My GIO 30/30- Day Twenty-Four

[As Read on GIO.]

[Titled: Thinking of the Future]

Aka “A Simple Idea for the Magazine”

Tonight’s blog is going to be relatively short, because in all actuality there is no need for it to be lengthy or otherwise stretched out more than it has to be. It is simply a thought for the future of the magazine, and a thought about possibly including a similar new portion of the magazine as a special feature. In fact, it is a feature we sort of already have going on here on the Game Informer site thanks to the ever-mindful and ever-present guest starring of Meagan Marie, resident cosplay blogger and former full-time staff member.

Now, just what is this awesome idea of sure-to-be epic proportions? Surely it must be something truly immense and almighty, right? Well, actually, it’s really quite simple as a matter of fact…

I’m proposing that we initiate some sort of guest writing article section, where we feature on person who works on their article for the magazine as a guest, and then gets it in to the office so that the resident paper pushers can push things through and get the feature into the article. Striking people that first come to mind to write some of these- though, mind you, anyone in the industry can do so, as that is the point- would be former-Game Informer writers and editors such as Phil, Adam (now), Meagan, Nick, etc. and then big-name industry pros out there. I mean, sure, we already do some things sort of like this, with the opinions section from readers who send in their responses, with interview pieces, and whatnot- however, instead of the would-be guest writers submitting their works first, I think it would be neat for GI to approach them and sort of “contract” them for the month’s issue. What do you guys think of that?

That’s pretty much my idea in a nutshell, as is using this solely as an excuse to mainly get CosBlog represented well in the issues, if I have anything to say about Meagan’s cosplay themed highlight articles… But jokes aside, it would be neat to see articles not written just about, but actually by industry gurus such as Mark Rubin, West and Zampella, Cliffy B, John Romero, etcetera etcetera. Now, time for the moment of truth…

If you guys would kindly just discuss this here in the comments, I would very much appreciate getting to hear some of your thoughts on the matter- for or against or indecisive, and what other radical ideas you might even want to see implemented into the articles and features in the magazine. Go on, don’t be shy- I won’t bite…maybe…

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