My GIO 30/30- Day Twenty-One

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[Titled: A Second Glance Back in Reviews…]

So, I did another of these blogs a little while ago- back in February, in fact. I figured, heck, why not go ahead and do another one for today’s little ditty, eh? After all, it’ll be relatively easy to read and write, and semi-entertaining as well, you know? In my previous ‘Glance Back’ blog, I highlighted five of my own blogs that seemed to be getting some pretty good responses and views, and three from other community members that I thought were very well written, informative, and helpful all around. Today, I’ll be following much the same format, so, without further ado, I shall begin here.


Part One: My Personal Choices For (Moi)

Sniper Elite V2: NZA DLC

You know- I don’t particularly know what it is about this review, but for some odd reason, it’s one of my most-viewed of all time, sitting at a little over 22,000 views. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m one of the few people who reviewed the DLC, or if it’s simply because it was only a three paragraph, simple to read review. But either way, you guys obviously thought it was worthwhile to read, so I feel it is doubly worthwhile to mention here, first. Yep. You guys should feel honored that I thought of you, even in a blog mainly comprised of highlighting my own reviews, and some of other awesome bloggers out there.

Tomb Raider

Personally, I’m quite proud of my Tomb Raider review, for some simple reasons. First of all, I’ve been a fan of the series since its inception, and have loved even the worst games- though I do recognize all of their flaws, and have not simply been blind to them. Secondly, the fresh take on the series was something that was well-needed and well-recognized by the folks at Crystal Dynamics and crew, and well-done as well. For that reason, I was able to- not only obtain a relatively early copy, but create an in-depth review and really explore every nook and cranny as well. What an adventure, I must say. It felt good to walk in Lara’s shoes once more, especially in this survival driven story…

Remember Me

Remember Me is an experience that I won’t soon forget. True- it does have its flaws, yes, but for all the promise it shows, and potential gained, it is a well-thought out game and an interesting investment. It is for this very reason that I crafted an intricately thought out and in-depth review, that might actually be my longest to date, as far as these things are concerned. As I noted in that pretty favorable review- the game has its fair share of issues, however it is in how it approaches its other components that often make up for them…

The Last of Us

Again, this is just such a high-tension experience that I shouldn’t be able to forget, and won’t soon. I mean, everything from the story to the enemies just clicks- sometimes literally, in the case of above said fungal nightmare. But, joking anxiety and withdrawal aside, my spoiler-free, in-depth review of The Last of Us should be enough to convince you that the only course of action for of-age Playstation 3 owners is to purchase this adventure right now. Seriously, I’m not kidding. It deserves every scrap of critical acclaim it’s received thus far, and I wouldn’t have had the experience any other way than I had it, either. Just read my thoughts, and even my second thoughts, if you must.


For this final personal review, I’ve decided to choose my most relatively recent one of the last few months- the terror-driven, high-octane, psychological Outlast. Simplicity and complexity combined in earnest. A true survival horror experience that is fulfilling and terrifying, yet short enough to run through several times before getting old. As my review should tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed the game, despite its few issues and minor inconveniences. Also, as with the last title mentioned, I created a ‘second thoughts’ blog about the game, this time highlighting  a few of the least satisfying and ingratiating issues and inconveniences. All for you guys, and to save your wallets. It’s okay, you can thank me later- really.

Part Two: Community in Review

Gone Home Review by The Destroyer

Wow, what an experience, and what a game. And what a comprehensive review, that hits just all the right notes in all the correct keys. Home truly is where the heart is, and this story’s home in simplicity is truly remarkably accomplished, as is this particular review in saying so and realistically grading the game for it. Excellent job.

Saints Row IV Review by Jconnor800

While we may differ in opinion on the matter of a final score for the game, there is no denying that we both agree in terms of why this game was made- for mayhem and fun and rampaging around town with outrageous weapons and powers. That much seems to be clear to just about any sane person, rather, any person. And for that, and the hefty helping of both detail and pictures, I have added this review on here as well. Excellent case and point, textbook review operation.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review by Buddy Acker

I know you guys are probably bored by now with my rambling on, but it’ll all be over soon, I promise. This is, after all, the last honorarily mentioned community review on this particular list and in this particular blog. So, rejoice, shortly. Buddy Acker does an excellent job of formatting a simply put together review, using the same or relatively similar GI final ranking categories for this review. And it works like a charm, much as the game itself does. I could take a few things away from this and take notes as well, and so should you guys if you want to write better, more concise points in your blogs and reviews. Honestly.


You know, it’s really been real tonight guys- but I still have some work to finish, and I’d prefer to have tomorrow off and be laid back enough to be able to play some games and otherwise unwind a little. So with that, I shall leave you until then! Adieu.

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