My GIO 30/30- Day Sixteen

[As Read on GIO.]

[Titled: Highlighting the Folk]

A.k.a “Awesome People Around Here”

[Please don’t be offended if you aren’t included- I limited myself to 5 slots only.]

(Yes, Saint did use this in one of his blogs earlier this year… 🙂

Howdy there folks. I apologize for the quite consistently shorter length of blogs lately, rather, as of these past few days. I’ve been quite busy with work stuff and a ton of other crap on my plate, so I’ve slacked off a bit. But I plan on making it up. After this weekend of course- because I will have to work out ahead of time how to get the two blogs up fro the days I won’t be in town, and might not have a reliable internet source. I suppose I could utilize the advanced editor to release it on those set days…but that’d be more work now… We’ll play it by ear, shall we? Anyway, you’re probably wondering why I’ve gathered you here tonight. No? Well, I’ll fill you in anyways. Hope you won’t mind.

This blog exists for the specific reason of recognizing five prominent community members, and some people who I’ve come to know and respect online here as a part of our bustling and hustling community. For that matter, I’ve concocted this (masterpiece?) of a blog, and plan on taking (another?) page from Mr. O’Dell’s book today- and talk about these ten foolish mortals people I’ve come to get to know, at least somewhat, on this fantastic gaming network. Here goes nothing. Also, please note that they are not really written in order of importance or precedence, merely in order of thought. Thanks.


Hannibal: You know, Hanna is a pretty cool person. In fact, Hanna is the perfect complement to Jolt, another blogger of note (and another one who hasn’t been too active >:/) on the site. In fact, they’ve often sparred (mockingly, jokingly, lovingly, funnily?) over many topics in blogs- co-blog, or otherwise. It is actually quite amusing. Anyway, Hanna’s been around here for awhile, or at least, semi-as long as I’ve been active. Hanna’s been gamified, herded, and featured in the weekly newsletter- checks in all books, if you ask me. In fact, you really should take a little stroll by Hanna’s page in order to liven things up a little. Did I mention, Ser Hannibal has been a Mod for a short while now (short being relative, anyway)? Oh yes, oh yes indeed.


Saint: If you guys don’t know Saint by now, then you’ve either been hiding under a rock somewhere, or you haven’t been around long- no offense intended. Saint is the maniacal magician behind the Blog Herding weekly feature, the monthly Community Herding that appears here and there, and several other neat little features. While an honored and revered community member, Saint is no official part of the staff itself- despite his Moderator status. Seriously though, Saint has one of the most strikingly laid back and up-front, fair, just personalities around, and you should seriously take the time to play a round or two of multiplayer with the guy…when he comes back in full force. Trust me, you’re in for a jolly good time.


Jolt the Cynic: Jolt is kind of an eccentric guy. I mean, can’t you tell by his Darth Sidious avatar there? I kid, I kid. Regardless, Jolt’s personality is what makes him a hit. Just check out his herded- and other, blogs on his homepage. Seriously, not only are they some of the best written pieces around, as the herd can attest to, but they almost always bring up a controversial point or topic, which makes things quite…interesting… Gotta love and respect the guy, even if he’s not too frequently around now. He drops by every now and then, blogs and reviews a bit on another site here called and does a few other miscellaneous things. I can certainly respect that.


BlackHeartedWolf: BHW is- or rather, was, a frequently noted member of the community. As it is now, BHW has essentially embraced legend status, mainly for the longtime standing Writer’s Guild which he created back in ’09. BHW always has something great to point out, and often creates monthly writing challenges akin to GIO versions of the JaNoWriMo here, and they are truly epic. I implore you to check out BHW’s page if you question anything I’ve said. Seriously.


Warrior: Oh, how could I not include Warrior? A longtime commenter and supporter of the majority of my blogs- controversial and otherwise, Warrior always has something great to put forward, and makes all the right moves in terms of writing and giving feedback. Warrior is probably most well-known for the daily (mostly, daily) questionnaire feature held on his profile page. Check it out if you want to get in on some of the most heavily talked about (for real) conversations and questions on the site. There’s always something going down over there. In fact, I often find myself replying to older questions too- just for the heck of it haha. Questions aside, there’s definitely no question that Warrior has serious talent when it comes to writing and talking in general, and it shows.


Honorable Mentions: (The following, but not limited to- I probably left some of you out, sorry. 🙂

Brav0 F1ve

Jason Pfitzer



Kyle Wadsworth

Josh Straub

Matt Akers

Eric Watson


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