Five Quirky Things that Make Me a Better Person…or Not

Hey there folks. Very rarely do I ever simply do a blog on my own home site here, which strikes me as ironic, considering this is supposed to be my home turf- my blogging sanctuary for others to come and desecrate as they see fit, but for me to clean up and continue trucking on. Normally, I try my freelance wares on IGN and Game Informer, and tread water as best as I can with my mundane, ever day job of video game analysis and indie story writing and consulting, and balancing the time for my passion of writing on the side for various other reasons. I feel as if this is maybe coming a little too late and with too little substance, but I will write it anyway. Those few of you who read this occasionally- all two-hundred and something of you, probably have at least managed to glean somewhat of what sort of fellow I am, but be readily quick to admit my character to those of you new here as well. I am not a hipster- at least I don’t think so…unless being pretty normal makes you one nowadays. I am a man with somewhat of a plan, and I like where I am going so far. I’ve been successful and I’ve been a failure- not often at the same time, thankfully. I am happy and busy working where I am now, although it barely gets the bills paid at times- what few I’ve got left to get rid of later that is ha ha. Jokes aside, I’m living the dream I’ve had for a while, and it’s mostly all thanks to my nature. So, for the first time in a long while, I’m going to simply talk about me- not just games and writing an other things I enjoy.

As the title suggests, I’ve got some quirks of my own- as we all inevitably discover, and I’m willing to share some of the quirkiest and most mundane and funny ones with you guys, simply for the sake of being a human being with a relatively good nature. That, and I’ve got nothing better to do. Sure, this might be more of a joking blog in my downtime, but I assure you- I’m being completely earnest and opening up to you guys just because I feel like it, and I feel that those of us in the writing industry- professions and amateurs alike simple don’t do enough of that nearly as often as we should. I’m going to be down to earth because that’s just how I am, and for once, forgo the majority of the flowing penmanship and scripture that I normally preach. So, without further ado- allow me to introduce you to five of my quirkiest thoughts and character aspects- from the simplest of preferences to the philosophies off the deeper end. I assure you, I won’t let politics or policies stand between us, and won’t ruin whatever it is that this online subscription and ensuing writing has brought about. If it can be called a distant friendship of sorts, than let it be known as that- but I am pretty stumped as to what it would otherwise be referred to, other than an impersonal yet considerate sharing of ideas and ideals… Now, to the main point of this post!

01. I enjoy Coke flat, bubbly, still, fizzy, or however you want to serve it to me- hot, cold, you name it.

Hey, call me crazy, but I like my Coke- and even Pepsi, however you’re willing to serve it to me. So long as it doesn’t have any unpleasant lasting effects such as food or drink poisoning, or a rumbly tummy, I’m game and I’ll be your chum…assuming you come bearing the gift of Coca Cola that is. I can stomach the syrupy taste of this nectar-like ambrosia any day, and even several days after being left open in the fridge. I might not do this on purpose, but I’ve always lived by the mentality of “waste not”, so… yep, that’s probably a little quirky for some people. Plus, I felt I’d start off simple and work my way up in terms of quirkiness anyhow.

02. I’ve been noted to be quite unconventional at times, as I can writ what I feel, and yet still have decidedly more friendships or at least mutually respectable relationships than enemies. Unless, of course, I have some arch nemesis out there somewhere plotting my downfall… Otherwise, I’m pretty well off, and perfectly fine for it.

Now, I’m not necessarily if this makes me any more or less quirky or not, but I felt it was a fair thing to point out here if anything else. I’m proud of my “winning” streak, and the fact that I can bring my true, honest to goodness thoughts to a vast array of people with greatly varying beliefs, and not be called a Judas or a false prophet by any of them- at least to my face anyway. I’m not saying I haven’t pissed people off- in fact, I’m sure I have numerous times, but the fact that we can diplomatically put aside our differences and listen at least somewhat openly to writings about games, books, or whatever else, is quite amazing. This might not be all on my part, but I’m pretty sure it goes against the human grain of being war-like and self-concerned, so it must be a quirky trait inherently visible in a lot of us at some point or another. Maybe I’m just an alien or something, but I like that unconventionality.

03. I am somewhat of a grammar Nazi, although most of my friends and acquaintances would never know it or expect it.

I almost always notice when I, myself, have made a grammatical error, or when someone else does. However, the reason that not everyone around me notices this particularly annoying habitual trait is simple: I am not one of those people who make a big stink about it. I note that somebody made a mistake, and then I carry on, without letting that itching feeling get to me and the similarly OCD-like feeling get the better of me and force me to point it out. I like to think that, when I note mistakes in my own writing and in others’ that no one else has noticed, I am doing the world a favor by not being an ass about it. So, normally, while I fix my own mistakes occasionally, I will just leave other ones as they are so as to not arouse suspicion and unveil my hidden grammatically inclined nature. What can i say? It’s a strange way of covering it, I know. But then again, we writers or wannabes live to make up our own rules occasionally as well.

04. Paranoia. I’m not one of those quirky fellows such as Foley in the Artemis Fowl series who waltzes about with a tinfoil hat on so as to deflect the probing rays of aliens and other brilliant minds, yet I do note, as with my previous quirky trait, things that make me suspicious and paranoid. I don’t let my paranoia get the best of me, but I note things that don’t add up or could be considerably conspiratorial when they appear.

I could tell you seven different theories that I have about the Kennedy assassination, and that’s not me just being some conspiratorial freakazoid there. Using factual information, I can almost always poke a hole in somebody’s theory or so-called plan, and it simply spawns from my own sense of paranoia that I have at times. For example, from all the literature and films I’ve read and seen, I have experienced a vast amount of circumstances in spy or adventure novels where things go wrong, and therefore can recognize scarily similar situations in real life as well. Generally, yes- I discount these situations as similarities only, and don’t get ruffled over them. However, I still remain alert on the off chance that something were to actually go wrong. After all, I’m a relatively normal and unimportant guy- at least in terms of national security and whatnot, so I have mostly nothing to worry about save freak chance muggings or something. Anyway, an example that perfectly shows my paranoia would be one dark, late night when I was driving home and noted two suspicious motor bikes behind me with two figures clad in completely black regalia on them. They “followed” me for about twenty minutes before turning off to go home or wherever they were heading. Now, I suppose they very well could have been hitmen or something or another, but they weren’t after me, so I’m perfectly content to let them go unquestioned. However, as I have seen plenty of Jason Bourne movies and read the books of other like series’, I immediately was on guard from the moment I noticed them in my rear view mirror. Paranoia has its perks at times.

05. I have the virtual inability to give a perfect score to pretty much anything. The closest I’ve come is awarding the original Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker a perfect ten score on Metacritic simply because it was either that or a nine, and I wanted to give it a nine point five for a score. I have yet to ever award anything a perfect score, mainly because I can almost always find something to harp on that is wrong. I am not being the classic Debbie Downer when I do this either, I just simply note things that are wrong and things that are alright. It’s just how I am.

I’ve come close plenty of times, awarding games and films and other media alike scores of 9.75 out ten total, yet I’ve never been able to take the plunge without guilt and award something a perfect score. This is a matter I’ve talked about plenty of times, in blogs and in person, so I’m pretty well versed in it to be honest. I realize that a perfect score does not mean the item in question is in fact perfect, as many people have misconceptions about- however, I have never felt sure enough that what I see as good deserves that perfect score, and therefore have refrained from giving one. Maybe it’s my own personal insecurity- I don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll manage to one day give that perfect score out… Although at this rate, it’ll probably be another thirty years before I give another. But I guess that’s my final quirky tidbit.

I hope I’ve given you guys sort of a deeper view into my actions and reasoning for some of the things I do, as well as a little glimpse of what’s probably down the road in the future. I know now some of my secrets are out, but oh well- it’s not like i told you I’m Batman or anything, so I believe I can rest relatively safe. In case you all are wondering though, no- I am not a super hero, unless being perfectly normal by most definitions makes me one. Thank you all for your time, and have a fantastic day folks.

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