My GIO 30/30- Day Twenty-Nine

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[Titled: Nearing the Finish]

Today’s penultimate blog dives a bit back into the short side of things. I will be talking a bit about some of the highlights of my blogging challenge for the month of September, as well as some thoughts for the metaphorical “nearing the finish” in other gaming and writing tropes. I hope you will enjoy this short, second to last blog for the month, and also look forward to my final official 30/30 blog tomorrow as well. Please note as well, that I will be creating a special 31/30 blog post on the first of October in order to further give you all some of my thoughts on how my interpretation of the 30/30 challenge went, and how I (hopefully) succeeded in giving you all some well-thought out and credible blog ideas and discussion topics. Anyway, without further ado, I bring you to my first category of the day…highlights.


Highlights from the Past Month in my 30/30

For my first mention here, we actually have a blog that was created shortly before I decided to embark upon my insightful 30/30 September Blogging Challenge… The blog in question, “What Makes a Sequel (Successful)?” was posted a day or so before the actual 30/30 process began, and boasted some decent and thoughtful content as well.

I began my September 30/30 by talking about a real idea that I’ve had for some time, that is quite a radical one, and something that may even be realistically attainable with technology down the road for gaming. I feel that this was a relatively strong start to my 30/30, and I wouldn’t have written any other blog in order to begin. “RealTalk- Pitching an Idea for Life”

Cut to my first week of blogging, not including that very first official post, and you’ll find a decently strong and well-received set of blogs. Whether it be “So Easy a Caveman can do It” or my thoughts on what the next Assassin’s Creed game(s) can do to remain fresh and different in “Breaking the Cycle”, or mayhaps even my analysis of what makes CoD’s multiplayer so addicting through “Breaking the Addiction”– you’re sure to find something worthwhile to read here.

My second full week of blogging began with a strong opener in the form of “Entering the Heart of Darkness”– a full analysis of Spec Ops: The Line’s story and figurative meanings, and the lengthiest blog to date of my 30/30 challenge.

My honorary September 11th blog “En Memorium” was a short poem only, as I felt it unnecessary to speak much on a day of such American sorrow, when words are only superfluous and cannot bring the dead to life.

A little ways into my third stretch of a week mark, my community blog “Highlighting the Folk” hit and successfully shined a bit of light into the darker corners of the blogging community, showcasing some potential and some recognized skill in the blogging and writing sectors.

As day nineteen came about, I decided to go for wit and pun and crafted “Nineteen Heroes of Note”, which also, as fate would have it, was deemed worthy of a herd by our saintly community blogging overlord Saint.

After an enlightening approach to a blog by Jeremy Sturgill, I too decided to bring the community a few thoughts on single versus replayable gaming playthroughs, and crafted my “Unfinished Business” blog on the twenty-second day.

I think that’s about it for the real highlights of my blogging rampage thus far for the month, so I will go on and move onto the next section of note which is none other than…”nearing the finish.”


When You’re Nearing the End in Gaming and Life

As with this penultimate blog of my 30/30 blogging challenge, sometimes you can just tell when you are reaching the end of the road- for good or for ill. Whether it be Solid Snake slowing down as he gets older rapidly, your last trickle of health dwindling in Oblivion, losing that last health potion in Diablo, or watching in horrified awe as your squaddie in XCOM meets his maker via plasma blast- the end of the road can mean a multitude of different things, not all so benign as others. In this case, the end of the road and nearing the finish being figurative only to my 30/30 blogging series ending, I do not mean it as a bad thing or as something to be avoided- rather celebrated instead.

I’m glad that I’m near the end, and the finish line is in sight. Sure, I suppose at this point I could always fail, so close to the end, but that’s just one of the risks you have to take in life. You never know what will happen next, and nothing is guaranteed- ever. No matter how sure you are of something, you must always be ready to expect the unexpected. So, while this blog coming tomorrow is not going to be my last ever on GIO, to my knowledge, it still calls for some celebratory measures and some thought in equal regard. It is a finish or a goal or a plateau of sorts to be achieved and reached, and is therefore of the utmost importance, as is the finishing of a particularly difficult game or section of a game.

Take, for example, the completion of Dark/Demon Souls- two magnificently crafted, yet heinously difficult games to tackle at any one time alone. That is quite a feat to have recognized and realized, especially when you take into account everything you’ve had to do to get there. Achieving a perfect score in a certain level or game, or maybe earning that insanity run achievement, or even completing a challenge without dying once or one hundred percent-ing a game are all other examples as well. Take that feeling of “the end of the line” and that air of accomplishment, and you will know how it feels to be on the brink, the precipice of something bold, new, and uncharted. That is how I feel right now, standing on the edge, standing there at the point of (k)no(w) return (Yes, I have seen my fair share of Kansas, and heard them too…). Take something so generally unprecedented and marvelous, and you will not understand it at first- but come to terms with it later.

Now, that’s truly a winning scenario I’d say. And quite an interesting one. It’s like you entered the Tower of the Gods for the first time, unknowing of what was to come in the puzzle-filled dungeon deathtrap, but quite sure that you were quickly approaching the end, and meeting your destiny head on. I may not be preparing to tackle Gannon, but tackling this final blog is going to prove challenging enough. Starting might not be the easiest part either, and continuing for a full month without stop may not be a piece of cake, but nailing the ending just right is most definitely going to be the most difficult challenge yet to be faced. To those who have done this thing before, or more than once in some cases- I thank you for the lights left and the path to follow. To those yet new to the challenge, I implore you to try your hand at it when you feel you are ready and strong enough- and remember to take this, in case it gets dangerous.

Now, having successfully and thoroughly exhausted my blogging thoughts for today’s little topic here, I divest myself of all else for the day, and now go to play on the magic that is online gaming. Thank you for following me faithfully and relatively without reason throughout this month of blogging, and I implore you once more to stick it out at least for one more day. Until that big day, tomorrow, folks- I bid you farewell and forewarning… Good day.

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