Taking a Leap of Faith Pt. 1

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The Wolf Among Us

In Which I Completely Ruin the First Episode for You

Before I begin in earnest here, I’ll just let you know that this entire blog is going to be one enormous spoiler, so if you haven’t played the game yet and value your sanity- do not read this at any cost, no matter how tempting it might seem. The first episode was phenomenally done, so don’t ruin it for yourself. Sure, it had a few moments where I pieced things together really quick, or could think of a better way to remedy a situation or to make it darker- but the scenarios that Telltale has created are just as good in every respect. So sit back and watch the words roll by in my now semi-typical numerical fashion… Starting with…


1. Yeah, I decided to watch some Pewdiepie videos to make sure I got the most out of some of the choices he made differently than I… So…yeah, just a warning there.

2. The basis for the narrative is…awesome, and fertile indeed.

3. Also, whoever made the Big Bad Wolf the sheriff was seriously messed up in the head, but then again, Ichabod Crane is in charge too- so yeah…

4. Everything starts with a car ride… Seems familiar, where have I seen that be- oh, that’s right… In Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Ha.

5. Claw marks on the window of the cab. Anyone, anyone? Just me? Okay then.

6. Apparently you can hitch a ride in one of these taxis in New York City for only $400 and make it all the way to the Bahamas. Seems legit.

7. Bigby smokes like trees grow. Aka: A lot.

8. Everything in movies and games that takes place in the Bronx seems to be at night. Also, this is a noir game basically, so… Yeah- cliched right?

9. I can’t read the full letter in his hand.

10. A giant frog appears. Or should I say toad? Wind in the Willows anyone?

11. Frogs can talk, cuss, and use magic vigours and glamours apparently. Yes, spelled the English proper way.

12. If you chose the ‘I’m looking at a three foot toad’ response, then congratulations- your eyesight is okay and therefore so is Bigby’s.

13. A toad refers to other animals as animals. Hmm.

14. These glamours sound just about like every other American product today… Hmm. I guess fables aren’t immune to business and economics either.

15. Bigby can be a Dick. Albeit a funny one.

16. Toad uses the Big Bad Wolf as a threat to make his kids stop complaining. When the wolf is literally up stairs. And he’s not even bad anymore, just a badass. What?

17. And then cusses at his kid too. Parent of the year award anyone?

18. The game has to load just to make it up one flight of stairs, and suddenly it gets really dark at the top.

19. Matches- good, now if Bigby’s lighter runs out, he can always have some handy matches for his cigarette smoking needs.

20. Woman spits blood onto Woodsman’s face, although it is presumably dipping and going towards his chin, it somehow makes it perfectly onto the brow area between his eyes. Physics.

21. Woodsman is also a ***. Although he is drunk, so I suppose he has some excuse, marginally…

22. Reference to Little Red Riding Hood’s tale. And an axe.

23. Bigby calls Woodsman Woody. He he he. Then again, Bigby could essentially be Big B- as in Big Bad and Big Bad Wolf, since his name is Bigby Wolf. Or Big B. Wolf. References ftw.

24. Wolf threatens to put man down.

25. Woody brings up LAST time.

26. Queue epic QTE scene and mass destruction of people, place, and objects.

27. Getting thrown into a couch apparently hurts you enough to take a chunk of health the size of about a quarter of the whole bar, for the purpose of this brawl.

28. Look, a convenient hole in the window through which I could shove you later on. Whoops- spoilers.

29. Woody talks about challenge although he is clearly getting whooped.

30. Throat punch!

31. Broken knee to wall to face combo. This is like Arkham Asylum all over again. Hmm… Who needs Robin when you can have…NightWolf?

32. Somehow stops before stabbing himself on the razor conveniently left by the sink and not noticed this entire time. Go Woody! Move over Buzz, there’s a new cowboy in town…but not  new sheriff, because we’re currently fighting the other one right now.

33. As Woody sits on the bed with ample time to punch back, he sits there and lets you hit him in the face instead. He really is a glutton for punishment I guess.

34. Somehow the sharp end of the bottom of the axe doesn’t stab Woody in the face, and only knocks him out.

35. Assumed prostitute has the gumption to ask for pay after Woody has been beating her and threatening to kill her. Dang.

36. Said axe only breaks jaws apparently. Also, slurred speech he he he.

37. ‘I’m going to make you wait outside’ sounded innocent until we realized what that meant.

38. ‘These lips are sealed’ is probably going to be significant later, considering about three people have said it multiple times by the end of the episode.

39. Funny- a man who is obviously more of a monster than Bigby talks of saving Red from a monster.

40. He DID warn him to be nice, after all. But apparently that wasn’t good enough, so Woody got thrown out the window. And completely missed the car. But that’s okay, because Fables are really, really, really hard to kill. And yet killing one is the entire basis of this story, ironically enough.

41. Lamp posts suck. As shown by the failure to redirect Woody onto the car below, safely waiting for him to…cushion…his fall.

42. Toad can drive.

43. Toad also has a sense of humor, apparently.

44. ‘In the dark future of 1996…’

45. Impossible to win QTE- oh joy. So, I have to turn into the wolf then? Psyche!

46. Axe to the back of the head kills zombies, yet cannot kill the fable equivalent of Paul Bunyan. Also, it’s literally in his BRAIN. Come on.

47. “Prostitute” STILL wants to collect her money. This ought to be a recurring theme then… Well, the money anyway.

48. ‘You’re not supposed to do that are you?’ refers to Bigby’s wolfish tendencies, and yet he obviously turns into the beast later on in order to rip someone up. Hmm…

49. By all means, kick him a few times if you really want to.

50. I think a ‘bad day’ is putting it quite, quite mildly. Indeed.

51. And the Mongoose poster again.

52. Oh, let me stop you from pulling the axe out, but I’ll go do it myself for you. No big deal or anything.

53. Ominous foreshadowing in front of an appropriately dark alleyway. Hmm, nothing bad could happen to her, right?

54. Bigby the Gentleman now makes his first appearance, but not his last.

55. ‘You like my ribbon?’ is responded to by the equivalent of ‘shut up and answer my questions dammit.’ And Bigby the Gentleman is in hiding for now, again…

56. Classic ‘I feel like we’ve met before’ vibe which is responded to by the ‘maybe we did in another time…’ line. Cliches gonna cliche.

57. Man with axe in his brain moments before is suddenly able to get up and leave without any assistance. Neat showman’s trick there.

58. Chivalry does still exist, even in New York. Yes, that’s right.

59. Getting beaten and getting an axe in your brain are considered ‘even’. In what world?!

60. Again, foreshadowing wins out once more. ‘I won’t be doing this much longer.’ Oh really? You sure about that?

61. Let me give you my money even though it’s going to do absolutely no good later, because its the most throw away option of change of the bunch in this episode. Maybe it’ll be important later on…

62. It’s too late for an office visit, but oh, no biggie- I’ll meet you at your apartment even though I am a beaten woman and you are a monstrous wolf. Okay then, sounds good. Also- that’s totally the professional way to get a statement.

63. Also, Bigby gets mad that this chick knows where he lives, and she somehow thinks it’s better that everyone knows where he lives.

64. ‘Prostitute’ has the gumption to say that Bigby looks like crap when she’s been beaten already so much. Wow.

65. Lures you in thinking you’re finally going to learn what the heck is going on…only to tell you that you aren’t so bad after all. Well THANKS!!!!!?!???!!!

66. Pecks on the cheek. -1

67. I’ll see you around. Uh-huh.

68. Let’s end this with an appropriate smoke.


Okay folks- well that’s it for this particular blog of episode one for The Wolf Among Us. I’ll be back here hopefully tomorrow or some day when I am less busy, in order to bring you some of the other parts. Since I’m analyzing them so in-depth, I’ll be splitting this into six segments. Enjoy!

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