vegas Strip. Either could be equally interesting, but I personally think the Vegas Strip would be a more interesting thought, and we could possibly follow the story of Robert House (aka Mr. House) as he defends the Strip from the nuclear attack, and somewhat saves that area from utter annihilation along with the Nevadan trope. Or perhaps we could go to the Capitol, and follow an unnamed or relatively unmentioned character in the aftermath of the holocaust, or within the vault system- right after they were shut for what was supposed to be forever. Perhaps, metro style, some rangers or soldiers could venture out of their vault- or be forced out if it were broken, and explore the now desolate landscape for materials whilst keeping an eye on their air supply and for the strange, irradiated creatures now roaming about. Would that not be neat? The name could be Fallout 4, a Fallout prequel called something like Fallout: Infamy, Beginning of the End, or something else, or even something new entirely such as Fallout: Washington, etc. Interesting, no?




Area 2:


Alaska, or Colorado, or Another Snowy Place



So, we’ve seen a tad bit of snow before in the Fallout series, with the Operation Anchorage DLC from Fallout 3, and the small mountainous areas of New Vegas that the Super Mutants inhabit, so the white substance cannot be entirely out of the question. We could have a true nuclear winter, whether in some random place or in Alaska, but during the apocalypse instead of a simulation before it. Alaska is an interesting choice, because it will be a lot different looking and feeling than before the bombs fell, I bet. A whole host of new creatures could be introduced as adversaries as well, ranging from irradiated and crazed wolves and bears to frozen ghouls that can temporarily stop you cold…literally. There could be crazy snowshoe hares a la the New Vegas crows, basically sitting around for free +1 XP, and serving as simple life to spruce up the dead world. There could be fast travel locations that are on trade routes explored by bobsleds and parka-clad caravan traders. The options are nearly infinite and limitless, and it could all be so fresh as well, adding snow for the first time in the entirety of the landscape. How cool would such a simple aesthetic be? In hardcore mode, now you would not only have to deal with water levels, food and energy, and rest, but also warmth and limb strength against frostbite. What a challenge that would add… On the flip side, if it traveled to somewhere else such as say, the Rockies in Colorado, or maybe somewhere such as Olympia, Washington, but that has had weird changes in the climates that lead to a nuclear winter all year round where it once didn’t snow too much, then that could be quite intriguing. Along with the snow could come rain, and dynamic melting system that could present environmental hazards such as falling ice, sinkholes, etc. and so much more. Serious Bethesda, you should look into this. Swimming would certainly not be a viable method of travel this time around either, and not just because of rads…you’d freeze within minutes most likely. No Volare! quest for this game…




Area 3:


Out of this World, or Country, Rather



I have had no complaint about the American places that the Fallout series has visited thus far, but let me ask you one thing- how cool would it be to explore a castle, or a loch, or ancient ruins? Well, these things could only be done out of North America, so that presents a small problem at the moment. But what if it didn’t? What if Fallout 4 took place in China, who probably received a retaliatory strike from the US after the initial bombing? Or maybe European locales, such as London, Paris, or Madrid? Maybe a nuclear cloud inevitably engulfed the whole entire planet, or a system of alliances a la WWII involved everyone once more, and no country was safe from the missiles that served as harbingers of destruction and death. Fallout 4 could take place in so many countries all over the world, each with their own reasons to convince Bethesda to choose them. Monuments, famous locations, and currently well-known attractions only being a few of them. Imagine visiting a post-apocalyptic Rio de Janeiro, New Paris’s Eiffel Tower, or Big Ben’s decrepit and collapsing structure in London. How epic would that be? Maybe they could even include the whole of Europe in one game, allowing players to use some sort of ferry system a la Point Lookout to travel from place to place across one gigantic wasteland, the likes of which never before experienced. Would that not be incredibly impressive, and offer so much content that the sheer possibilities would be nigh on endless? A win-win, right? Imagine the engrossing role-playing adventure before you, then. Fallout 4: Europe, or Fallout 4, or whatever it would be called- visiting anywhere else in the world could bring about an entirely new experience and certainly reinvigorate the series even more, as if it needed it anyway with its popularity. Since the next generation is coming, it’s time for the series to branch out even more, and truly make a mark to last for eternity, or at least until the next console apocalypse…




Those are my thoughts on three incredible places or areas that the next Fallout game could visit, but of course, that is entirely up to Bethesda at this point. Wherever they choose to go, I am sure it will be incredibly detailed and exciting. Now, I’d like to hear some of your thoughts if you’d be willing to provide them, so be sure to leave me some feedback and comments here. Thanks again folks, and adieu.

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