My GIO 30/30- Day Nineteen

[As Read on GIO.]

[Titled: Nineteen Heroes of Note]

Hehe, I made a picture-pun…

Ahem. Anyways. Onto my blog… Well, today’s blog is a simple list of sorts, and you might be wondering why it is of only nineteen heroic characters when twenty makes so much more sense. I trust you’ve figured that out though, as it is after all, the nineteenth of September today. Yes, I figured I’d at least be somewhat witty while making this little list for you guys. Anyway, it’s going to be hard enough to choose such a small number of heroes, so bear with me here. I am almost positive that not everyone’s favorite will make the list, but I’ll at least do my best to find nineteen quite reputable and intriguing heroes to add regardless. Now, without much further ado, we shall commence the thinking and crafting!




(Splinter Cell Series)

Coming off of a pretty successful recent release, Sam still has it going all these years later, and hasn’t lost the traits that made him such a hit in the first place.



(Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots)

This Snake is as slippery as they come, and he’s sure been doing this job for a long, long time…in some form or another…



(Metroid Series)

We’ve witnessed her adventures in 2D and 3D, and they just get bigger and more explosive each and every time…



(Tomb Raider Series)

From untouchable princess to the vulnerable child she’s been shown to be in her most recent adventure, Lara has accomplished great and terrible things.



(Half-Life Series)

This theoretical physicist is so much more than theoretical. He’s battled aliens, black holes, alternate realities, head-crabs, zombies…



(Megaman Series)

Megaman has battled robots- lots of robots. He’s faced multiple versions of the mad Doctor’s henchmen many times over, from Bubble to Pyro. Every element has been represented.



(Street Fighter Series)

You thought Scorpion and Sub-Zero had a huge rivalry going? Well, true, they do, but they’re hardly going to count as “good” now are they? Ryu and Ken learned from the same master, but their paths diverged from then on… Yet that didn’t stop them from adopting similar fireball throwing fighting styles…



(Resident Evil Series)

Sure, Chris is an unsuccessful, unlucky, drunken pushover now- but hey, he used to be something! As for Leon, well, he’ll always have his hair at least…



(Mass Effect Series)

Indoctrinated or no, final thoughts on the ending for good or ill, we can all agree that Femshep is one calculating, deadly woman. Just don’t get on the wrong side of her Renegade personality… As for Paragon, you should be marginally safer. When she’s not blowing up entire galaxies that is.



(Role-Playing Games)

Choose your own adventure, choose your own path, choose your own sides, choose your own…character? Yep, Fallout hits all the right spots, and so does every other Role-Playing game out there in this aspect. On your good runthrough, you’re just as much a badass as you are merciful- doling out death and salvation with each hand.



(Legend of Zelda Series)

While generally suffering from the “Peach Captive Princess” syndrome, Zelda, in all of her forms, is a heroine in these stories by her own merits, as much as Link’s. And of course, then there’s Link, what with his classy pajamas, his Master Sword, and his Hylian Shield.



(Halo Series)

Sorry Arbiter- playing with and as you has been great, but until Chief makes it back to known space and regroups with you, Cortana’s where it’s at. After all, she’s been there since the very beginning, and there’s no questioning her or the Chief’s courage. After all, she went out with a bang…just like Johnson.



(LittleBigPlanet Series)

Sackboy might be little, naive, and comical- but when the going gets tough, he puts a smile on and continues trudging onwards through devilishly complicated platforming sections of trolling levels.



(Knights of the Old Republic)

The Exile may have been a potent force user as well, but Revan was the first to lead his or her party in the original KotOR, and he or she was the last to fall prey to the Emperor’s insidious ways in the Karpashyn novel- therefore, the [Good] Revan knows and is best, and has survived enough encounters to prove it by now…



(All Games, Particularly RPGs)

Your allies have always got your back, and are always one step behind you in most instances- unless of course, you’re playing Spec Ops: The Line… Regardless, you have them to thank for every saving throw and every rescue gone right as they pull you back from the brink of death and resuscitate you patiently. Forget checkpoints, allies are where it’s at. Sure, not all of them are a Garrus waiting with a bullet to the head or a Liara with a biotic kick, but some come close.



(Assassin’s Creed Series)

All I can say is that this brotherhood is something to be proud of, especially if you’ve been with it since the beginning, as I have. Oh, and watch your kidneys if you fancy yourself a traitor or a Templar.



(StarCraft Series)

Not to be confused with their similarities to the Warhammer marines, the Terrans (marines) are just as hardcore and just as insane and good to have on your side in a  fight. Seeing as you’ll be doing a lot of strategic fighting in this particular game…



(Prince of Persia Series)

He’s been many things- not all of them good, in the grand scheme of things, but above all else, for his city and for that damsel in distress, he will still always remain a hero to somebody…



(Left 4 Dead Series)

These eight might have been Left 4 Dead, but it won’t stop them from getting their zombie-fueled revenge one bullet and headshot at a time. Also, sorry Bill, but you’re going to get killed each and every time my friend… At least you keep going out like a hero…


And that’s that folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed my little blog here, and will pardon the fact that it is mainly consisting of newer heroes and prodigies so to speak, even though a few familiar faces show up as well. I know I gave in to some unoriginal choices, but I managed to pick some unique ones as well- even if I did leave out Mario and the majority of the Smash Bros. crew… Sorry about that, but there were simply too many good choices there… Until the next time. Adios.

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