The first Finale Pt. 6

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The Wolf Among Us

In Which I Completely Ruin the First Episode…for the Final Time

Well, howdy there folks. I guess this is it- the final time I can ruin the first episode of The Wolf Among Us, for those of you that played or haven’t played it. If you are reading this and did not start at the first blog, then I must warn you away. At least start here. If I cannot dissuade you however, and you are truly so intently focused on reading this and spoiling your game’s runthrough- then by all means, read away. This will be the last time I warn you of spoilers- at least for this particular game, and until the next episode in the series releases. I do believe the next one is called “Smoke and Mirrors” if I remember correctly… Should be interesting enough, especially after the final events of this episode- which I will recount to you in this here blog. I suppose you’re wanting me to get on with it, so without further ado…let us finish this.


(Played through based on the Tweedle pathway, not the Woodsman one- for time constraints.)

1. Epic slow-motion scene where you are forced to choose between two equally seeming guilty parties! Let the pausing of games ensue!

2. Tweedle, I choose you!

3. Wow- that was rather anti-climatic after all. You sure I wasn’t fast enough to catch both of them? I mean, they both tripped or bumped into stuff, and Tweedle is pretty fat, so I could’ve easily run him down later if need be… Oh well. Guess we just have to live with our choices then…

4. Also, didn’t the Woodsman just head out the door to the employees only restroom? Is there an exit out that way, or is he just cowering in fear in the bathroom? If so, couldn’t we just go back and get him anyway? Umm…okay.

5. Arrested person proclaiming their innocence loudly and sheriff character stating that they “have nothing to worry about” if they actually are innocent cliche. Plus one for Tweedle.

6. He still has an awful lot of blood on him. You mean he didn’t even try to clean up at all between the several hours or minutes or whatever it took for him to make his way from beating up Bigby to the bar? Also, wouldn’t he still have something to worry about considering he took half credit in part of beating up Bigby earlier? Isn’t that like grounds for at least some assault charges or something? Come on, seriously? You really have nothing to worry about? Sure doesn’t seem like that to me…

7. …And he’s picking the lock on his handcuffs- great. Now I’m going to have to chase this guy down again. Obviously he’s guilty of at least something if he’s always so eager to get away, or he just really doesn’t like jail or interrogations or something.

8. Police lights and stuff- oh noes. I wonder what has happened now…

9. Second reference to the witching Well in one portion of the episode? Hmm…seems like one too many to be a coincidence to me. Also, tying Tweedle to a lamp post a la Spider/Batman, eh? I am intrigued…

10. Pretty sure at this point that telling him not to go anywhere isn’t really going to do much good, and that he’ll just run off anyways when he feels like it- if you aren’t back in time. Yeah- don’t think that’s really going to work very well…

11. Hey…isn’t that the tenement place where Bigby and a lot of other fables live? It is, isn’t it? I wonder what crap’s gone down there now… And it must be something serious if the actual cops are involved… Also- that could provide quite a wrinkle for Bigby’s investigative work in the future, assuming this business here relates to it in any way at all.

12. Policemen somehow don’t notice witnesses approaching at all. Just how bad are these guys? If Bigby was a serial killer or something, he totally could’ve just crept up on these guys and taken them out right now without anybody noticing. Rookies.

13. And now one walks off too? Wow. Way to go with the buddy system there guys.

14. Cue Beast running up to see what all the commotion is about. See- he obviously isn’t as stealthy as the wolf guy over here… foolish beasty guy…

15. And now the other cop leaves too, so of course Bigby just decides to waltz right on in. It’s just too good to resist I guess… Hasn’t he ever heard the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat?’ I’m pretty sure that could be applied to wolves as well…just saying.

16. Now this poor *** notices him. Classic.

17. Cue rookie cop throwing up or about to blow chunks all over the place. Cliche murder investigation clues. Plus one point to random barfbag cop guy. Also- foreshadowing there.

18. Ultra slow-motion as people finally actually realize Bigby is there. Yet nobody really does anything to stop him. They stop Beast, but not this guy? Um- okay, whatever.

19. Oh- now that cop guy runs towards Bigby, okay. How is it that Bigby is walking in slow motion and yet that guy is still running slower than he is? That seems to be logically impossible, but I’ll let it slide for now… Can’t blame Telltale for wanting to build tension. I’ll bet they’re making us think that Beauty or somebody was killed if this is one of those serial murders again with the whole head thing. Interesting.

20. And it slowly pans in to show a cop’s shoulder blocking…

21. SNOW’S DECAPITATED HEAD?!!!!!!!!?!!!?!??!??!!!!!???!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!?!?!?!

22. fhsdalfuehrhfdjkfhgkjreuhgjadfhgjkehrugh

23. gjdsheugfbvvlxhvhuerigyruitidj

24. ryyeriibcvlshgi

25. ghgflg

26. tututo

27. …..

28. ….




32. WHAT?!!!!!!?!!!

33. You mean we sort of just started to bond with this character and Bibgy was kind of warming up to her some more and she was kind of warming up to him some more and then you-

34. You-

35. You killed her off already in episode one?!

36. Telltale!!!!!!!!!!!

37. Come on!

38. I thought that some characters would at least be kind of safe since this wasn’t a Walking Dead game. I guess I was wrong. You guys are pretty good at this dramatic stuff aren’t you? Dang. Killing a pretty major character already? I’m impressed- and sort of sickened as well. Wow.

39. Well, anyway… after that shocker… I guess it’s onto the end credits and the ‘what comes next’ montage… Wow. Anyway… Dang…

40. Next time on… Opening with Bigby talking about how close he and Snow were… Zooming in on her nameplate at her desk… Staring intently at her empty chair… Knocking said chair over in anger…

41. Pan out to interrogating Tweedle Dee Liam Neeson in Taken 1 style, in some dark, one light lit, dank room, as he is tied to some boards… Bigby makes threatening fist gestures at the twin…

42. Pan out to Bigby theorizing about this new serial killer on the loose… Different characters’ reactions to this statement- Holly the trollish lady, Ichabod Crane, etcetera…

43. Ichadbod Crane talks about you not capturing the Woodsman, and the fact that he is still roaming about and could be the murderer himself or at least a bully… Theorizing that the serial killer is indeed a fable as well… Damage control… Threatening to replace Bigby if need be…

44. Pan out to a nightclub place where Bigby is presumably looking for Beauty to question her or do something else… Maybe they have some sort of troubled past as well… Beast comes to the same place and confronts Bigby… Accuses Bigby of hiding something or not saying something… Beauty thanks him for covering for her and not saying anything- about her leaving that one time or about something else…?

45. Pan out to some random gang banger looking guy talking about threatening people- Bigby, or somebody else? Change abruptly to Bigby holding Ichabod Crane over what is presumably the witching Well, asking him ‘What did you do?!’ repeatedly over and over… The mirror on the wall, which is actually not on the wall anymore, gives the prophetic line of “Friend on friend, at the end of the end…”

46. Cut to Bigby and Beast trading blows and going at it mano a mano in some back alley, presumably after Beast’s questioning of the former… Somebody asks a hulking, shadowy figure if it is Bigby, and it turns around, showing it’s ears, claws, and yellow eyes. Looks more like a gargoyle to me, but… Cut to black.

47. On-screen pop up for episode two “Smoke and Mirrors” before fading into the choices you made on your playthrough of the first episode. Giving Faith money… Telling Beast the truth about Beauty… Helping Toad or Lawrence first… What the outcome was of your encounter with Lawrence… Primary suspect in your investigation… Who you arrested near the end…

48. Thus ends the first episode of Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us. I hope you have enjoyed my completely spoiling blogs concerning the topic, and will look forward to the special next part I plan on doing regarding my thoughts and the other choices to be made during the episode that affect the end as well. Thanks for reading!

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